This is where you make channel and arechive requests for Fan TV.

Channel Requests

EdGeorgenCody 22:43, April 6, 2010 (UTC)

EEA Inc. Channel. Mcboo-idle-MLMcBooMcboo-idle-ML

Can I have another Channel titled "PeanutBS"? Yoshijumpspecial 2 Yoshi Lover Kamek Magikoopa Hater Karma Karma Creator

Red Channel. TorterraSpriteBlazikenSpriteStaraptorSpriteRedYoshi ChatMiloticSpriteGarchompSpriteLuxrayicon

Hi, Can the Steli Channel join Fan TV? Thanks! Stelios7Ani424MSTalk To Me....

Archive Requests

This is where you have your shows moved to the archives.

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