Though not as large as the major factions the minor factions in this game feature a large array of groups that have significant side quest lines associated with them. In total there are 41 Minor Factions which vary from old and new as well as re-imagined.

Some factions such as the Brotherhood of Steel and Enclave Remnants take direct looks at the same factions in earlier games in this case the Brotherhood of Steel in Fallout 2 and the Enclave in Fallout: New Vegas. In addition factions like Ghoultown and the numerous Vault Dweller Factions offer similar views to past Factions in Ghoultown's case being comparable to Necropolis and Goodneighbour from Fallout 1 and Fallout 4 respectively while the Vault Dweller Factions are comparable to other Vaults that sustained life as well as the lifestyle of the individuals in New Vegas.

Faction Description
Brotherhood of Steel The Brotherhood of Steel have a minor influence over those who live in the Alaskan Wilds, they still attempt to hoard technology for their own gain. The BoS have a few strongholds in the NCR territory and are on generally good terms with the NCR, they believe the NCR's attempts will prove fruitless and that when the time comes they will show the NCR how to properly handle Alaska.
Ghoultown Ghoultown is humble if at times a bit odd, the townsfolk are often attacked by Raiders and this has made it troublesome for Traders to go to Ghoultown. The townsfolk seem to have this belief that longevity is a gift and that by being Ghouls not only will they outlive the humans but also see the true path to rebuilding the world. The older Ghouls have argued that this belief is childish of the younger Ghouls.
Anchorage Defenders Extremists to say the least, the Anchorage Defenders are an off-shoot of the BoS that were lost for many centuries after the great war, their Power Armour and bunkers kept them safe from the radiation in the early years although their limited gene pool has forced them to mix with the local groups. They have an extreme resentment for Super Mutants and Ghouls and while they don't shoot on sight, they are highly resistant to any individual of those two types. They are also considered racist by most especially by the CAF which has proven a problem to them as Traders have been pillaged in the past when they go to close to the Anchorage Defenders' territory.
Enclave Remnant A sect of the Enclave that astonishingly has survived not only the destruction of the West Coast Enclave but also the East Coast Enclave. They are much less extreme than their predecessors and have tried to offer assistance as Guns for Hire as well as offering to trade technologies and supplies, however the masks of the X-01 Power Armour have left a permanent reminds to be wary around Enclave. The leader of this group, Talia has been said to be a possible candidate for the leader of the Allied Territory as she is completely neutral to both the RCO and CAF and has good relations with the nearby APF territories, however she lacks courage and this has lead to some members of the Enclave Remnant questioning her leadership.
Vault-Tec Extremely secretive and never contacted by any other group. Vault-Tec was seemingly lost for centuries, it wasn't until a mere 24 years ago that someone had the bright idea of turning their radio to the highest normal frequency in which the Vault-Tec Broadcasting Channel was discovered. So far very little is known about the goings on inside Vault 110 the confirmed location of Vault-Tec's main people, and even the Vault's location is unknown to most and those few who claim to know its location can't agree on the location. Vault-Tec seemingly spreads messages stating that it thanks the people of the world for choosing Vault-Tec as their Post-Apocalyptic Safe House, it further details that it apologizes in advance that some (most) Vaults were secretly testing ideas although the messages always state that Vault-Tec had the best intentions and it was merely coincidence that some 20% of the Vaults (at least) have been completely destroyed in some way or another. Most people are extremely hostile to the Vault-Tec propoganda and will often tell people with the radio on the Vault-Tec Frequency to turn it off, in addition many large groups of Raiders, Adventurers, Scavengers and everything in between have dedicated days, weeks and even months to trying to find the Vault and kill Vault-Tec in an act of revenge.
Chasse Tribe A large tribe of hunters, who expertly chase their prey as both a necessity and with religious intent. The Tribe is often confused with its sister Tribe the Ferme Tribe although both are primitive, Chasse Tribesmen focus on hunting under the belief of a Hunting Goddess called Roon will bless them with a great feast in the afterlife. Most people ignore this tribe as they're an unreliable source of food for traders although at the very least there've been no reports of cannibalism.
