The three figures emerged.

"Sir, I'd like you to meet False Eight, False Jayl, and False Sixty!" Merevelous introduced to Seven.

"They're PERFECT! With them and their powers at our side, we can rebuild the Void! In my dark, twisted way!" Seven exclaimed, feeling the anxiety of seeing his finished Dark World.

"No matter how many times you say it, that plan doesn't seem very evil to me." Merevelous pointed out.

"Oh, please." Seven replied.

Merevelous and Seven walked out of the Cloning Chamber, leaving False Sixty (nickname: Fixty), False Eight (nickname: Fight), and False Jayl (nickname: Fayl) unactivated. The two headed toward the front door. Opening it, Seven called for the Bloodslashers.

"*Bloodslasher call*! *Bloodslasher call*!" Seven made many more calls, but not one fell on live ears.

"They're all dead." Seven concluded. "We'll need to use clones, and just clones. I thought maybe the Bloodslashers would be around to help, but I guess we might as well head inside." Seven said.

Merevelous and Seven went back in, and Merevelous activated Fixty, Fight, and Fayl. Instantly they jumped to life. Since they were created under Seven's command, they possessed many of the good qualities the Kings of the Void possessed (especially Fayl; Jayl was a King.) as well as their original's own qualities.

Chapter being countinued soon.

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