Below is a list of the Vaults and their experiments.

Vault No. Experiment
Vault 2

The Player's Vault, this Vault is where the player would grow up and learn basic survival skills. Like many Vaults this Vault came with a trial, that being the Vault would provide; Food, Water and Energy plentifully to the dwellers of the Vault on the condition that every generation they would randomly lose one child, how such an occurence happened was unbeknownst to the dwellers however the player as a baby would discover that every generation since the beginning there were more dwellers who lived in the vault, known as the Rogue Dwellers, they were the ones to carry out the mission of maintaining the depths of the vault and kidnapping the newborns. The player would be educated by their mentors and the AI however while still a child, one of the Rogue Dwellers whom was 20 years older than the player revealed that she is the player's sister and did not want the player to be tainted like the other Rogue Dwellers and thus in the middle of the night escaped Vault 2 with the player to flee to a distant settlement.

The Vault itself was designed and had opened 33 Years after the Great War (2110), from which the people were able to trade, however as the agreement on Food, Water and Energy required the Vault Dwellers to have a sustainable population in the Vault this meant many would not leave.

Vault 4 Control Test Vault, opened after 300 Years, moved into and rebuilt Anchorage.
Vault 5 Vault tested its inhabitants by having the Vault filled with Chem Addicts and no Chems, the original Overseer was not a Chem Addict however would tell the Vault Dwellers that their food contained Chems within it making them believe they were still getting a boost. The vault was successful and regarded as the superior version of Vault 95 in the Commonwealth.
Vault 14 Vault tested how well animals would fare by themselves in an urban-esque environment. When the player goes into this Vault they will find several very large and very hungry Yao Kongjus.
Vault 26 The Vault was completely above ground and had Radiation Protective Glass, it allowed its inhabitants to watch the apocalypse occur around them while nothing could see inside. This made several Vault Dwellers restless due to the Ghouls and some Vault Dwellers believed they were becoming Ghouls and went on rampages, it ended up that the Vault's protective Glass was broken and actual Ghouls got in, causing the Vault to get overrun, a few Vault Dwellers escaped and now live in Seward.
Vault 31 This Vault was completely wired with electrical circuits running through various parts of the Vault, every day random electrical circuits would be activated and would administer a small electric shock to whoever touched it. After a while, the people attempted to disconnect the circuits, however they found the Circuits were directly linked into the Energy Station, after some debating a revolt was staged and the Energy Station was destroyed, this shutdown the entire Vault and made it impossible for the Vault Door to open, there was a manual entrance via the Overseer's room however.
Vault 37 The Vault contained a very bizarre architecture design to it, the Vault is a maze with loopy and very confusing pathways, walls have an organic shape to them and rooms are not connected like they normally would be, in addition some corridors got very short or very narrow making it difficult for the larger inhabitants to move around. The Vault was meant to open after only 165 Years however occupants didn't begin to exit until 170 years due to people getting stuck.
Vault 50 The Vault had constant High-Beam Lights on all the time, making it very difficult for the 325 Light Sleepers who made up the Vault's original occupants to sleep, in addition every few hours buzzing sounds would be played in the Living Quarters.
Vault 63 Vault tested Hydrophobia, pipes that ran water through to the Water Purification Station were placed in the Living Quarters causing unsettling among the inhabitants.
Vault 65 Half of this Vault was filled with Neat Freaks while the other half were slobs. The Slobs were given an extremely clean area to live in with cleaning robots to clean up after them while the Neat Freaks were forced to live in the dumping grounds for the mess the slobs made. A revolt broke out and eventually only a few people remained, they took an oath to never mention what happened in the vault and 6 of them suicided while the rest (approximately 14) left.
Vault 72 The Vault had no lights on, ever. People were forced to live in the dark all the time. This lead to several murders and the people would as the generations went on become more evolved to adapt to the new environment. The result after 275 years of evolution was a group of people who were blind however had excellent hearing. Many still inhabit the Vault which has been nicknamed the Bat Vault, while others relocated to New Kotzebue.
Vault 79 Control Test Vault, opened after 300 Years, with survivors from Arctic Village & Prudhoe Bay, created Northreach.
Vault 80 The Vault had bright colours and cheerful helper robots, however all the Vault Dwellers had Chronic Depression, the aim was to see if non-chemical based methods of Anti-Depression could work. After two-thirds of the population suicided, the second generation began to show promise however they suffered from depression like the first generation due to the lack of diversity in people's opinions, the depression became more instinctive with each generation, to the point where the Bright Colours and all the happiness inducing parts of the Vault made its Vault Dwellers associate that with Depression.
Vault 82 The Vault was filled with 200 inhabitants and 600 Farm Animals, it had all the equipment necessary to look after the farm animals as well as use the farm animals to feed the people, in addition the Vault was able to convert rocks from outside the vault into nutrition safe for the animals to eat. The inhabitants however, had never seen a farm animal in real life or any of the equipment. It is assumed most or all of the inhabitants starved and if any survived they had resorted to eating the farm animals.
Vault 86 The Vault contained 50 humans, 50 gorillas, 50 orangutans, 50 chimpanzees, 50 Baboonsand 50 Howler Monkeys. The experiment was to see if the humans could teach the monkeys to use advanced tools, the inhabitants were well equipped and educated to be able to sustain themselves, while the experiment seemed successful at first, a large group of the Gorillas escaped and destroyed the Water Purification Machines killing most of the inhabitants in the process, the survivors of this attack evacuated and the monkeys died from starvation, thirst and radiation.
Vault 98 The Vault's inhabitants all spoke different languages, and no one spoke the same language. One of the few successful vaults, its inhabitants invented a fusion language which they would keep with them, some people left after the vault opened after 300 years although there is a thriving group that still live in the vault.
Vault 104 The Vault was filled with identical twins, the older one of each twin would be forced to work the lower class occupations while the yonger twin would get to live in a life of luxury however. After several bodies of what were believed to be the older twins were found, it was realised that Older Twins had killed their younger siblings and taken their place, this caused mass hysteria as people become unsure of who was who and ended up in a massive revolt killing all but two sets of twins. The four twins decided never to speak of the atrocities they committed and left the vault 250 years after it was sealed.
Vault 110

