Boss Name Faction Description
Rufius the Mad

None (Currently)

Fort Yukon (Prior)

Rufius was the Outpost Watchman of Fort Yukon, he was driven insane by a migrating swarm of Feral Ghouls. Through reading his journal entries it is discovered Rufius slowly became more demented and the player would later find the man in the basement of the Outpost, merely skin and bones with hollow white eyes who attacks anything with extreme aggression.

It is evidenced by the blood and dead Feral Ghouls and humans that Rufius resorted to cannibalism and may in fact have been a Ghoul however it is hard to tell from his appearance.

The Yeti None This mysterious and elusive monster forces the player to follow it when they get lost in the Forests going to Northreach. The player soon finds themselves in the Indigo Ice Cavern where they are confronted by the Yeti. It is revealed the Yeti is actually a heavily mutated Polar Bear whose body has lost some of its fur while its snout has shortened giving it a more ape-like appearance. It also has a very large flat tail that it can use to knock the player over.
Resques the Silver Hearted

None (Prior)

Unted Khans (Formerly)

Resques is documented as being a traitor to the United Khans, acting out of league with their code of honour he became known as an outside force of danger and was hunted relentlessly. However he soon met his untimely demise when faced against a cliff edge by a small group of United Khans. Without any other option he jumped severing his Left Leg and Arm on the fall his body remained motionless and encased in snow for nearly 3 months.

Through preservation he was recovered by the insane scientist, Dr. Morte. His body was brought back to life with his lost limbs being replaced by Metal Components, in addition several of his internal organs ceased working forcing Dr. Morte to operate further giving him prosthetics including the distinct Silver Heart he possesses. When the player faces him, he shows signs of doubt in Dr. Morte's intentions and believes the man is behind a much greater evil. Upon death he tears out his own heart and tells the player that he is free.

Entdore Russian Command Organization

An Experiment of the Russians beneath the New Kotzebue City, in a secret lab. Entdore was the combination of Humans under the FEV-3 Virus fused with Plant DNA directly as well as the mass of a bear. The result was a heavily leafed, twisted face, bark skinned giant whom possessed the intelligence of a dog. Highly instinctive and obedient to her masters, Entdore is never directly shown to feel negative emotions about her current position.

It is revealed however through scientific reports that Entdore's human self, a lady name Veronica Presla had been heavily resistant to the experiment and was tortured multiple times for  being disobedient. It is further revealed that during the experiment, the bear had escaped and scarred Veronica's face, resulting in the twisted appearance of Entdore.

Bone Scuro Black Skull Gang

Bone Scuro is the founder of the Black Skull Gang and one of their most secretive members. This is due to his mutation after the great war, Bone Scuro used to be an Italian-American who was caught in the radiation during the initial bombings. Heavily disfigured, Bone Scuro attempted to piece his life together and through the sympathy of others, Scuro began to form close bonds it was here that Scuro saught revenge on those who let off the bombs believing it to be the Vault Dwellers.

When Bone Scuro is faced it is revealed that he is an intelligent Ghoul however unlike most has had almost all of his skin burnt off leaving only his bones and internal organs, his eyes eerily remain and due to his exposure to FEV which his fellow members recall believing to be a Chem had turned his bones black. Scuro is much harder to hit than other enemies as only his organs can be damaged, although blinding him renders him significantly crippled.

War ???

This FEV mutant isn't human in any way, between the combined DNA of a Shark, Mountain Lion & Alligator this behemoth of an armoured beast lays in wait for the player knowing of their presence. War lurks around the player as they investigate the old ruins of a Vault-Tec Lab searching for the G.E.C.K. blueprints. War later ambushes the player in the reactor room above some massive containers of FEV Virus.

War has thinly patched fur and stands on all fours with its tail having the distinctive fin shape of a sharks. Its jaw is laden with 4 rows of canine teeth . War is able to quickly avoid being hit multiple times by scurring into the ventilation system of the Vault-Tec Lab. It is revealed later that War wasn't actually created by Vault-Tec as individuals from New Kotzebue City had believed and is with in fact the experiment of an unknown force.

Twisted Brothers None

These three brothers had stolen a piece of technology from a mysterious individual who refers to himself as "The Judge" who claims to have the best intentions for the player. The Twisted Brothers hide in a cave with Ghouls and Mirelurks with each brother utilizing a different type of weapon in their initial battles.

The player descends deeper into the cavern soon reaching the basin where they find the three brothers standing in front of a massive Mirelurk  King. They taunt the player and inject themselves with FEV-3 as they begin to mutate however the Mirelurk King eats them causing it to become incredibly uneasy exploding from the force within. The three brothers emerge, having fused into a three headed monstrosity, having attributes of both a Super Mutant and a Mirelurk, the brothers lose their sanity and ability of speech resorting to shrieks.

Lost Donor

None (Currently)

??? (Formerly)

After meeting up with the Judge for the first time the player is informed of the Judge's plan to help make Alaska a joined nation and become the first Country in the new world. He explains to the player that part of his intention requires that he has studied human anatomy and the effects of the FEV Virus. He explains that he doesn't wish to destroy the Super Mutants and believe that they too deserve equal rights to humans. He explains how his body donor had escaped a few days ago and was tracked to be hiding in an abandoned Radio Tower United Khan territory and warns the player to be careful navigating into the Tower.

The player soon finds the tower and heads inside finding the place littered with bodies of dead Ghouls & Khan Raiders. The player ascends to the Top floor of the building and finds the lost donor heavily mutated they turn around, revealing most of their internal organs have mutated and fallen out of the cavity in their chest. Their legs appear to have engulfed their feet an their arms are merely boneless masses of flesh and their head has been semi-encased in their neck causing only their bleeding red eyes to be visible, lastly their skin lacks its regular pigment instead being a pinky-red colouration.