Ferme Tribe Smaller than its sister Tribe, Chasse Tribe, Ferme Tribe is a settlement of tents made out of Cloth, Wood, Metal and whatever scrap the villagers can scrounge up from the wilds. The Ferme Tribe pride themselves on farming grains, fruits and vegetables, believing that by not eating the flesh of another animal they grant themselves longevity in life and a clean soul to protect them from the monsters that now roam these lands.
Batiment Tribe An industrial Tribe, it along with the Chasse and Ferme tribe are off shoots of survivors of the Northern Wastes, however its citizens do not identify themselves as being related to the Chasse or Ferme tribes and rarely refer to themselves as Tribesmen. The Batiment tribe has successfully being able to become one of the most industrious groups in NUT Territory having utilized Smelters, Concrete Factories & Sawmills to build sturdy and modern buildings. There are several settlements all linked together by a tunnel system that is occasionally attacked by Mole Rats. The Batiment Tribe are very prideful and often gloat about how successful they've been, this has raised questions with others however as some believe the Batiment Tribe makes deals with Raiders quite frequently.
Vault 2 Dwellers

The Vault Dwellers of Vault 2 have had some outside communication with the rest of the Alaskan Wilds, their calm attitude is merely a facade however as within the vault the truth about their almost religious following of their AI Computer had magnified since the player had last entered the vault. Their fear made them belief that sacrificing a child every generation would appease the AI computer however when the AI was reset and this necessity for sacrifices was removed, the Vault Dwellers became calmer although unaware that their sacrifices weren't actually killing the children they sacrificed had kept them wraught with guilt. The player eventually returns to the Vault from which they were born although no one truly knows who they are and only after a long sidequest do the Vault Dwellers learn the truth of their vault.

Vault 5 Dwellers The residents of this vault have an odd relation with most of the Alaskan Wilds, they frequently trade in everything except Chems believing that the Chems of the present are lies and merely duds, this has lead to them being referred to as one of the cleanest groups in the entire world. It seems the original inhabitants were Chem Addicts however they're food was supposedly laced with chems (it wasn't actually), this idea slowly became warped and the original message soon became that food was a gift and must be cherished and that chems are the destroyer of food. While Chem dealers have tried to persuade the Overseer in the past, the tenants of the vault have remained extremely specific and all attempts have been met with dissapointment on the Chem Dealer's side.
Bat Vault Dwellers Also known as the Vault 72 Dwellers, the Bat Vault Dwellers are an evolved group of humans that have lived in complete darkness ever since the bombs dropped, while some were able to leave the vault many years ago, the current inhabitants have become unable to stay in direct sunlight without burning extremely quickly. The dwellers use the Vault's Main Access Chamber to trade with outsiders and have a special electrical field set up that disables all lights. There is only one way to see what the dwellers actually look like, as one of them, known as Gazouiller tried to leave the vault several years ago, his body is found near the entrance mostly burned with tumourous growths on his skin, in addition his eyes appeared to be covered by a thin layer of skin while his ears are elongated. Very few non-Bat Vault Dwellers have gone into the depths of Vault 72 mainly due to the difficulty of moving around.
Vault 80 Dwellers The Vault Dwellers of Vault 80 are incredibly emotionless, highly industrious and somewhat religious, the Vault 80 Dwellers are known by most to be robotic in nature. Feared by some and disgraced by others, few are willing to trade with these people who are even. Referred to as hollow husks of men. The Vault 80 Dwellers have grown to hate and fear Colour, Happiness and Joy. Everything in their vault has been repurposed for efficiency and lacks creativity or ambition. Several attempts at trying to get the Vault 80 Dwellers to leave the vault have been unsuccessful and some fear that they possess weapons of mass destruction and plan to turn the rest of the Alaskan Wilds into the heartless atmosphere of their vault, it is unknow if his belief is justified or not however so most people are generally cautious but not distrustful of those who wear the Black jump suit.
