Major Side-Questlines are Questlines not part of the main story (although may influence it in some ways) however are comprised of multiple Quests making up an over-arcing mini-story. They provide various perspectives on the factions involved as well as special rewards to reap.

Sidequest Name Factions Involved Synopsis Reward/s
For Democracy NCR Help the NCR unite the Alaskan Wasteland under the Two-Headed Bear of the NCR. By using both Military and Democratic Superiority the player will become a high ranking member of the NCR. NCR Veteran Ranger Armour
For Understanding SMC Help the Super Mutant Collective reach out to the other factions so that they can understand the plight of the Super Mutants and their desire for peace and solitude. Super Mutant War Horn
For Freedom NUT Help the Northern United Tribesmen free their lands from those who wish to invade them and give Alaska its freedom from large entities. Experimental Stealth Suit
For Safety APF Help the Alaskan Protective Forces return security and confidence in the people of the Alaskan Wasteland as the APF exterminate the largest threats from the Wasteland. +25% better Deals from Vendors in APF Territory
For Control CAF Help the Chinese Armed Forces use control, power and science to gain control of the Wasteland and harnass its power for the greater good of Humanity. C-59 Elite Power Armour
For Trade RCO Help the Russian Command Organization establish a protected and united Wasteland were trade is free and money governs the people, not weapons. R-C Power Armour
For Power BSG Help the Black Skulls Gang expand their power by destroying those deemed to be threats to their existence, thus becoming an impossible force to take down. Black Skulls General's Uniform
For Desire Sirens Help the Sirens free the Alaskan Wasteland from its chains of duty, power and restraint and let the Wasteland flow with time as it recovers naturally. Mirelurk Queen Armour
For Revenge United Khans Help the United Khans return to the power they once possessed in the old times as a powerful force that struct fear into the innocent when they saw the red banner. Lead a powerful conquest on your enemies in the name of the United Khans. Death-Hand's Bone Armour
Return to Anchorage

Brotherhood of Steel

Anchorage Defenders

After being exiled by the Anchorage Defenders, the Brotherhood of Steel seeks help from the player to recover their rights to step foot in Anchorage again, however someone is working against them from the inside.

T-68 Guardian Power Armour (If Sided with BoS)

+10% Better Prices in Anchorage (If Sided with the Anchorage Defenders)

What Lurks Below Ghoultown A secret lurks below Ghoultown that even most of the Ghouls aren't aware of. The Mayor is hiding something and doesn't want the people of the wasteland to find out what was buried alive before Ghoultown was born. The Mataboa Blade (Unique Katana)
Destroy the Enclave


Brotherhood of Steel

Enclave Remnant

With revelations of the Enclave Remnant becoming apparent, a makeshift agreement is made between the NCR and the Brotherhood of Steel to destroy the Enclave before they have a chance to expand.

Vault 15 Jumpsuit (If Sided with the NCR)

Mariposa Army Uniform (If Sided with BoS)

Numquam Fi Enclave Remnant Help the Enclave Remnant show the Wasteland that they are not the monsters of the past and help them shape a new view of the Enclave. X-04 Catastrophe Power Armour
The Truth Revealed


All Vault Dwellers

All Factions (to a Minor extent)

After finally finding Vault-Tec the player works with Vault-Tec to learn the truth about the Vaults and to reveal to the world the truth of Vault-Tec and to finally disband the once global entity to let the world finally shape itself in a new way.

Vault-Tec CEO's Suit

Vault-Tec Power Armour

Vault-Tec Blaster (Unique Fat Man)

United we Stand

Chasse Tribe

Ferme Tribe

Batiment Tribe

Unite the Tribes of the Northern Wastes together, either through conquest, trade, democracy or a common enemy. (Note: Uniting all Tribes through Democracy will give all rewards)

Chasse's Lucky Charm (If Sided with Chasse Tribe)

Ferme's Notes (If Sided with Ferme Tribe)

Batiment's Coin (If Sided with Batiment Tribe)

+15% Better Prices in all Tribe's Territory

Blind Leading the Blind Arc Royals The player discovers this dysfunctional bunch of hubris individuals locked away inside a massive vault a power struggle is taking place to say the least and the player has come at a crucial time where their voice (and possibly their arsenal of weapons) could determine the new leader of this group of pompous pre-war layabouts.

