"Find A Team, Save Both Worlds,"


Fan Propellers Is A Wii U Game Where You Play As A Human Who Goes Through The Video Game World, And The Real World


After a Volcanic Explosion, some Power lines become destroyed, but in one house, someone was playing his WII U, but the expolsion makes the Wii U open a portal to the video game world, and you get sucked in.

In the video Game World, you have to travel through a Mountain Area to find a portal back to the real world, you go back through, but then a sentence appeared on the TV "The Real World, and the video game world...are...are...BOTH IN DANGER!!!!"

You have to travel through another 14 Lands in the real world, and 28 areas in the game world, and beating 19 bosses, then the 2nd final boss, and the final boss, there is also an after game,


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