Genesis Dwellers Inhabitants of Sanctuary 8 known to most as Genesis Dwellers are praised by many and sometimes regarded as being a gift in the inhospitable times of the present day. Surprisingly friendly and very welcoming to trade, immigration and emigration the inhabitants have repurposed sections of Sanctuary 8 for Science, Medicine and Agriculture. The inhabitants have also proven to be wildly defensive of their allies and extremely hostile towards raiders and organised crime groups like the Balck Skulls Gang, Sirens and United Khans. They believe that through underground exploration new resources and ways of living can be discovered and it is best to let the above ground rejuvenate over time. They have been criticised for this belief however as it rings eerie memories of the Institute from years ago.
Arc Royals A dysfunctional group to say the least, there is no apparent leader of the Arc Royals, most of which follow on of the four supposed heads of the group; Travis, Wendy, Gareth & Eve, each are unable to properly agree on anything and this is primarily due to the murders occurring in the Arc, they fear outside influence is to blame so are cautious of most outsiders unless the outsider is able to prove themselves trustworthy. Gareth is believed to have the most power in the Arc as he possesses a majority control over the power supply and this has on occasion affected the decisions made in the vault as most would argue that Gareth is a radical and possibly mad.
Yao Worshippers A Group of Humans and Ghouls who worship numerous Mutant Bears across the Alaskan Wilds, they can easily be identified by their attire which is mostly comprised of Yao Guai fur and features. They appear to be nomadic often seen roaming around the NUT, RCO, Sirens, United Khans and BSG territories. They appear to be neutral or friendly with these groups and are cautious towards the NCR believing that the Two-Headed Bear on the NCR Flag is a False God.
Children of Atom A group that rather ironically worships the very thing that destroyed civilization as we knew it, the group is dotted all across the wasteland and it is unknown if they know of each other's presence. The group is on friendly terms with the CAF and RCO as the undetonated nuke that landed in the allied territory is their main worshiping location. In addition they seem to have a decently well developed relationship with the APF, NCR and NUT stating that they do not intend to detonate the device nor harm those who come to see it.
The Kings A group of men and women who have followed the teachings of a man from the Pre-War Era, they dress in leather jackets and have oily hair (no one knows where they're getting the oil from), these are the Kings. Believing that the "King of Rock and Roll" Elvis Presley was a prophet among mortal men, they follow his teachings and attempt to mirror his image. They've had bad relationships with the NCR in the past although things have eased off, they mainly work as hired guns but also provide their services as Musicians, Actors and Diplomats. They have a questionable relationship with the RCO and CAF but a surprisingly good relationship with the APF, NUT, BSG, United Khans & Sirens. It is a known fact that some members of the Kings are Ex-BSG, Ex-United Khans & Ex-Sirens.
Recon-X A very secretive group, very little is known about them and only half a dozen individuals are known to be part of this group in the Alaskan Wilds, they seem to never rest although it is theorized they don disguises to pass off as regular people. Some suspect that they are remnants of the Institute while others just straight up fear them for their recognition. Several accounts of the Recon-X group have been described as legendary with them taking down Orcants, Super Mutants, armies of Raiders and all manners of enemies. They are not allied or friendly with any group and most fear them, the NCR has even gone so far as to put a bounty out for revealing who they are.
The Wigs A group of people who believe themselves to be the next leaders of the USA, they are known for wearing Powdered Wigs and state that the Wigs insight power in them of leadership and courage and that they will lead a revolution unheard of. Most people ignore them due to their lack of action since their formation and most people think they're just insane people asking to be put down. The CAF regard them as a pest stating that no single group can hope to rule the USA and it will be the Wigs main downfall when the time comes.
Giga Farmers Union The Giga Farmers Union, also known as the GFU is an organization spread throughout the Wilds. Due to the fertility of the land, Farmers are generally seen as an important resource to most, the GFU attempts to maximize the rights and safety of the farmers by providing guards to farms at the cost of 10% of the Farm's produce, while initially the movement was slow it has rapidly gained recognition and notoriety among most people in the Alaskan Wilds. Some suspect however that the GFU is corrupt and is sending Raiders to attack Farms to convince them to join.