The Oblivion Gun (Unique Guass Rifle)

10,000 Caps

A Beast's Calling Yao Worshippers The Yao Worshippers wish to find the Yao Guai that is said to have lead their people to the land they now live on. This leads the player on a long chase to find a supposed "Holy Bear".

Yao Worshipper Paint-Job

Amulet of Yao

Free the Atom Children of Atom The Children of Atom desire to unlock the nuclear bomb that they have built their entire settlement around. In doing so they want to return the atoms within the bomb to its fellow atoms across the wasteland. How this is achieved is up to the player and can leave a giant smoking crater where the settlement use to stand if they're not careful.

Children of Atom Priest Robes

The Atom Gun (Unique 10mm SMG)

The Ultimate Assassin Recon-X The player helps out an assassin who hopes to join the Recon-X organization, however simply finding them in the first place may be part of the challenge and many tales speak of their incredibly rigorous entrance exam.

Shrouded Garments

Dagger of Life (Unique Combat Knife)

The Land of the People

The Wigs

Giga Farmers Union

Tension brews between the Elitist group known as the Wigs and the Giga Farmers Union. The player unfortunately finds themselves in the midst of these two parties at a decisive moment that will shape the outcome of the wasteland.

25,000 Caps (if Sided with The Wigs)

The Wigs Paint Job (if Sided with The Wigs)

+25% better prices at all Farmers (if Sided with Giga Farmers Union)

The Harvester (Unique Chem Sprayer) (if Sided with Giga Farmers Union)

Black Gold

The Frackers


The Frackers desire to expand their business to the Northern Wastes of the Alaskan Wasteland and are attempting to pressure the NUT into giving up some of their land in exchange for a percentage of the profit. The NUT however find the Frackers desires both destructive and greedy and refuse to let them enter the NUT territory. This has lead to the Frackers beginning to send small raider parties to harass the NUT, the player has come at a crucial time and will decide the fate of the Northern Wastes.

The Bedrock (Unique Missile Launcher) (if Sided with The Frackers)

NUT Rebound Power Armour (Unique T-51 Power Armour)

His Last Words The Shakespearean Historians Tasked with a simple although rather long quest, the player has decided to help the Shakespearean Historians recover the last pages of one of Shakespeare's greatest plays, however it seems the pages have taken on stories of their own. The Shakespearean Rose (Unique 9mm Pistol)
A Monument of Time The Construction Crew The Construction Crew have decided that they need to make a stand amongs the turmoil within the Alaskan Wasteland and thus have begun construction on a monument to the unity of all, however in trying to do so they've ended up running into some unforseen obstacles, the player can offer to help the Construction Crew and become a part of history in the process.

Construction Crew Paint Job

Construction Attire

What is Art?

The Shakespearean Historians

The Construction Crew

It seems that the Construction Crew want to build a new building atop a semi-destroyed Library known as the Alaskan North-West Commonwealth Library. However the Shakespearean Historians desire to explore the ruins of the building and find its secret knowledge within, with the fear of unearthing the monsters below both parties seem to be at each other's throats unless the player steps in.

The Returniner (Unique Double-Barrel Shotgun) (if Sided with The Shakespearean Historians)

The Builder (Unique Thermic Lance) (if Sided with The Construction Crew)

It's better at Sea Oil Riggers The Oil Riggers have discovered and old Oil Rig off the far South-East Coast of Alaska however getting there is part of the problem, the entire area has become heavily frozen over resulting in navigation becoming particularly difficult for ships, thus the player has become wrapped in this grand plan and has two goals; break the bigggest ice somehow and find a boat drill. It's going to be a long day to reach that Oil Platform.

The Big Oil (Unique X-01 Power Armour)

Crude Dude (Unique Assault Rifle)

The Mansion Time Forgot



An expidition conducted by a group of researchers with the CAF have discovered a forgotten Mansion off the coast of Alaska, however the residents within the Mansion seem to have gone mad and will attack anyone on site. Perhaps the player can find a way to weed the Monopolians out of their mansion or negotiate peace with them? (Note: Making Peace between the Monopolians and CAF will give both rewards)

The Golden Gun (Unique .44 Magnum Revolver) (if Sided with the Monopolians)

The Red Eye (Unique Sniper Rifle) (if Sided with the CAF)

