The Void. What was once a powerful world with even more powerful citizens and creatures is now a burning junkyard of building remains and random debris. Yes, the mighty rein of power, Jayl Cel, had disappeared, and Seven, a knight of Jayl's, had been killed. There wasn't anything to hold the Void together.

At, least, that's what the Void citizens thought.

As it turns out, a survivor of the Great Fire named Merevelous Dontori found Seven's charred body and used his ameteur magic power to revive the great knight.

"Ugh....what happened...? Where's Sixty and his stupid friends?", Seven said, between coughs of ash.

"Sixty? Who's that?", Merevelous replied. You see, Merevelous was just 11 at the time, and studied Dark Magic in a secluded area of the Void City with his parents. Therefore, he had never heard of Sixty Four or his travelings between the city sections. This is also how he survived; the fire did not reach his area of seclusion, which was coincidentally where Seven ended up after Eight Bit pushed him into the fire lake.

Seven got up and looked through his helmet's visor. He saw a world that he once conquered, now burning right before him.

"It's....gone?! How?! Why?!" Seven yelled into the smoky skies above.

While Merevelous stood by Seven, a mysterious blue spirit flew toward them, and fast! This was none other then the Great Spirit Ruka, an enemy-turned-friend of Sixty's that died in...well, read The Sixty Four Saga. You should've done so already anyway. Ruka tried to attack Seven and bring him down, but Merevelous used a power known as the Emberwave, using fire to scorch the inner soul of Ruka and destroy his spirit!

" did you do that?!?" Seven asked in amazement.

"My parents taught me, it's called the Emberwave. It's a Dark Magic move." said Merevelous in reply.

"Maybe I can use you for my...takeover." Seven said back.

"Takeover of what?" said Merevelous.

"Why, the entire Void! I'm going to build myself a castle and an army, then clear the fire and build an empire!!" said Seven, laughing a twisted laugh that bent the feeling in the air to dread-filled and awesomely evil.

Merevelous agreed. He liked the way things were looking.

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