Rotting Rook None

The Judge sends the player off into the Radiation Fields of Central Alaska with a modified Hazmat Suit to completely negate field Radiation for a period of time, explaining that the research notes of one of his colleagues can lead to a potential map of Ore Veins across Alaska to help build basic infrastructure.

Upon arriving at the Radiation Fields however, the player notices an ominous glow emanating from a crater near the center, investigating the player finds the research notes the Judge mentioned however turning around they see arising from the Swampy Waters a figure in a broken Hazmat Suit slowly stumble towards them, the water covering the helmet slowly disappears revealing the ghoul beneath whose face is covered in tumorous cancers and rotting away from the radiation sewerage inside the Hazmat Suit. The Ghoul let's out a howl before engaing the player summoning its pet Radmoose from within the swampy waters.

The First Child Chinese Armed Forces

When the player is instructed to investigate the new Capital of Alaska, Anchorage by the Judge who explains that the player probably has noticed that unlike most cities in Alaska, Anchorage is completely devoid of Ghouls and Super Mutants, believing that the Chinese Armed Forces have been experimenting on them despite agreements for humanitarian rights to intelligent Ghouls and Super Mutants.

As the player investigates Anchorage they soon come across an abandoned warehouse where they discover stolen Virtual Reality Machines with many Ghouls hooked up directly through cables, as the player descends into the warehouse's depths they encounter Feral Ghouls equipped with weaponry and wearing headsets that simulate a warzone. Soon the player reaches the bottom where they find nearly a dozen scientists and numerous Chinese Soldiers, the soldiers divert the player's attention allowing the scientists to escape however after being defeated the player comes fact to face with an Albino Super Mutant named the First Child who has a headset attached to them as well in addition to a rail gun surgically implanted to their right arm.

After the player has dealt with the First Child, they discover why it is named as such. It is revealed that the First Child was one of the first children of the FEV-3 Super Mutants and had been captured by the Chinese Armed Forces and tortured in attempt for the First Child to reveal the location of the FEV-3 Virus. The First Child refused and the CAF decided to hook the First Child up to a training simulation that had the first child killing entire villages of Super Mutants.

Chimera Alaskan Protective Forces

The Judge reveals to the player that he needs to know where the FEV-3 Virus is located as it will help to prevent forced Super Mutants in the future. The player is instructed to question the Alaskan Protective Forces and soon finds themselves captured by the APF. The player breaks free of their prison however and carefully sneaks through the sewerage system and tunnels beneath the Indian Mountain Military Base. Soon, after the player has retrieved their equipment from the Armoury of the base do they come face to face with the leader of the Military Base, General Julius Poroc who reveals that the Indian Mountain Military Base, despite APF law had been experimenting with recently acquired FEV-3 Virus to create new Mutants.

Despite General Julius Poroc not revealing the location of the FEV-3 Virus he does tell the player that those who seek the FEV-3 Virus only want it for experimentation. Poroc then flies off in a nearby Helicopter as the doors to a massive warehouse in the central courtyard of the Military base open to reveal the Chimera, a mutant beast of Man, Bison, Mole Rat & Beaver. The creature appears to have the shape of a very large Mole Rat with a Human Torso although its eyes have been sewn shut to force it to rely on hearing. In addition its lower body consists of two pairs of hooved legs and a massive flat tail capable of shaking the earth around it. It's massive claws are noticeably able to cut through the warehouse and other buildings and vehicles in the Military Base.

Qalupalik Sirens

This literal monster from a legend, the Qalupalik is one of the Sirens FEV-3 Mutants. Originally a mother who lost her children to the Nuclear Fallout, she resorted to becoming an experiment for the Sirens and with her off-coloured Super Mutant strong skin and long claw-like fingernails she hides off the shore of Northern Alaska.

If not enough, when the player comes to face her she summons the children she has stolen from the Northern United Tribesman and mutated them into Fish-like creatures like herself. The children, completely under her control drag anyone unfortunate enough to come near her.


None (Currently)

Brotherhood of Steel (Formerly)

This robotic creation of the Brotherhood of Steel's early days was an attempt to make use of even the dead for war. The Sentinel is mostly dead tissue merely held together by cybernetic parts, unable to speak sophisticated english it merely moans and mutters the last few words it heard. The rotting flesh and visible bones indicate the Sentinel has dealt with numerous encounters in its time wandering the wastelands.

By taknig its memory chip, it is revealed the Sentinel has commited atrocities of its own, programmed with self-preservation as one of its prime directives, it has taken the body parts of the living and the dead to keep its organic half in tact. It is highly unlikely that any organic matter on the Sentinel is from the orginal corpses.

Sabre None

This lone mutant, Sabre was raised by wolves as a young boy and hunted like they did, however when he fell into one of the FEV-3 Containers in the Laboratory the player investigates for the Judge, he and the three wolves with him, turned into a monstrosity of man and wolf. posessing a large wolf lower body and a human torso, his head is the most disfigured with him having the snout of a wolf however it has been split down the middle revealing the human jaw within. One of his eyes is missing possibly due to him getting in a fight with the Feral Ghouls of the Laboratory.

When the player encouters Sabre he expresses his territorial nature as part wolf and identifies the player as a threat calling on his pack of mutant wolves to aid him in battle.

Famine ???

The second FEV Mutant with no human DNA the player encounters, this monstrosity is a hybrid of a Scorpion, Mosquito, Vulture & Rat. Smaller than war but significantly more dangerous, Famine appears to be about the size of a large dog however has a rat-shaped body with feather-less wings sprouted out of its back unable to fly. Its face is a monstrosity combination of insect and bird resulting in mandibles, a beak and 6 life-less eyes. Its tail possesses a stinger on the end capable of injecting the potent poison that runs through its blood and what little fur it has on its body is mostly dominated by the exoskeleton protecting its visible internal organs.