The Frackers The Frackers are the remnant of a group of prisoners in RCO Territory who escaped with extremely dangerous equipment primarily, Fracking devices. This has raised high concerns between the RCO, APF & CAF as the group poses a massive threat to the stability and fertility of the Alaskan Wilds. The group is seemingly unaware of the danger they pose and uses the equipment to threaten people to give them supplies and weapons.
The Shakespearean Historians A group of poets and screenwriters who have tried to preserve the writings of Shakespeare throughout the apocalypse, they've been surprisingly successful having recovered at least 4 complete plays as well as segments of 17 more. They primarily trade through music and performances and aside from basic supplies mainly search for more play sections. They are somewhat hubris about their endeavours however, referring to those who don't like Shakespeare as "commoners", this has lead to them being banned in NUT, BSG, Sirens & United Khans territory. The NCR, RCO & CAF have taking a liking to the group however believing them to be one of the few completely factions in the Alaskan Wilds not against someone.
The Construction Crew A group of heavily reliable nomads who are known for often helping out with odd jobs, mainly revolving around the profession their faction is named after, Construction. They have become a bit of an oddity among the rest of the Alaskan Wilds. No one knows if any major faction has them under orders or even why they help out, they've been documented helping any person willing to pay or provide supplies even raiders, ghouls and Super Mutants. Most people don't recognized a Construction Crew Member until they offer their assistance, their one key feature is when they are working they always wear Yellow Safety Hats with what is assumed to be their Faction's Symbol on it. They have some of the few remaining, working power tools in the entirity of North America and are surprisingly well equipped with some even using Power Armour while others utilize heavy weapons like Sniper Rifles & Miniguns.
Oil Riggers An offshore faction that mainly works in trading Oil for other materials. They have three Offshore Oil Platforms that have been maintained, incredibly since the beginning of the Great War. They're group is comprised of Ghouls and Humans mostly although some Super Mutants have joined mainly to provide intimidation and protection. They are occasionally threatened by Raiders although very few threats prove to actually be true as their location makes it difficult for most to reach. They have envoy Vertibirds stationed in Allied Territory on their main Land Base, an incredibly well-constructed fortress known as "The Guardrail". They don't appear to have any particular favourability towards any faction although they have stated admiration for the RCO's ancestors due to the impressive Oil Fields that used to cover East Russia. Oil Riggers also occasionally sell old and useless parts of the Oil Rigs as well as whatever is unfortunate enough to try and attack the platforms or The Guardrail including Mirelurks, Orcants and of course Raiders.
Monopolians An extremely wealthy and dangerous group in the Alaskan Wilds, Monopolians are after one thing and one thing only, complete financial domination. Through some of the most cruel and inhumane methods possible this group has risen incredibly quickly in the past three decades. They have a single location of residence on an island south of the CAF Territory, where their main building "The Golden Mansion" stands to defend them, presumably also stolen. Most people consider them nothing more than Raiders with a name to back them up, however some have compared them to Loan Sharks from before the Great War and describe them as the old evils, born anew.
Snowscope Decals One of the two main artistic stylers in the Alaskan Wilds, the Snowscope Decals Faction specialize in painting Power Armour in numerous ways. Their leaders; Wes, Gus & Kris pride themselves on making custom designs although rarely offer these designs even if pay is high. They have a set number of decals they allow and refuse to paint someone's Power Armour if they're wearing Bayguard Decals on their Body Armour. They apparently give better prices to those who are friends with the NUT, APF and/or RCO, possibly because those three factions often request Camo Decals for their Power Armour.
Bayguard Decals The Bayguard Decals are the Southern Artistic Stylers of the Alaskan Wilds, unlike their competitors, Snowscope Decals, they specialize in detailing Body Armour, believing that as it is always closer to the person, it will invigorate their mind and spirit moreso than Power Armour can. Bayguard Decals has a somewhat spiritual theme to several of their Decals stating that they were inspired by the Native Americans from long before the Great War as well as the first European Settlers in the USA and Canada who had simplicity and elegancy to their design. The Bayguard are on good terms with the NCR, CAF & APF providing the three with camouflage for stealth operations, it is suspected they give better prices to people who are also on good terms with those three Factions.
