Boss Name Description
Legendary Enemies

Across the Alaskan Wilds, some enemies may be revealed to be Legendary, this means that they posess a special gene that not only makes them more powerful than their counterparts but also allows them to regenerate some of their health in a pinch. Legendary Enemies carry Special Armour and Weapons that have added bonuses.

Any enemy can be Legendary however it is not revealed to be Legendary until it regenerates its health.


A huge fish that lurks along the cold oceanside of West Alaska, Basch is one of the few living mutated fish and extremely dangerous for fishermen and others who use those waters. It has sunk over 30 boats and forced people to look elsewhere when fishing for food.

Basch uses the various objects it's picked up on its back over the decades to make itself look like a shipwreck, scavengers who come to investigate the "shipwreck" are greeted with the jaws of death this creature posesses.


A Super Mutant whose mind was heavily distorted by a mysterious piece of alien technology, Claw is easily distinguishable from other Super Mutants due to two factors; his bleach-white skin and a giant chainsaw he's attached to his right arm for attacking.

Claw appears to have created the Chainsaw himself by repurposing the wheels of a tank and converting the treads into the blade of the chainsaw with various chunks of metal. He appears to have a generator of some sort strapped to his back to provide power for the chainsaw when he needs it.

Claw can sometimes be found roaming the Forests near Biosphere Epsilon


A massive mutant Mole Rat that burrows all around the Alaskan Wilds, Digger is a menace to everyone and is considered the biggest pest of all time. She is always found in underground Mines and Caves and is often guarded by a lot of Mole Rats, although she is a large problem for most people she doesn't inhabit caves that are infested with other animals.

She is territorial although won't leave the underground, it is believed this is because she is extremely sensitive to light and some people have found that blinding her with Flashbangs is often the most effective way of scaring her off, although no one has actually killed her, thus she is still a menace.


One of the few, albeit mutated horses in the Alaskan Wilds, Pelagor had fused with its human rider during the initial blast. The human brain was fused and Pelagor became intelligent enough to be capable to speak. In addition the creature has adapted its human limbs to use as weapons.

Tiny A very large Raider who is distinguishable from her colleagues due to both her size, being nearly as tall as a Super Mutant and also her unique clothing which is partly made from the bones of those she's killed. Tiny wield a small tree trunk with spikes protruding out of it which she uses to bash her foes into the air.
Big Al Originally manufactured as a Toy Store Helper Robot, Big Al was a giant Robotic Chicken who was equipped with an arm that dispursed toys to children. After the Great War however, Big Al malfunctioned and the firing power behind the toys was disabled making every shot surprisingly painful. Big Al has patrolled his Toy Store mistaking wanderers and others for children and shoots them down with his toys.
Melchior A large serpent that during the great war had been kept as a pet, Melchior is very territorial and uses its tail which had large pieces of debris flung into after the war as a club to crush its enemies. Melchior has the ability to scale any of the buildings it guards making escape extremely difficult if not impossible.
Ventveil A name given to this giant Peacock by members of the N.U.T. who live in the areas that it ravages. A giant flying thousand tail-feathered bird. Ventveil has beautiful colours but its giant talons, blade sharp feathers and power suit crushing beak make it incredibly dangerous. Multiple attempts have been made on the creature to kill it however have been with varying levels, unsuccessful.
Tija A lonely Super Mutant who was exiled from his fellow Super Mutants due to his vile experiments, although not necessary to fight, Tija can be fought. Tija is different from other Super Mutants due to a large boulder he lugs around, attached to his left arm, some characters can convince Tija to help them free Tija who will come aid the player if they're being attacked while in his territory.
Metal Overlord, Lord of Robots An insane man who's held up in a fortress he and his robots built. Protected by a variety of robots, Metal Overlord claims to be a comic supervillain brought to life and will use the Junk Jet to fight the player which the player can acquire from him after being beaten. He is also defended by two levelled Sentry Bots.
Tenderside A giant Mole Rat, Tenderside got its name from its right side of its body being heavily burned from an unknown event leaving it vulnerable. The Mole Rat is nearly invulnerable to Energy Weapons on the other parts of its body and heavily resistant to Ballistic Attacks.
Archer Leader of an Elite gang of Raiders, Archer wanders the Alaskan Wasteland using his smooth voice to lure his victims to come help him "resuce his partner" from a nearby cave. Unbeknownst to those that travel with him, the trap that lays before them is especially brutal as Archer and his goons have powerful plasma weapons and sometimes even Gauss Rifles.
Den Mother The Feral albeit surprisingly intelligent Ghoul has gathered a large commanding of Ghouls to follow her and attack with surprise and without warning. The Den Mother tends to be protected by her subjects being surrounded in a large circle and won't attack until every last one of her subjects is killed. She is surprisingly powerful, having has a pair of Rippers attached to her arms and wearing some Combat Armour for added protection.
Nukaah A mutant Dog that had been locked near a large supply of Nuka Cola Quantum, the beast after escaping its chains relied on the Quantum for drinkable water and became heavily irradiated. The creature is now nearly eight feet tall and glows an ominous blue at night and faintly during the day. Its fangs drip an incredibly acidic substance likely a combination of the Nuka Cola Quantum and its own Radioactive Saliva.

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