Battle of the Power Armour

Snowscope Decals

Bayguard Decals

Snowscope Decals and Bayguard Decals are famous Power Armour Painters known across the Alaskan Wasteland however it seems their rivalry has finally reached boiling point. The two plan to battle each other across the Alaskan Wastes and have convinced soldiers from various factions to fight alongside them. The worst possible outcome is feared that these two painting specialists will tear the Wasteland Apart. (Note: If Peace if Made between the two factions then the player will receive the Snowscope Special, Bayguard Special & Unity Paint Jobs)

Snowscope Special Paint Job (if Sided with Snowscope Decals)

Bayguard Special Paint Job (if Sided with Baygaurd Decals)

The Lone Wanderer Paint Job (if Sided with Neither)

Unity Paint Job (if Peace is Made)

A Watchful Eye

The Watch



A band of Mercenaries by the name, The Watch have been cited by various APF Officials as causing problems between the APF and the SMC who believe the APF is sending the Watch to kill their Super Mutant Trading Caravans. The player is sent out to investigate and finds themselves in the middle of a three way secret trade agreement.

The Watch Paint Job (if Sided with The Watch)

Legendary Fat Man (if Sided with The Watch)

The Governer's Suit (if Sided with the APF)

Breakerback (Unique Rebar Club) (if Sided with the SMC)

My Everlasting Glow

Neon Addicts Clan


The Neon Addicts are an off shoot from the NUT that the latter would rather everyone forget, the Neon Addicts cause problems for the NUT as they trade everything they own for the Neon that gets them high and thus puts them into destructive rages. The player has been tasked with finding a way to stop the Neon Addicts from continuing this course of action.

Ion Cannon (Unique Guass Rifle) (if Sided with Neon Addicts Clan)

Ultimate Cure (Unique Pulse Cannon) (if Sided with NUT)

Sound Breaker (Unique Sub-Sonic Cannon) (if Sided with Neon Traders)

Sentience by any other Name

First Alaskan Robot Union




The First Alaskan Robot Union has readied itself to reveal to the wasteland its intentions and plans on having the player be their spokesperson, however it seems that not everyone involved in this announcement is too pleased and an underlying hatred has begun rising to the surface of this new faction.

Mirror Mirror (unique Hunting Shotgun)

Maitre Proteger (Unique Synthetic Combat Torso)

Secrets in the Light

Dusk Town

Trader's Den

Every Faction has come to wonder this over time, how are Dusk Town and the Trader's Den related. A most peculiar mystery, the two small factions seem to share no apparent past and yet the trader's who go to Dusk Town's numerous bars are given benefits while Dusk Town imports largely from the Trader's Den. A light needs to be shone on these two groups' history and in doing so the player may just unearth an unfathomable secret below Dusk Town.

The Blood Seal (Unique Machete)

Cultist Robes

Bringing Back the Green






Normally the factions of the wasteland hardly notice the little amounts of foliage left in the wasteland however in Alaska, ECOX has made the debate on Flora vs. Human Development a hot topic to say the least. With some of the places ECOX has protected now under threat of being used for their resources or training the player must decide the fate of the greenery of the Wasteland.

The Solar Powered Mind (Unique Hybrid Metal Headpiece) (if Sided with ECOX)

The Lawmaker (Unique Ripper Shishkebab) (if Sided with RCO or NCR)

Mother's Hand (Unique T-51 Guardian Power Armour) (if Sided with APF or NUT)

The Biggest Catch Northern Fishers Out in the North there is a legend of a mighty mutated Swordfish which escaped captivity shortly after the Great War and now roams the Northern Seas waiting to be caught. It seems those legends are possibly true as several Fisherman from the Nothern Fishers have been found dead with giant holes through their torsos, the player has been recruited to investigate and track down the cause of these murders. Larry's Skull (Unique Broadsword)
Across the Wasteland in 90 Days The Slave Train The player meets up with a man who is said to be cracking down on the Slave Train, a legendary faction that harkans back to the early days of the Post-Apocalyptic World, trading slaves across the Alaskan cold to whomever was willing to buy, however it seems the player has mistakeningly gotten themselves involved in a revolution that might not be for freedom.

The Chains (Unique Sledgehammer) (if Sided with the Revolution Slave Train)

The Binds (Unique Yao Guai Gauntlet) (if Sided with the Classic Slave Train)

Spirited Journey (Unique Heavy Combat Shoulderpads)

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