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Fallen Forest
Fallen Forest
Author Jake
Genre(s) Post-apocalyptic

Fallen Forest is a sci-fi, dystopian fan fiction based upon the Animal Crossing series, written by Jake. Like with the other fan fictions in the "Canon Eclipse" series, Fallen Forest brings a darker side upon the Animal Crossing series. It was heavily inspired by the badly-rated title Anamal Crossing Dymension Town.


  • Chevre, the main protagonist of the series. She moves to the town of Kurai in order to get a new start.
  • Sven, Chevre's wise old grandfather. He plays a big part in Chevre's character growth.
  • Nibbles, a peppy squirrel who quickly befriends Chevre.
  • Bruce, Chevre's cranky neighbour.
  • Apollo, Chevre's former neighbour and friend.


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