Famine was locked away in the mines near New Kotzebue City which became known as the Blood Pits as everything from man to Radmoose bodies could be found at its entrance. Famine surprisingly has also had an impact on the surrounding area, not only is it completely barren of vegetation, but it also is a salt field with next to no water in the soil at all.

Hellfire Droid

None (Currently)

Brotherhood of Steel (Formerly)

The hellfire droid is a special synth created by the Brotherhood of Steel after they raided and took complete control of MIT in 2324. It's intention was to be able to convert biological material into fuel however was deemed better to work as a military synth and thus became one of the first synths to don the Brotherhood Power Armour.

Tragedy struck the Hellfire Droid however as when the Brotherhood of Steel were pushed out of Alaska in 2381, the Hellfire Droid was assumed lost in action, however the mysterious droid had merely been struck through a few non-vital components. In an attempt to repair itself the Hellfire Droid rested in the abandoned town of Tok where it attempted to repair itself with the machinery available, however its AI went Rogue and it began converting all material around it into ways for the Hellfire Droid to gain energy and access knowledge.

When the player encounters this synth, they find it immobolized to the wall of a diner basement however it is still able to use its combustion arm as a weapon.

The Second Child & The Third Child Chinese Armed Forces

After investigating a sunken battleship off the coast of West Kenai the player stumbles upon the entrance of an abandoned research facility owned by the CAF, delving deep within they find numerous test tube experiments to fuse the DNA of FEV-3 Super Mutants with various other animals. The only two living experiments the player finds in this research facility (aside from a human-leech hybrid which quickly collapses and dies after breaking out of its test tube) are two experiments donned, the Second Child & the Third Child.

The second Child is a human-Octopus hybrid with translucent skin and arms that have split apart forming 8 semi-independent limbs. In addition its exposed brain follows all the way down its back while its large eyes rest on the sides of its face. It also appears to have formed a beak with numerous teeth inside on its lower torso.

The third Child in contrast, is a human-Cricket hybrid possessing powerful hind legs as well as two sets of arms with clawed fingers. The skin has poorly adapted to the Cricket DNA and while hardened has formed patchiness and discolouration. The face of the third child appears to have no lower jaw instead the lower set of teeth rest in the muscles and shoot out of the bottom of the skin due to being rootless.

It is revealed through scientific notes on the two individuals that they used to be twins and their mother had been enslaved by the CAF prior to giving birth to them and due to this unique oppurtunity it presented a very rare oppurtunity for the CAF scientists.


Silver Hand (Currently)

Chinese Armed Forces (Formerly)

After the player has been sent out to the swampy territory of South-West Alaska they are confronted by this monstrosity of a mutation guarding an old Chinese Laboratory. The creature appears to be a human mutated with radiation that has bonded to the swamp itself. Capable of using the vines of the dead trees and the water itself in battle the creature is hard to hit as only its heart is still solid.

It is revealed that within the Laboratory that Boggre was actually one of the three head generals for the Chinese Armed Forces however after an expedition to research the kindappings going on around the swamplands he was captured and subjected to experimental Radiation tests, resulting in his current form.


Silver Hand (Currently)

Chinese Armed Forces (Formerly)

Adeline is revealed to be a child experimented on by the Silver Hand who acted as an Ultimatum to the Chinese Armed Forces in case they wouldn't comply with the Silver Hand. Adeline is a heavily mutated human with the FEV-3 Virus in combination with Slug DNA, Angler Fish DNA & Porcupine DNA. The result was extremely detrimental to Adeline's sanity and well-being as her lower-half was left weak and unable to move her skin had also partially melted resulting in parts of her skull being revealed. In addition, her lower jaw grew exponentially larger to the point where it was as long as her torso, the entire mouth became lined with sharp teeth and due to the amount of blood required to support her jaw, it resulted in her skin become very pale.

Her Eyes lost both their Iris and Pupil resulting in a blank white stare to those who see her which seems to faintly glow in the darkness. In addition, despite her partially melted skin, her hair had reformed into sharp quills that she is capable of throwing as projectiles.

Bone Man Silver Hand

This man is revealed to be the father of Adeline however due to his threats to reveal the Silver Hand's actions to the other organizations, he was captured, tortured and mutated much like his daughter. Instead of being directly subjected to the FEV-3 Virus, Adeline's Father had his lower torso completely severed and both his hands cut off. While he was still alive he was quickly dipped in a container of FEV-3 Virus along with an assortment of animals that had been killed by the Silver Hand. The result was that Adeline's Father's bones grew drastically due to tumours present on several of the animals. The bones formed hulking arms for Adeline's Father with the top of his Humerus jutting out of his shoulders forming a spike-like protrusion.

In addition the assortment of animals mutated to seal up his lower torso creating an indistinguishable mess of body parts that ended in a tail that was at least 6 feet long with its end barbed by an unknown animal. Adeline's Father's rib cage also heavily mutated, puncturing his own lungs and jutting out of his back. Lastly and possibly most disturbingly, Adeline's Father's skull grew a protrusion out of the back of his skull resulting in all the skin on his head stretching to accomodate the protrusion which pushed his eyes out severely and made all key features of his skull stand out.

Old Coral None

Old Coral is a behemoth serpent that had hidden within the old mines beneath the Silver Hand Laboratory after the Nukes fell. She is estimated to be one of the oldest surviving creatures on the entire planet estimated at being nearly 40 years old when the Nukes fell making her around 373 years of age. Extremely aggressive, Old Coral was known to be a serious potential hazard for the Silver Hand however with them evacuating, Old Coral made her move while the player was still investigating the laboratory.

