Other Weapons are alternate weapons that come under this category due to their uniqueness from other weapons, all Other Weapon, Weapons have the same six sections changeable for weapon creation; Barrel, Scope, Trigger, Mechanisms, Firing Component & Fuel Converter.

Ammo Type Guns
Missiles - Rocket Launcher
  • Rocket Launcher
  • Spiralling Rocket Launcher
  • Jet Propelled Rocket Launcher
  • Double-Ended Rocket Launcher
Flamer Fuel - Flamethrower
  • Flamethrower
  • Compact Flamethrower
  • Jet Fueled Flamethrower
  • Blasting Flamethrower
Plasma Cannisters - Plasma Shredder
  • Plasma Shredder
  • Bladed Plasma Shredder
  • Mortar Plasma Shredder
Fusion Cells - Laser Gatling
  • Laser Gatling
  • Neon Gatling
  • Tesla Gatling
Fusion Cells - Energy Cannon
  • Energy Cannon
  • Arc Energy Cannon
  • Flare Energy Cannon
Junk - Junk Jet
  • Junk Jet
  • Junk Flood
  • Junk Cannon
Batteries - Sub-Sonic Cannon
  • Sub-Sonic Cannon
  • Wail Cannon
  • Radio Cannon
  • Stereo Sub-Sonic Cannon
Grenades - Grenade Launcher
  • Grenade Launcher
  • Rocket Grenade Launcher
  • Barbed Grenade Launcher
Chem Cannisters - Chem Sprayer
  • Chem Sprayer
  • Chem Hose
  • Chem Grenadier
Mini-Nukes - Fat Man
  • Fat Man
  • Rocket Propelled Fat Man
  • Big Boy
  • Hydrogen Fat Man

There are a variety of old and new Other Weapons in Fallout 5, some like the Rocket Laucnher, Junk Jet and Fat Man return from Fallout 4 while new ones such as the Plasma Shredder, Sub-Sonic Cannon and Chem Sprayer are new.

The Rocket Launcher and Energy Cannon function very similarily firing a high velocity projectile with high explosive damage. The Laser Gatling and Plasma Shredder function as Energy Equivalents to the Minigun although require different ammo and deal additional energy damage. The Flamethrower makes its return functioning identically to previous entries allowing the player to burn their victims with a spew of Fire. The Junk Jet also returns and as certain Junk is no longer very useful the player can more easily use the Junk Jet. In addition the player loads the Junk Jet before firing it by accessing it in the inventory that way not accidentally firing any desired junk. The Sub-Sonic Cannon is a new weapon that fires a Sub-Sonic pulse of sound and energy able to blast away enemies it has a high cripple chance and can be fired continiously although is not recommended for stealth as it generates a very loud noise. The Grenade Launcher appears allowing the player to quickly launch their grenades with high range with the Grenade Launcher. All Grenade Launchers will fire the grenade types in this order; Frag, Plasma, Pulse, EMP, Molotov, Nuka & Gas. Another new weapon is the Chem Sprayer which allows the player to weaponize Chems in a way that won't harm them with addiction. With the Chem Sprayer the player releases a deadly spray of different types of chems causing different effects. Finally the Fat Man also returns in Fallout 5 acting as the destructive powerhouse with rare ammo scattered across the wasteland, it is still advised not to use Fat Man weapons in close range combat as they tend to obliterate most individuals.

Weapon Pieces

Feature Rocket Launcher Flamethrower Plasma Shredder Laser Gatling Energy Cannon
Range Chamber Head Barrel Barrel Chamber
VATS Accuracy Scope None Scope Scope Scope
Firing Rate Trigger Trigger Trigger Trigger Trigger
Reloading Rate Loading Mechanism Fuel Holder Fuel Holder Fuel Holder Loading Mechanism
Damage Launcher Heater Coil Plasma Charger Energy Converter Launcher
Ammmo Type None Fuel Pipes Plasma Charger Energy Converter Energy Converter
Feature Junk Jet Sub-Sonic Cannon Grenade Launcher Chem Sprayer Fat Man
Range Barrel Barrel Chamber Chamber Barrel
VATS Accuracy None Scope None None Targeting System
Firing Rate Trigger Trigger Trigger Trigger Trigger
Reloading Rate Junk Barrel Loading Mechanism Loading Mechanism Fuel Holder Loading Mechanism
Damage Launcher Launcher Launcher Chemical Sprayer Launcher
Ammmo Type None Energy Converter None None None

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