Family Computer Disk System II
Developer(s) Omegadream
Release Date(s)
Japan : May 19, 1992
ZolThe Famicom Disk System II aka Famicom Disk System 2 or FDS2 is a second version of theFamicom Disk System produced by Omegadream and developed by Nintendo.

ZolThe Famicom Disk Syhstem II is an accesory for the Famicom, the Disks used with the first Famicom Disk System works also with the Famicom Disk Syhstem II, the major difference is the second floppy under the first, as the Disks was rewrittable by a game terminal named "Disk Writter", on the second FDS, it's possible to copy a Disk (copy the contained game in the first floppy and past it on the second) or rewritte the second game with another one because as the sattelaview, the FDS2 is also a Sattelitte modem.

There is also the possibility to play a game without set the sides of the disks by copying a game and put one of the disks in the first floppy on side A and put the second disk in the second floppy on side B

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The Disk Writter

The arrival of the Disk System II and it's possiblity of overwritting games with other causes the deletion of the few benefits de Nintendo with the Disk Writter terminals

The Disk Fax


After the released of the Disk System II, the contests and records between players has accumulated and compensate for the loss of the Dsk Writter.


All the games of the Disk System also worlks on the Disk System II


  • Even if the Twin Famicom was released after the FDS II, the Twin Famicom was based on the FDS and not on the FDS II.