Aside from being an absolute giant of a serpent, Old Coral is also highly venomous, being a mutated Coral Snake her venom not only is poisonous but also radioactive. In addition her skin has mutated to be able to flash brightly causing temporary blindness to anyone who looks directly at her yellow scales. Fortunately however, a large proportion of her scales have fallen off resulting in only a select few being able to blind someone.

General Feng

Silver Hand (Currently)

Chinese Armed Forces (Formerly)

One of the two heads of the Silver Hand, General Feng is also one of the three Generals of the Chinese Armed Forces, being known as the Brothers of the East. Feng unbeknownst to his eldest Sibling, Russell, had joined with the unknown Leader of the Silver Hand and conspired against Russell by mutating their third brother, Han into the Boggre. The player encounters General Feng a few times before their battle with Feng expressing his distrust for outsiders of the CAF.

When General Feng encounters the player outside the Silver Hand Laboratory, he tells the player that they're going to be tortured and mutated just like all who oppose the Silver Hand. He begins to leave when the nearly dead Old Coral bursts out of an old tree nearby and obliterates Feng's escape Helibird and over half of his men. In a fit of rage, Feng walks over to the nearly lifeless Coral Snake and tears out her eye with a knife throwing it to the ground and then stabbing the eye socket leaving the knife in the deceased snake.

Feng then abruptly realises that in doing so he has let the radiation in the snake infect him and he quickly injects himself with the FEV-3 Virus that he had intended for the player in an attempt to avoide Ghoulification. The result became a combination of hardened Scales and a Super Mutant sized General Feng who's head had become serpentine in appearance. Like Old Coral, Feng is able to spit Venemous-Radioactive material at the player and possesses many qualities of a normal Super Mutant. He also uses one of the Helibird's wings as a club like weapon to try to kill the player.

Pestilence ???

After returning to the Judge, the player finds the building abandoned with all the Judge's research taken and only a single Feral Ghoul in the main room. The player approaches the Feral Ghoul however it turns to face him and reveals its face is covered by some sort of machine with a large arm attached to it with a needle on the end. The Machine jabs the Ghoul causing it to severely mutate as its four limbs fall apart and mutate to form individual monsters while its torso becomes serpentine in shape with the spine extending well past the bottom of its torso.

The five creatures as the player finds out, are referred to as Pestilence and was the Judge's creation in an attempt to rid himself of the player. It is discovered that the Judge also created War and Famine and had been working against the player using individuals he stole from Vault 2 to mutate.

The Ghost None A bizarre creature that was held within a secret laboratory beneath the building the player and the Judge would meet up in, the Ghost appears to be a dead human who's been exposed to some sort of mist, reanimating its corpse. The corpse is held within a piece of Enclave Power Armour confirming what Computer Logs from around the building indicated, that the Judge was in fact a member of the Enclave.
Siniy Kit Russian Command Organization

A giant Blue Whale held in captivity by the RCO, the Siniy Kit posed a huge potential for biological research albeit was extremely aggressive to the researchers as computer logs reveal that it had killed and eaten at least 6 researchers before hand. The player infiltrates the Siniy Kit's research biome under the impression that the building is an Enclave Experimental Mutation Laboratory.

The Siniy Kit is larger than the Orcants being about 50m long. The creatures fins have mutated into hulking legs and its body has two large pockets that act to hold the creature up due to its immense weight. It appears to have mutated spikes all over its body although these may be barnacles.

The Final Child Silver Hand

After agreeing to help the RCO overthrow the Silver Hand and give power back to the CAF, the player goes to a stronghold in the allied territory that was under the disguise of a weather station. Within the player finds more experiments of the Silver Hand and another child of the mother. This child is a human-Deathclaw hybrid posessing powerful nearly bulletproof skin with huge claws and horns sprouting from its skull. Its eyes are in the shape of a Deathclaw's however possesses the appearance of a humans. In addition its tail having not properly developed is merely bone and nerve held together.

The creature also has the spines jutting out of its skin from its back due to the Deathclaw mutation. It is revealed that the Final Child was the last experiment of a scientist called Dr. Bassoon who was forced to create the children that the player fought in their journey and was killed by the Final Child willingly as he appears to have had a pistol with him possibly to kill himself. The player finds out however that the mother is still being held hostage by the Silver Hand.

The Mother Silver Hand

The Mother is the individual who had been captured and tortured by the Silver Hand, losing each of her children to the Silver Hand. In a last-ditch effort to escape the player, the masked leader of the Silver Hand unleashes the Mother on the player. Being a heavily mutated individual, the Mother is a grotesque hybrid of Human, Bee & Centipede. Her lower Torso having been mutated into a massic set of legs ending in a large abdomen and stinger. In addition her arms appear to have mutated into scythe-like appendages with the skin tearing all over due to the mutation. In addition her eyes appear to have partially mutated into a more insect-like appearance splitting to form the multiple lenses of an insect. In addition a pair of wings have jutted out of her back however it is unknown if she can actually fly as she does not display such a quality.

It is revealed that shortly after the player had killed off the Final Child the Silver Hand had mutated the mother having video feed showing them threatening the Mother to call off the player's attacks believing her to be involved. In her cell she has scratched on the walls a message to the player which states "Wanderer, if you read this it means you have ended my life as my children, I do not feel hostility towards you as you have taken away the pain we have endured for so long".

The Assassin ???

After having the trail go cold for a few days the player is attacked by a Super Mutant Nightkin known as the Assassin who possesses impressive Stealthboy technology far beyond that of most Super Mutants. The Assassin utilizes skills in Perception in an attempt to dodge the player.

