Enemy Types
Black Yao GuaiBlack Yao Guai Brown Yao GuaiBrown Yao Juren Polar Yao GuaiPolar Yao Kongju Stabber Radciervo Charger Radciervo
Fourteen Footer Radciervo Twenty Footer Radciervo Micro Radbat Radbat Intelligent Radbat
Quad-Wing Radbat Black Mutant Taureau White Mutant Taureau Insane Mutant Taureau RadroachRadroach
Black Shell RadroachBlack Shell Radroach Toxic RadroachToxic Radroach Mole Rat Fallout 4Mole Rat Mole Rat Brood Mother Fallout 4Mole Rat Brood Mother Toxic Mole Rat Fallout 4Toxic Mole Rat
Searad Lion Blue Skinned Searad Lion Blubbery Searad Lion Alpha Male Searad Lion Beach Giant Orcant
Teethed Mouth Orcant Water Spouter Orcant Brown Mowl Black Mowl Raptor Mowl
Nighthunter Mowl Ostrich Radgle Blue-Tail Radgle Synth Radgle Mirelurk Fallout 4Mirelurk
Mirelurk Hunter Fallout 4Mirelurk Hunter Mirelurk KingMirelurk King Deep Mirelurk King Stomping Mirelurk King Croaking Mirelurk King
Acidic Mirelurk King Frostlurk Fallout 5Frostlurk Albino Mirelurk Fallout 5Albino Mirelurk Mirelurk QueenMirelurk Queen BloodbugBloodbug
Vicious BloodbugVicious Bloodbug Toxic BloodbugToxic Bloodbug Red Wing BloodbugRed Wing Bloodbug Radfox Pup Radfox
Grey Radfox Alpha Radfox Mother Radfox MongrelMongrel Vicious MongrelVicious Mongrel
Savage MongrelSavage Mongrel Bloodthirsty MongrelBloodthirsty Mongrel Alpha MongrelAlpha Mongrel Mutant HoundMutant Hound Grizzly Mutant HoundGrizzly Mutant Hound
Horned Mutant HoundHorned Mutant Hound Rage Mutant HoundRage Mutant Hound Pack Leader Mutant HoundPack Leader Mutant Hound Mutaleech Giant Mutaleech
Silver Mutaleech Mutaleech Queen Giant Ant WorkerGiant Ant Worker Giant Ant SoldierGiant Ant Soldier Giant Ant QueenGiant Ant Queen
Giant Fire Ant WorkerGiant Fire Ant Worker Giant Fire Ant SoldierGiant Fire Ant Soldier Giant Fire Ant QueenGiant Fire Ant Queen Giant Albino Ant WorkerGiant Albino Ant Worker Giant Albino Ant SoldierGiant Albino Ant Soldier
Giant Albino Ant QueenGiant Albino Ant Queen Bloatfly Fallout 4Bloatfly Diseased Bloatfly Fallout 5Diseased Bloatfly Coyote PupCoyote Pup CoyoteCoyote
Alpha CoyoteAlpha Coyote Lone CoyoteLone Coyote Coyote Den MotherCoyote Den Mother Giant Sewer RatGiant Sewer Rat Giant Albino RatGiant Albino Rat
Giant Bald Rat Giant Diseased RatGiant Diseased Rat Bark ScorpionBark Scorpion Small RadscorpionSmall Radscorpion RadscorpionRadscorpion
Frost RadscorpionFrost Radscorpion RadscorpionGiant Radscorpion Albino RadscorpionAlbino Radscorpion Radscorpion QueenRadscorpion Queen Martle
Spiked Martle Water Spitter Martle Island Martle Giant Martle Swamp Martle

Sub-Enemy Types

Enemy Base Sub-Enemy Types
Yao Guai Young Stunted Razor Glowing Beastly
Radciervo Calf Solo Horn Armoured Glowing Bony
Radbat Baby Fruit Blind Glow Eyed Mega
Taureau Calf Tusked Quad Horned Glowing Charging
Radroach Small Razor Wing Big Glowing Flying
Mole Rat Baby Child Long Teeth Glow Eyed Digger
Searad Lion Pup Spike Backed Rolling Glowing Frozen Tusks
Orcant Calf Lock Jawed Chameleon Glowing Steam Breather
Mowl Chick Youngling Swooper Glow Eyed Razor Winged
Radgle Chick Youngling Swooper Glow Eyed Razor Winged
Mirelurk Juvenile Softshell Razorclaw Glowing Killclaw
Mirelurk Hunter Juvenile Clubber Spearer Glowing Giga Claw
Mirelurk King Long Tailed Long Clawed Darter Glowing Tesla
Frostlurk Juvenile Softshell Cannonshell Soot Tesla
Mirelurk Queen Young Bomb Fisted Spidercrab Speckled Tesla
Bloodbug Hatchling Infected Dust Wing Glowing Vampiric
Radfox Furless Stunted Heavy Teethed Glowing Heavy Fur
Mongrel Furless Stunted Heavy Teethed Glowing Heavy Fur
Mutant Hound Pup Stunted Lesion Spewer Bone Back
Mutaleech Small Red Back Toxic Spewer Giant Razor Grinder
Giant Ant Young Metal Back Spike Shooter Glowing Winged
Bloatfly Young Sharp Claw Shelled Glowing Razor Flyer
Coyote Furless Stunted Heavy Teethed Glowing Heavy Fur
Giant Rat Baby Stunted Razor Teethed Glow Eyed Heavy Clawed
Radscorpion Softclaw Stalker Predator Glowing Hunter
Martle Softshell Crack Shell Spike Shell Glowing Water Jet

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