Fall Orb is a Optional boss that appears in the game, Mario & Luigi, Wario & Waluigi : The Chaos, it is classified as a Orange Orb that has orange leafs textured on it, it is the orb of the season, Fall, defeating it would unlock Wario

M&L,W&W : The Chaos

It appears as a 3rd Optional boss in this game, it appears at the entrance of the boss fight, If mario talks to it, it will come to life and attack him, thus triggering the boss fight, in this boss fight, it attacks by shooting lots of leafs at the Mario brothers, if they are attacked by the leaf, it will sometimes have the chance to turn Mario/Luigi into scarecrows, it will attack the mario brothers again by ramming them (like the Chaos Orb), it depicts having 150 HP, 10 Defense, 150 SP, 4 Speed, after being defeated, wario is unlocked, these Optional Bosses can be replayed again if their defeated, it sells some items which are : Fall Staff, Fall Armour, Fall Staff, Fall Hood


It looks like a orange orb textured with orange leafs on it, it has dark orange glowing eyes


  • It is almost a cousin to the Chaos orb because it is a orb with evil eyes
  • some people might think it is the god of Fall
  • like the Chaos orb, it dosen't talk
  • like some enemys that turns them into scarecrows, it uses a spell
  • it is unkown where it originally came from, however the Manual for the game depicts it made by priests in Fall
  • Originally, it was swapped with Big Dry Guy in the beta version, in the final, it was reswapped with Big Dry Guy due to making this hard.

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