Falco Lombardi
250px-Falco SSB4
SSB Star Fox Series
Availability Unlockable
Series Star Fox
First Appearance Star Fox (1993)
Home Stage Corneria
Final Smash Arwing Assault


Falco Lombardi is a member of the Star Fox Team and is the best pilot the team has to offer. He is raptor (bird of prey) with blue feathers. He is a staple in the series appearing in every title since Star Fox.

Falco was a member of various space gangs, including the Hot Rodders (along with good friend Katt Monroe) and was the head of another gang, named Free as a Bird. He later left his gang to help form the second Star Fox team on an invitation from an old friend of his, Fox McCloud. Being the ace pilot of the team, his flight skills are unmatched. He is a great fighter and asset to the team. He hails from the planet Corneria where he attended military academy with Fox and Bill Grey. While originally piloting an Arwing, in Star Fox Command his Arwing is personalized as the Sky Claw.
Source: Star Fox Wiki


- : Dual Blaster - Fires his dual Blasters. Unlike Fox's variant, it is slow, but can make the opponent flinch and is slightly more powerful. The Blaster fires slightly faster in the air, although this speed increase is negligible. Due to the lasers' low fixed knockback, any floored opponent will be jab reset if hit by one. (5%)

> : Falco Phantasm-  Dashes forward at a blinding speed, leaving behind afterimages. Unlike Fox Illusion, Falco Phantasm will launch airborne opponents straight downward on contact, and it has 2 less startup. On grounded opponents, it sends them upwards with favorable force to combo into a back aerial. (7% (ground), 6% (airborne opponents when used in air))

^ : Thunder Bird -  Cloaks himself in lightning and suddenly fires himself in any direction, depending on what direction is held. The attack hits multiple times. It also travels a shorter distance than Fox's Fire Fox. (2% (charging loop), 3% (launch hit 1), 2% (launch hits 2-8), 2% (launch hit 9))

v : Reflector Kick -  Activates his Reflector and kicks it away from him, reflecting any projectiles and shocking any enemies it comes in contact with. It then returns to him as if magnetized. The move can be used as a poking tool that trips low damaged opponents and can start combos. (5% (Reflector), 1.2x (reflection))

F : Arwing Assault -  TBA (TBA)

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