It is revealed that the Assassin had been hooked with an Explosive Collar to make sure it didn't reveal any information aside from a note detailing instructions for it to kill the player.

Paladin Reborn Army

Paladin is the Head Guard of the F3-1 Mutating Facility. It is revealed that some Super Mutants believing in the old ideals of a mad man known only as the Master in this time have attempted to achieve his goal of unification through mutation as they believe the FEV-3 Virus with is reproductive capabilities makes it more viable than the original FEV-1 Virus.

Paladin is a special Super Mutant who taunts the player up until their confrontation where it is revealed that Paladin believed the player to be part of the Judge's organization attempting to steal their FEV-3 Virus, however before the player and Paladin can reach an understanding, The Judge does appear with a small group of soldiers. In the confusion the Judge injects Paladin with a dose of what he calls the FEV-4 Virus explaining that it is more potent than the FEV-3 Virus creating less predictable mutations through unconventional means as well as more aggressive creatures.

The Judge and his soldiers escape leaving the player to face Paladin who's armour partially bursts off revealing his melting face from the FEV-4 Virus, in addition he grows an additional pair of arms and one of his existing arms converts into a massive lump of flesh only able to be used as a club.

Bloatfly Goliath None

While escaping the F3-1 Mutating Facility which is rigged to blow by the Judge. The player sees the Judge's Vertibirds flying away with 6 vats of FEV-3 Virus, however a Bloatfly gets into one of the vats causing it to mutate even further causing it to burst from the vat and cling to the Vertibird carrying it causing the Vertibird to crash near the player. The giant mutant Bloatfly then scurries out of the wreckage to confront the player.

The Bloatfly's body is covered in radioactive pustules that burst frequently during the player's confrontation with the creature. In addition its body appears to possess enhanced healing as it is able to regrow limbs that break off fairly quickly with the exception of its head and Abdomen.

Death ???

Tracing the leakage of FEV-3 Virus towards the Western Peninsula of Alaska in the Allied Territory, the player finds themselves in a massive underground complex comprised primarily of Super Mutant slaves captured by the Silver Hand. At the bottom of the complex another heavily mutated individual awaits the player, surprising the player with their ability to speak.

Death explains that before his mutation he was one of the pioneering Super Mutants called Marcus who cured the Nightkin who wished to be cured of their addiction to Stealth Boys. He continues explaining that along his journey he would help all those he could whether man, ghoul, Super Mutant or otherwise. However it is revealed that his rather grotesque appearance is not only physical but mental as well as his mind is slowly deteriorating into madness from the Judge's FEV-4 Virus within him.

He tells the player that there is a hierarchy in the complex and if the player wants to leave here alive they must kill him in the ring of champions. Marcus takes the player to the ring and begins showing symptoms of madness stating that he knows that no Super Mutant is willing to kill him however he requests the player put him out of his suffering as it will in turn free the Super Mutants of the complex and destroy Silver Hand's influence over the CAF.

The player accepts and Marcus soon succumbs to his mutations and becomes a bestial creature with an armoured plate back and a leech-like mouth. His hands and feet have grown significantly larger and his nails have changed into massive claws.

Servant Hands of Destruction

The player encounters Servant when investigating the Anchorage Museum which had been displaying high levels of Radiation recently. Within the player finds out that the Silver Hand who had been the puppet masters of the CAF were in fact only a division of an organization known as the Hands of Destruction (HoD). Within the organization were conspiring groups like the Silver Hand that had been puppet masters to several other factions.

The player's encounter with the servant is quick as the Servant is only interested in eradicating the player due to the threat they pose on the HoD. The Servant is a human who's limbs have been removed and appears to have undergone a ruthless amount of surgery removing major organs like the Brain and Heart. The remains are hooked up to a computer with access to laser-based weaponry. It is revealed that the Servant was merely a prototype for trying to recreate the scenario that allowed the Master to bond with the computers of the Los Angeles Vault.

Silver (Arron Jareth) Silver Hand/Hands of Destruction

The masked leader of the Silver Hand revealed, Silver AKA Arron Jareth had been masterminding the destruction of the CAF from a young age. He explains when finally met face to face that he states he will not feel remorse for the player, should they die at his hands. Arron knowing very well that they will not be able to best the player in any normal unarmed, melee or gun combat instead injects himself with the FEV-4 Virus before jumping into a nearby tank of water that is shown to have Mirelurk DNA within.

Arron emerges being part-man, part-mirelurk with a huge crustacean body similar to that of a Mirelurk Queen (despite being male), his arms have changed into massive scythe-like appendages as well as splitting apart to have four in total. His back unlike a normal Mirelurk is covered in radioactive material that is constantly seeping from his body. Also unlike a normal Mirelurk he has a long Scorpion-like tail ending in a stinger possibly indicating the inclusion of Radscorpion DNA.

It is revealed after his defeat in his journal from his childhood as well as some audio logs that growing up Arron was actually severely mistreated by the CAF having been shunned for being an orphan, he grew resentment and hatred towards them. It was during his late teens that he was approached by the Judge who took him under the Judge's sprouting organization, the Hands of Destruction as his prodige.


Hands of Destruction (Currently)

Vault-Tec (Formerly)

A Super Computer built by Vault-Tec with the intention of storing the concious of over 1000 Vault-Tec Executives, W.E.S. was instead left abandoned in a partially completed building called Sanctuary 14. W.E.S. would later be found by the Hands of Destruction and instead have the concious of 1000 Psychopaths uploaded into its system as a cruel revenge against Vault-Tec as well as to protect hidden containers of FEV-4 Virus from being found.

