The False Queen's Castle is the final area of the main game in New Super Mario Bros. 3. Peach's Castle seems to be in the same place as it were in New Super Mario Bros. and New Super Mario Bros. 2, until this literation has a large moat surrounding the castle and an extra floor, as well as a tower on the right of the castle.

In the game's opening, Bowser attempts to possess Princess Peach to the False Queen instead of kidnapping Peach away. The False Queen vanishes Mario and Luigi all the way to the Acorn Plains. Afterwards, Bowser's Airship hovers over Princess Peach's. Over time, Bowser remakes Peach's Castle into his own image called the False Queen's Castle, until it is eventually shrouded by a tornado created by his spell.

Like its predecessors, the castle can be seen in the first level, Let's Start Easy. However, unlike its predecessors, it does not appear at the start of the stage, as the Caped Tree takes that spot, like New Super Mario Bros. U, where the Acorn Tree takes that spot. Instead, it appears near the end of the stage and even then, where it appears very far into the distance. It's also the final, lava-themed world of New Super Mario Bros. 3, as at that point, the castle has been fully possessed to Bowser's interest, the False Queen's Castle. The castle itself remains changed from the outside (it has also changed on the inside), and the ground is charred and is surrounded by a moat of lava. There are twelve levels, making it the world with the most amount of levels in the game.

At the end of the game, the False Queen's Castle is changed to Princess Peach's Castle, until if the players play post-endgame, and enter the world, the area will revert back to how it was inside the tornado.


Level Number Level Name Description
Big Tanks False Queen's Tank Force This level features tanks on the ground. The boss is a Curve Bro.
Battleships False Queen's Navy A level on a raft over a lava lake. The boss is Reznor.
Hand Trap 1 Waddlewing Hand Trap A level with flying Waddlewings.
Hand Trap 2 Hammer Bro. Hand Trap A level that contains every Hammer Bro. variety found in the game.
Hand Trap 3 Fishbone Hand Trap A level with jumping Fishbones.
False Queen's Castle-Airship Reznor's Airship This level features Bowser's airship. Like False Queen's Navy, the boss is Reznor.
False Queen's Castle-1 The Barren Grounds A dark forest level filled with Crowbers, Bullet Bills, Banzai Bills, Boos and Peepas.
False Queen's Castle-A Quit it Already, Magmaargh! A volcano level where rising lava and Magmaarghs are found.
False Queen's Castle-2 Yikes! Broiling Hot! A level to feature giant, falling fireballs.
Super Tanks False Queen's Army Another level that features tanks on the ground. The boss is a Blaze Bro.
False Queen's Castle-Castle Defeat the Real Bowser Here, the player rides a snake block, while the lava rises.
False Queen's Castle-Castle2 The Begining of the End The last part of the False Queen's Castle, where Bowser and the False Queen are fought and the False Queen blasts the player.