The Watch A group of vigilantes who roam mostly in the APF territory, they have sworn themselves to keeping the territory clean of mutants, however this has caused serious problems with the rest of the APF as well as most surrounding factions as this cleansing impacts Super Mutants and Ghouls. Most people frown upon the ideals of The Watch claiming them to be selfish and unjust in their accusations. The watch are generally identifiable by their safety hazard vests and White Trenchcoats which has earned the Watch, the nickname of "White Reapers".
The Casanovas The Casanovas are a roaming group of thieves who are infamous for their almost impossible to resist charm and smooth talk. The group appears to be mainly made up of 8-20 people, it is uncertain how many there properly are although their base of operations is in Allied Territory and they often use Hired Guns to protect it. They are a problem for the NCR, APF and NUT although the RCO and CAF are grateful for them as they have been able to deal with numerous raiders and other gangs in the area. The Sirens consider them the closest thing to a rival faction while the United Khans and BSG are mostly neutral about them. The Casanovas' leader, Lucia has been proposed as a possible candidate for the leader of the Allied Territory as she is extremely proficient at de-escalating tense situations and is an extremely compotent negotiator. She is not favoured by the people however as they believe that she has influenced her likelihood to become the leader of the Allied Territory.
Steameyes Gang The Steameyes Gang are a group of organized Raiders who mainly prioritize themselves on heating up the cold territory of Northern Alaska. They are a menace to the NUT, RCO and APF although are neutral towards the Great Khans. They are easily distinguishable for their habit to take residence in old factories dotted across North Alaska as well as every member wearing Welding Goggles including Attack Dogs.
Neon Addicts Clan This rather bizarre group of disorganized individuals have a strange addiction with Neon, unlike Chem addicts they are non-aggressive although they are usually seen, swarming places with Neon lighting. It is unknown why they have this addiction, some suggest they are inbreds while others claim that they see neon as some sort of religious object. The RCO, CAF, APF & NCR regard them as a slight annoyance although as they often pay great amounts to stay in the locations where they are neon, they look past this. The NUT regard them as a problem as they believe they're causing damage to the places they stay and have a complete ban on Neon in NUT Territory because of this group.
First Alaskan Robot Union The First Alaskan Robot Union (FARU) is an organization of several humans and many Robots that lists rules that must be obeyed when a Robot is working or fighting. The group considers themselves progressives and has received support from the NCR and APF although has been criticized by the CAF who claim that some of the robots who are protected by this group, lack the proper intelligence to make their own decisions. This has lead to several attacks by and on FARU involving the CAF, often the NCR and APF become involved protecting FARU although one instance lead to the destruction of the original base of operations for FARU and they relocated to Anchorage where they have been put under protection by the city's Guard Squad.
Dusk Town Built from Settlers and Vault 50 Dwellers, Dusk Town is known to be a shady and questionable location where reformed Raiders, Gangsters, Assassins, Body Guards, Gamblers and other mysterious individuals tend to end up. Dusk Town is also nicknamed "The Cold One" referring to its numerous bars and surprisingly large Graveyard. The residents are a bit secretive and tend to avoid outsiders unless their trust is gained which is often not worth most people's time. The Vault 50 Dwellers appear to control some sort of power within the town as aside from their Overseer being the Mayor, they also tend to occupy higher experienced Jobs.
Trader's Den Trader's Den is a semi-independent faction. They follow most of the rules and regulations of the NCR although don't pay taxes as they own the land they use. The Trader's Den residents are much more free with regards to trading restrictions as they are willing to trade stolen goods as well trade in dangerous materials and weapons. The Trader's Den are on good terms with the NCR while they are neutral towards the APF and CAF.
ECOX A group of people who are or believe that they are ecologists who want to preserve the Biospheres scattered across the Alaskan Wilds. They have a good relationship with the NUT & NCR although have had arguments with the RCO and APF in particular over the validity of preserving the plants. This has lead the ECOX building large Fortresses to protect the Biospheres from anyone who doesn't have their permission. While this was met with open arms by the NUT and NCR, there was significant resistance from the RCO and APF.