W.E.S. as it turns out stands for War Economy Succession. This is due to Vault-Tec having apparently stashed multiple Millions of dollars woth of money in Vault 110. It was W.E.S. mission to protect the secret code to the money which the player (if they can pass several tests) can acquire from W.E.S.

Killjoy Black Skull Gang

Killjoy, the tyrannical ruler of the BSG had been recorded making deals with the Judge and other members of the Hands of Destruction. Thus the player seeks out Killjoy, disguising themsleves as a Black Skull Gang Member and rising through the ranks to reach Killjoy.

Upon recognizing the player from the Judge's description, Killjoy quickly reveals that he had been given a sample of the FEV-4 Virus to use should the player confront him. Killjoy completely unaware of the FEV-4 Virus' capabilities injects himself stating the feeling to be "1000 times better than Jet". Killjoy begins to mutate into a human-spider hybrid as it is revealed the sample had Arachnid DNA inside. Killjoy's arms and legs violently split apart forming eight new limbs, barely holding onto the original limbs' skin. His canines creatly increase in size becoming mandibles while his eyes split into 6 varying in size. In addition he grows a large abdomen that sprouts a large stinger potent with Radioactive Poison.

The Beast Below Hands of Destruction

The Hands of Destruction are revealed to have a secret Labratory beneath Vault 37, inside they had experimented on many mutants in the wasteland including those from out of Alaska. However the creature they had captured was a Mole Rat and had been exposing it to massive amounts of Radiation and FEV-4 Virus. The result was a huge mole rat that excreted a biological oil that allowed it to move so quickly it could slide along walls and ceilings coated in it. The creature also had developed a very strong tongue with barbs capable of grabbing and crushing individuals caught by it not wearing proper protection.

The creature was kept in a special, reinforced section of the Labratory to prevent it from burrowing out and indications show several scientists having been completely mauled by the creature. It appears to be no more intelligent than a normal Mole Rat as it attacks on sight.

Corona Cazador Hands of Destruction

A powerful Bio-Weapon developed by the HoD, the Corona Cazador is a huge Cazador Queen that had nested in a cave that is revealed to have been the hiding place for an ex-HoD Scientist. The Corona Cazador not only posesses the numerous capabilities of a normal Cazador but also features of the Bloatfly and Giant Fire Ant such as acidic projectiles and fire breath. In addition the scales on its wings are so flammable that when the player encounters it, the creature traps the player in a ring of fire.

The creature appears to have been brought in from the Mojave Wasteland and has adapted surprisingly well to the Alaskan climate, in addition it appears to have set up a nest for breeding however with a male it cannot reproduce, luckily.

Floater-2 Hands of Destruction

The player's search for the HQ of the HoD leads them to its main holding facility for experiments. At the end the player encounters a most ghastly creature, what appears to be a very long worm with a huge large gaping maw, the creature appears to be one of the few remaining specimens of an extinct experiment performed by the Master alongside Super Mutants and Centaurs.

The creature appears to have large spikes that it uses to attach itself to walls, in addition it appears to have been mutated to gain the ability to turn invisible when threatened as well as spit a powerful acid.

The Judge Hands of Destruction

The player's initial ally but now enemy, the Judge had mocked the player up to this point telling them that unity under a common rule will never be achieved as long as human hatred for differences exists. He states that it is through Power and Conquest that one can rule over all. He then injects himself with a potent dose of FEV-4 Virus and dives into a container of FEV-3 Virus.

The resulting monstrosity is a large hulking humanoid individual with no fingers or toes and a relatively small head in relation to his body. In addition, The Judge's clothes and hair all burn off and his left eye seems to have rolled over in its socket. Furthermore he has six large spikes jutting out of his spine. While initially capable of speech, the mutated Judge quickly descends into madness and instinctive behaviour.

Rex Hands of Destruction

A giant heavily mutated Deathclaw, Rex stands a massive 32 feet tall. In addition to its sheer size it has also mutated an additional pair of arms on its lower torso that are only about half the size of its original two. In addition its eyes have sunk into its skull and its teeth are visible naturally. Rex's horns extend above his head each being twice as long as the player, Rex also has more distinct spikes along his back that appear to glow in the dark.

His tail has become heavily plated and has spikes jutting out of the end like a mace, its legs have also changed shape with its ankle being higher up, additionally having grown a fourth toe on the end of its heel.

Taedium Hands of Destruciton

A creature of unspeakable horror, used by the Hands of Destruction to protect on of the four main Power Generators around their Cloaking Device, Taedium is a grotesque monster, a fusion of man and beast in a mass of oozing flesh with what can only be described by some as screams of agony heard alerting them of its presence. No one knows for sure what Taedium is, whether it was once a human or an animal or whether it was something much more sinister.

The player fights Taedium as it has a neural link with the perimeter of the Power Generator and knows when something is in its territory, acting swiftly and stealthfully it approaches its prey until it is too late for them to flee. Nothing has ever seen Taedium clearly, it is an expert at utilizing camouflage similar to that of a Stealth Boy possibly indicating a component of its mutation.

Apparatus Hands of Destruction

Apparatus guards one of the four main Power Generators to the Cloaking Device of the Hands of Destruction. It is a massive Automaton made to completely surround the complex. Not only is getting to its core a challenge as it is able to use its body for traps and ambushes but in addition its core directly guards the Power Generator itself acting as a shield.

When the player enters Apparatus, they find a twisted vertical maze of sentries, guard robots and crushing mechanisms. Even when the player is confronted with the seemingly indestructible core, Apparatus defends the core with its most powerful Sentry Bots and Turrets.

Praemium Hands of Destruction

A Cyborg, one of the first truly modern cyborgs, Praemium was a single Raider who through the manipulation of his mind and body became more powerful than 3 Super Mutant Behemoths (as indicated by the bodies of said Super Mutant Behemoths that litter his room) and utilized incredibly sophisticated technology. Forced to guard one of the primary Power Generators for the Hands of Destruction's Cloaking Device he is extremely hostile.

