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Plasma Basis Guns
Helium Microfusion Cells
  • Plasma Pistol
  • Plasma Light Machine Gun
  • Helium Plasma Launcher
  • Pulse Pistol
  • Arc Welder
Neon Microfusion Cells
  • Plasma Rapid-Fire Pistol
  • Plasma Rifle
  • Plasma Heavy Machine Gun
  • Neon Plasma Mingun
  • Pulse Sub-Machine Gun
Argon Microfusion Cells
  • Plasma Rapid-Fire Rifle
  • Laser Pistol
  • Argon Laser Minigun
  • Tri-Beam Laser Rifle
  • Pulse Assault Rifle
Krypton Microfusion Cells
  • Plasma Heavy Pistol
  • Turbo Plasma Rifle
  • Krypton Plasma Minigun
  • Tri-Beam Plasma Rifle
  • Pulse Machine Gun
  • Incinerator
Xenon Microfusion Cells
  • Plasma Heavy Rifle
  • Laser Rapid-Fire Pistol
  • Laser Light Machine Gun
  • Xenon Laser Minigun
  • Hex-Beam Laser Rifle
  • Pulse Heavy Rifle
Radon Microfusion Cells
  • Laser Heavy Pistol
  • Laser Heavy Machine Gun
  • Radon Plasma Launcher
  • Hex-Beam Plasma Rifle
  • Pulse Cannon
  • Disintegrator Cannon
  • Recharger Pistol
  • Recharger Sub-Machine Gun
  • Recharger Assault Rifle
  • Recharger Machine Gun
  • Recharger Heavy Rifle
  • Recharger Cannon

There are 7 Types of Energy Weapons in the Games based on the Ammo Type; Helium, Neon, Argon, Krypton, Xenon, Radon & No Ammo. Each weapon uses the same components however the energy converter determines what sort of ammo and weapon it is. The weapons include Pistols, Sub-Machine Guns, Machine Guns, Assault Rifles, Heavy Rifles, Cannons & Miniguns.

Energy Weapon Pieces

Feature Equipment
Damage Energy Preservation Barrel
Accuracy Scope
Fire Rate Firing Mechanism
Reload/Recharge Rate Energy Converter Slot/Recharger Mechanism
Energy Consumption Ammo Machinery
Recoil Grip

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