Vault 37 Dwellers When the player finds the Vault 37 Dwellers they'll find that they live in what appears to be a partially deconstructed and reconstructed Vault. As the Dwellers explain, their Vault was built in a very odd way to make traversing it extremely difficult. After the Vault door opened they acquired outside Manpower and Materials to efficiently repair the Vault to normal parameters. In addition as about 40% of the Vault's inhabitants left when the Vault Door opened, the Vault 37 Dwellers that remained offered permanent residence to anyone willing to contribute to the community. They are on Friendly terms with the CAF, NCR & APF and are unaware of the NUT and RCO. They have a strong drive to help most people and have had several encounters with Raiders in the past. The dwellers have also expanded out of their Vault forming a small settlement for crop growth and animal husandry.
Vault 63 Dwellers The Dwellers of Vault 63 are a particularly musical group of individuals. While also quite proficient in the various actions of most common Vault Dwellers and with a surprisingly good relationship with the NUT, APF, Sirens, United Khans & BSG they have reached out and contacted other groups like the The Kings and The Shakespearean Historians. Their Vault was made to test people who had Hydrophobia, however these individuals determined to minimize the noise from the pipes, reshaped them into harmonic devices that resonated different sounds when certain devices were used. The Vault has since been completely remodelled so that any previously "Uncomforting" noise became a harmonic resonation.
Northern Fishers Previously residents of Vault 63, the Northern Fishers are a group of experienced Fishermen who built a small colony of Fishing Houses to acquire produce to trade with Traders. Due to their isolation they aren't often visited by Raiders making it more favourable for some Traders. They also have a surprisingly sophisticated Water Purification Plant as part of their colony to not only provide them with Clean Water but also gradually decrease the amount of Radiation in the Ocean. They have become somewhat of a necessity for the NUT as they provide their mechanical services to the NUT in purifying the water of the Ocean. They are also on friendly terms with the RCO, APF, NCR & CAF as they all want to fix the mistakes of the Great War.
Vault 79 Dwellers Vault 79, while having a significantly lower population than when it first opened its Vault Door has remained a stable part of the NUT Territory, it is on very friendly terms with the NUT, APF & RCO as well as even has some ties to the SMC. In the past however, Vault 79 was the target of the Children of Atom as they mistook an ornament that was part of the Vault's main wall as an undetonated nuke and demanded the Vault 79 Dwellers that were left leave. The Vault Dwellers refused and gained assistance from the NUT in the surrounding area to drive the Children of Atom away, this has left the Children of Atom with a resonating hatred for Vault 79 and people who wear its Jumpsuit.
Vault 98 Dwellers A surprisingly advanced Vault, the Vault Dwellers of Vault 98 experienced a difficulty understanding each other as no one spoke the same language, this developed into an advantage for the Vault however as the dwellers learnt each other's languages and formed a hybrid language so everyone could understand. When the Vault Door opened they were greeted by a representative of the NCR, CAF, RCO, APF & NUT as well as a few SMCs roaming the area. The Vault 98 Dwellers have shown surprisingly excellent levels of co-operation with Super Mutants and Ghouls and have been described as possibly the one safe place from the CAF. The Vault has since greatly expanded become one of the largest Vaults after its initial design and houses Vault Dwellers, Wanderers, Super Mutants, Ghouls and all manner of people. The Vault is regarded as one of the most successful Vaults by Vault-Tec and believe that it will be Vault 98 that will pioneer the new world.
The Slave Train The Slave Train is an infamous group of traders who are known to buy and sell people into slavery as well as kidnap and pillage from weaker settlements. They are a scourge to all factions including the Raider groups and are deemed as the last true remnant of the early years. The Slave Train is a huge nomadic group of Raiders, Slave Traders, Slaves & Various Dangerous Animals. The Slave Traders offer to trade people for high amounts of caps, the least amount ever recorded was 5000 caps for one person. It is unknown how many Slave Trains there are in Alaska although their base of operations is said to be hidden in Eastern NUT Territory but hasn't been found in the over 150 years the Slave Trains have been sighted.

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