Vault-Tec's Vault. This Vault was sealed but could be opened at anytime, it houses Vault-Tec's highest in both its business and research branch. The Vault is colossal spanning 20 floors and very difficult to find. No one has left the vault due to the strict policy in which a majority vote is required. The Vault has repair robots for its systems and robots that grow food and manage waste disposal. Its AI is the combined Brains of Vault-Tec's CEO, Head Researcher, Head Marketer & Head of Resources. It has monitors on every numbered Vault except Vault 0, although several Vault's security cameras have been destroyed.

Oddly, while Vault 112 is the last Vault so far revealed in the Fallout Series, there are empty spaces after Vault 112 titled Sanctuary with them being numbered 1-13. This also doesn't account for the mysterious, Vault 113 or incomplete Vault 114, although it can be assumed their lack of inclusion indicates a lack of intention for use.

Sanctuary 8

One of the numerous and extremely elusive Sanctuaries, it's high-tech design was inspired by its highly industrious and hard working employees who made the vault not only self-sustainable but also virtually inaccessible except through two entrances, one of which is heavily irradiated.

The Arc

A colossal Vault specifically designed to house Vault-Tec's international associates, The Arc is by far the largest and most expansive Vault in the world with over 3000 rooms for its initial 650~ population. Of course the vault was not without its experiment, this vault featured a cruel game of murder. Within a secret section of the vault was a highly advanced synth that would sneak it's way into the vault once every 3 years and kill a resident in a gruesome and disgusting manner, the synth would burn the victim's lower half for 30 seconds then plunge their arms in liquid nitrogen and snap both arms off and to finish the nearly dead victim off they were tossed into the main nuclear reactor to die a slow, painful death.

The synth would broadcast the murder on every radio, TV and speaker in the vault once it finished. No one ever found the synth as it hid behind an unrecognisable wall and had camo technology. The people developed a fear that the synth disguised itself as a resident and this occassionally lead to an unintended death. The synth would only sap a tiny amount of energy from the reactors at a time as to avoid being noticed by the vault's engineers.

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