Praemium seems to have an unspecified drug called X-41 pumped into his system suspending his sight making him constantly hallucinate. In one of the several methods of defeating him, it is revealed that Praemium had become so reliant on the drug that the second it is removed from him, he dies.

Pati Hands of Destruction

While the other three protectors of the Main Power Plants of the Cloaking Device for the Hands of Destruction were primarily changed through physical manipulation, Pati, possibly one of the most disturbed individuals in the entire world was affected psychologically.

Pati was born into the Hands of Destruction, through her youth, she and her 7 siblings lived under strict guidelines and were poorly looked after often being starved and/or over worked. In addition all 8 of them would visit a Psychiatrist every day who warped their minds, confusing their morality, humanity and decency. In addition the Psychiatrist implanted cryptic messages that when said would spark an unimaginable fury within the children creating uncontrollable rage and boosting the child's adrenaline 100x more than usual.

It was through these tests and corruption that Pati emerged the only living sibling of the original 8, it is clear however through audio logs of Pati's subconcious mind that she was her siblings' killer. According to the logs, one night the Hands of Destruction activated Pati's Insanity Word in her sleep, she immediately awoke in a fit of rage and as the doors to the room were sealed, the young girl tore away at her siblings until very little remained. Furthermore in an act of absolute indecency, the Hands of Destruction immediately drugged Pati into a temporary coma bringing her to the Power Plant.

Whenever someone enters the facility the speaker in the facility speaks the word and tells the intruder they have 38 seconds to live. Video footage shows Pati sprinting at several intruders, sometimes on all fours or even bursting through the vents to attack them.

Nuke 0 Hands of Destruction

After entering and surpassing the numerous guards and soldiers as well as traps in the HQ, the player reaches the bottom level where they expected to find the collective leaders of the Hands of Destruction, unfortunately in the time the player was shutting down the Power Plants, the Hands of Destruction activated a security system called Nuke 0 and escaped.

Nuke 0 is a massive computer powered by an undetonated Nuclear Missile. It posesses control over the nearly 200 turrets throughout the facility as well as having a small group of Sentry Bots. In addition Nuke 0 posesses a detachable body when its main body has been damaged enough, this smaller body levitates with Jet propulsion provided from the three Thermo-Nuclear cores inside the machine. Its arms are equipped with dual Laser Gatling Guns while its protected core is held within its head, faintly glowing through the folds in the metal.

Frode Azure Hand

The leader of the Azure Hand a smaller sub-group within the Hands of Destruction, Frode used his group to test Thermal devices capable of lower temperatures significantly. Their ultimate creation and his main weapon is the Thermo Nuke, a specialized missile capable of releasing sub-charges that cause mass temperature drop.

This has effected him however as his body was unable to properly maintain itself in the extreme cold and thus his limbs were amputated to allow blood to focus on flowing around his torso and head as well as him being equipped with essentially an oven to his torso to keep him warm.

It is revealed in his personal logs that Frode has Frigophobia and often stated how he feared using the Thermo Nuke would accidentally cause it to misfire freezing him to death. He also mentions how he feels like less of a man due to his cybernetic limb replacements.

Rufius Scarlet Hand

Rufius is the leader of the Scarlet Hand another sub-group within the Hands of Destruction. Rufius is an extremely well preserved intelligent ghoul, his body barely deteriorated after the war and this has made him one of the oldest living beings to this day as he is estimated of being about 368 years old. He is a war veteran from before the great war, during the great war and several territory wars after the great war. This has warped his mind allowing him to only see everything as a tactic in battle.

He also used the FEV-4 Virus to genetically change his structure allowing his muscles to  develop tremondously. This resulted in him becoming a threat for the rest of the Scarlet Hand and attached a special device to him that allows them to speak to him through a computer. He is several times larger than a Behemoth and seems to have been fitted with a huge Combat Knife on his left arm while his right arm appears to have a specially developed Power Fist on it, possibly for combat purposes.

Kalk Emerald Hand

Kalk is a ruthless individual and leader of the Emerald Hand, the fourth sub-group of the Hands of Destruction the player meets. Kalk was originally a slave trader and known to be one of the most dangerous individuals in the Alaskan Wilds until he mysteriously disappeared 19 years ago. Kalk had united 21 Raider Groups under a single name, The Constrictors, an old faction that would use sheer numbers to overwhelm and choke out settlers to join their cause or die.

Kalk gained the nickname, "The Snow Boa" over time and when he disappeared his presence and his army seemed to just fade away overnight, in the time the Alaskan Wilds took to rebuild however, Kalk had joined the Hands of Destruction and with his massive army they were able to quickly overwhelm the CAF in their early years and get a strong hold.

Kalk believes in tribal methods and every old member of The Constrictors has a symbol that signifies their membership. It is estimated that at their peak, 1 in every 12 Wastelanders in the Alaskan Wilds were a Constrictor.

Baise Opal Hand

Baise originally was one of the most recognized and beloved inidividuals in not only the Alaskan Wilds but also the Chinese Swamplands, she provided both sides with supplies when needed and controlled the largest Cargo Ship that was still active, the Nettle. Baise however supposedly went missing at sea 26 years ago and when wreckage from her ship turned up, people assumed that she and the cargo ship had long since been lost to the ocean.

Baise had in fact planned for the false destruction of the ship and deliberately had grown the market to make it impossible for anyone else to make travels from Alaska to China thus severing the trade lines between the two when her ship disappeared. Baise has an Oceanic Platform in the middle of the North Pacific that she uses to attack vessels who wander close enough.

