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Falco Lombardi
Falco SSBUltimate
Falco Lombardi, the Ace Pilot of Team Star Fox.
Current Age 28*
Gender Male
Location Corneria
Height 175cm*
Weight 51kg*
First Appearance Star Fox (1990)

Falco Lombardi (ファルコ・ランバルディ, Faruko Ranbarudi), originally Falco Lambardi[1], is an anthropomorphic member of an avian race and ace pilot of the Star Fox team. He is also a good friend and friendly rival to Fox McCloud. Falco has appeared alongside his wingmates in every Star Fox game to date, and usually retains his brash, cool, and collected behavior. Although the ace pilot, Falco is sometimes caught in situations in which he cannot escape, and must rely on Fox for assistance. Since Star Fox 64, Falco has starred in his own manga, which centers on events happening between Star Fox 64 and Star Fox Adventures.


Falco was born in 19 BLW. His homeworld is probably Corneria but due to a comment he made on Zoness, he may have spent some of his lifetime there. He probably enlisted in the Cornerian Flight Academy, but dropped out and became a rogue pilot. Not much is known after that, but it could be that his life before was filled with recklessness and adventure. He then formed the Hot Rodders with him as leader. He led them for a couple years, until he was asked to join team Star Fox, where he agreed, although his joining the Star Fox team may have been the result of a falling out between him and his partner, Katt Monroe in regards to irritation about always having to save her that also resulted in him quitting the gang. He had made friends with the leader Fox and was involved in numerous missions.


All-Star Heroes

Falco is a playable character in All-Star Heroes.

Super Smash Bros. Adventure

Falco will become a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Adventure. He will be Pikachu's sidekick, and will assist him in finding the Yellow Gem, which is one of the Essence Gems. Falco will have superb jumping skills, just like many of his previous appearances. He will also be playable in the Classic Mode of Super Smash Bros. Adventure.

Star Fox: Unite

Although Falco serves as one of the main protagonists in Star Fox: Unite, he doesn't appear as a playable character until the end of the game, during the boss battle with Andross due to his absence from the team.

Ice Climber 2

In Ice Climber 2, players can scan the Fox amiibo to race both Fox McCloud and Falco.

Star Fox: High School Days

You have to try and befriend him as one of your 3 future Star Fox members. Falco is a Goth kid and the more you talk to him the more he reveals himself as a classmate. He is 16-years-old in game and he is the oldest classmate you can meet. He is quite mysterious and he is the most mature of the classmates. He is required to be met and he will be like a Gothic Senpai who hates the idea of killing classmates. He loves to sing a lot and he rather sing than kill. Falco eventually became famous and dropped the Goth demeanor and became more cocky. He is more sarcastic because of all the fame he got. He has a depressing backstory. He is into Username:666 and the Slenderman.


An amiibo figure of Falco Lombardi exists! For more info about this amiibo, see this page.
Amiibo Falco


  • In Farewell, Beloved Falco, Falco reveals to Katt that he has never been nor will he ever be interested in a relationship, and that he and Katt will never be in love or be a couple. Of course this could be a sign of denial on his part, but it remains uncertain.
  • Katt jests that she and Falco have known each other scince kindergarten in the Star Fox 64 manga, and that Falco didn't have the very best behaviour.
  • If there is any mutual affection between Katt and Falco, it is notable as the only example of interspecies romance thus far in the series.
  • Falco is notably the only post-James era Star Fox Member who had ever gotten into a dogfight against Fox (albeit in Farewell, Beloved Falco), and the only of the post-James era Star Fox member to actually dogfight one of their own teammates.
  • In the final panel in "Goodbye, Fox", Falco is wearing boots identical to the ones worn by Captain Falcon. This is a reference to the F-Zero series.
  • In Assault, his preferred weapon is the Homing Launcher.
  • Falco is one of very few characters in the series who never wears gloves.
  • With 123 quotes, Falco is the second most talkative character in Star Fox 64 behind Peppy. The 3DS release added seven new ones.
  • Falco is currently the only member of team Star Fox without any known relatives, hence why he keeps his past life secret and is hinted to find the Star Fox team his family.



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