She had joined the Hands of Destruction a few years before the incident and she became the main connection point between the US Division of the Hands of Destruction and the Asian Division.

Argor Glowing Hand

Argor used to be a well respected Intelligent Ghoul in the Alaskan Wilds, praised for his Pre-War knowledge on medicine and the human anatomy, Argor was one of the pioneers of the return of modern medicine to the post-apocalyptic world. For years he had worked to help people who were injured, infected or irradiated in whatever way he could. His motto, one still heard through the Alaskan Wilds "Help all who ask, Heal all who ail" seems now only a distant echo of his former self.

Argor has become an infamous monster in the last couple of decades as he has used his knowledge of human anatomy to create Frankenstein Monsters out of the body parts of Humans, Animals, Super Mutants and fellow Ghouls. He has been disgraced by his colleagues and called out for going as far as using himself as a test subject for surgical experimentation with the FEV Virus.

When encountered, Argor has mutated himself with the FEV Virus and surgically altered his body, attaching limbs, organs and other features to himself in an attempt to buy himself time to destroy his work. This ends up corrupting his mind however, leaving him to be more like the animals he operated on than his Ghoul-self.

Zoo Hands of Destruction

A massive conglomerate of data, Zoo is a giant robot built by the Hands of Destruction with the main objective of destroying opposing forces. During the battle for Vault 2 the player faces off against Zoo with the entire group of Vault 2 and assistant from the NCR, CAF, RCO, APF & NUT (assuming the player helped them).

Zoo was built with the intention of being able to combat any entity and was briefly seen prior, killing an Orcant with a few precision shots. Zoo is armed with Laser Gatling Guns, Rocket Launchers, Energy Absorbing Shields & a special weapon known as "The Cloud". This special weapon is an area of effect bomb that chokes anyone who stays within it, the gas not only makes it impossible to attack but also slowly kills those who stay in it.

Paal Hands of Destruction

One of the three heads of the Hands of Destruction leaders, Paal had spent his whole life as part of the Hands of Destruction being brainwashed with propoganda and trained to become and elite soldier for the Hands of Destruction. Paal displays extremely high levels of Acrobatics, Gunplay & Swordplay and has had his skills further enhanced by the armour he wears.

Paal was surgically combined with his suit, the Ground Zero a special Radiation resistant, combat armour giving him strength even greater than Power Armour. He is said to be less man than machine nowadays as further implants have enhanced his Knowledge, Memory & Detective skills.

Tat Hands of Destruction

Paal's father and the most commonly seen head of the Hands of Destruction, Tat is a relentless, unemotional monster of a man. He was previously known as Tat, the Enslaver and worked with the Khans & Slave Train in the past and was known for his unjust cruelty towards humans. Tat had later become a Super Mutant however like a rare few, he didn't become a hulking mass of Greenish-Yellow, instead Tat's skin appears fractured and he, himself has retained much of his former intelligence.

As a Super Mutant, Tat obsessed over the potential of the FEV Virus and experimented with all sorts of Animals and Humans. When faced against the player, Tat takes no chances of letting the player quickly end him as he injects himself with a special FEV-4 Virus sample that contained the DNA of Mirelurks & Orcants, massively increasing his size as well as making him heavily armoured and in addition gives him additional physical weapons.

Xtaabay Hands of Destruction

Xtaabay is an extremely old human, incredibly one of the few individuals still alive from before the war and one of the even fewer alive who are human. Xtaabay was merely a child when the bombs fell, Xtaabay however wasn't in a Vault, or preparing to die with his parents. He instead was locked away deep inside a laboratory being tested on, his genes held most of the dominant human genes and made his DNA easier to manipulate, this resulted in a special virus that has yet to be replicated called the Genesis Virus. The Virus had granted him immortality at the cost of his body continuing to age.

Xtaabay in his early 30s however had continued the progress of these scientists and created a newer version of the Genesis Virus by combining it with the FEV Virus, creating the GEV Virus. This halted his aging process and enhanced his Strength, Intelligence and Agility considerably. Xtaabay would later become known as The First WandererThe Warrior King The Ace Shooter. It was during this time however that Xtaabay began showing signs of emotionless hatred. Calling Ghouls, Men and Super Mutants, lessers he was considered a radical and a mad man. However Xtaabay created one of the first Factions in the Wasteland, one that would hide in secrecy below all other factions but control the strings from behind the scenes, The Hands of Destruction.

Xtaabay made it his goal to downfall those who had wronged him in the past by using their very own against said Factions. Xtaabay eventually grew the Hands of Destruction into the only Global force on the planet and was behind the cause of several key events in the American Wasteland's history. After seeing those who threw him out fall to changing times, Xtaabay changed his focus to create a curse on the American Wasteland, by recreating the original Genesis Virus, Xtaabay aimed to have the Wasteland decay in the most horrible way possible. However due to his body's corruption with the GEV Virus, Xtaabay was unable to extract the Genesis Virus and began working with the numerous strands of the FEV Virus in an attempt to match the one in his GEV Virus.

When the player finds Xtaabay, his goal is in reach as he has found the correct sequence to extract the Genesis Virus out of the GEV Virus. His progress is halted and stopped however, by the player who fights Xtaabay. Xtaabay utilized his time with the FEV Virus to create a small group of Super Mutant Behemoths to aid him in his battle, but also created a giant suit of Power Armour about the same size as said Behemoths to protect himself. The player however ruins everything Xtaabay had hoped for and during his final moments he realizes that his rage blinded him of his fear of death and that he could've simply killed himself to end the suffering all those years ago. Xtaabay, in his final breaths gives the player the sequence to the Genesis Virus, presenting the player with several choices on how to deal with it.

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