The Ace Pilot
Universe StarFoxSymbolStar fox
Other Super Smash Bros. Appearances SSBM/SSBB/SSB4
Recent Game 3DS Star Fox 64 3D
Availability Starter
Final Smash Landmaster/Arwing

Falco makes his fourth appearance as a playable character to the Super Smash Bros. franchise in Super 5mash Bros. 5. Falco is the ace pilot of the Star Fox team though he is largely seen as being a bit more trigger happy compared to the rest of the squad; putting him at odds with the leader, Fox. Regardless, he is a dependable pilot and will always back up his team.

Changes from SSB4


Special Custom Set A

Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Blaster 3% Falco fires his blaster. Unlike Fox's Blaster, it is slow but can stun the opponent. The lasers lose power as they travel.
Custom 1 Explosive Blaster 1% (hits 1-4), 2% (hit 5) Falco fires a shot that slows down as it travels and explodes right before it stops. It pushes opponents while traveling.
Custom 2 Burst Blaster 2% (early) or 1% (late) Falco fires more rapid shots, but with less power and range.
Side Special Falco Phantasm 7% (grounded opponents), 6% (airborne opponents) Falco becomes invisible and suddenly dashes through opponents, leaving behind after-images. Unlike Fox Illusion, Falco Phantasm will launch airborne opponents straight downwards on contact.
Custom 1 Falco Phase 0% Falco is intangible for the duration of the move, but cannot hit opponents either.
Custom 2 Falco Charge 4% (early), 12% (clean), 4% (late) A shorter dash that hits much harder at the beginning of the move.
Up Special Fire Bird 2% (charging hits 1-7), 3% (dash hit 1), 2% (dash hits 2-8), 2% (dash hit 9) Falco charges up and suddenly fires himself in one of eight directions, depending on what direction is held. The attack hits multiple times.
Custom 1 Fast Fire Bird 2% Falco instantly fires himself in one of eight directions, but travels a shorter distance.
Custom 2 Distant Fire Bird 8% (initial hit), 2% (loop hits) Falco charges up for a longer period of time, but travels further. The initial part of the attack launches opponents while the rest of the attack hits opponents multiple times, dealing weak knockback and can't link hits very well.
Down Special Reflector 5% (reflector), 1.2x damage for reflected projectiles Falco activates his Reflector and kicks it away from him, reflecting any projectiles and shocking any enemies it comes in contact with. It then returns to him as if magnetized.
Custom 1 Accele-Reflector 2% (reflector), 1x damage for reflected projectiles It can only reflect projectiles while moving forwards, but increases the speed of the reflected shots which deal the same damage as before.
Custom 2 Reflector Void 9% (reflector), 0.7x damage for reflected projectiles Will nullify most projectiles instead of reflecting them, but deals more damage on contact. Reflected projectiles deal less damage than before.

Special Custom Set B

Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Rocket Launcher 14% (start up), 8% (end) Falco fires a rocket that he can guide much like Snake's Side Special from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. He can control the movement of the rocket. It slows down the further/longer it travels and will deal less damage. Falco is vulnerable to being attacked.
Custom 1 High Speed Rocket 9% (close), 18% (far) It has significant lag but will fire off at high speeds. It does more damage the further it travels as it gains more speed. Once it reaches a certain length, it will explode.
Custom 2 Homing Rocket 12% (close), 6% (far) It will home onto the closest opponent and then explode when it makes contact. It has a strong homing ability but it can be confused with too many opponents in one area in which will cause it to explode prematurely.
Side Special Boosting Kick 12% (kick), 5% (fire) Falco boosts forward using his booster. The fire can deal damage behind Falco. It propels Falco forward in an arch and will causing him to descend back down; slamming his feel into an opponent. It can meteor aerial opponents. It has great horizontal trajectory.
Custom 1 Aerial Boosting Kick 10%, (kick), 7% (fire) Less horizontal trajectory but causes Falco to leap high into the air. He doesn't travel forward far. It deals slightly less damage with the kick.
Custom 2 Backwards Boosting Kick 12% (kick), 5% (fire) Deals the same amount but causes Falco to spin backwards will performing the kick. It has slightly longer start up lag but travels further.
Up Special Windmill Kick 2.2% (loop), 2.8 (seocnd loop, 3.4% (last loop) Falco performs a circular kick while flipping. The kick will do continuous damage and has an extended hitbox. Pressing the special button at the end of the animation slightly boosts Falco upwards for another kick which is stronger yet quicker. The player can perform the special button input yet again at the ending animation of the second kick to perform a final one which is more powerful than the other two but has ending lag. The attack will propel Falco upwards slightly with each input.
Custom 1 Dashing Windmill Kick 2.6% (loop), 3.3 (second loop, 3.7% (last loop) Falco dashes forward instead of upwards. The attack does slightly more damage and will push Falco slightly forward at a diagonal angle.
Custom 2 Soaring Windmill Kick 9% Falco launches high into the air and performs only one windmill kick. It will launch players that connects with it and has a wide hitbox.
Down Special EMP Pulse 7% (weakest), 12% (strongest) Falco releases an EMP pulse that is capable of disabling opponents to touch the area around Falco. Performing it causes it to set back to zero meaning that it will short circuit and can potentially damage disable Falco instead. Like Wario's down special, Wario Waft, it has a timed mechanic that causes it to be more powerful the longer it isn't used.
Custom 1 Quick EMP Pulse 4% It won't daze the opponent but will deal damage and flinching. It can be spammed without much problems.
Custom 2 EMP Blast 4% (weakest), 15% (strongest) Falco releases a much larger and stronger EMP blast but it has a longer charging time. It also does damage to Falco if the attack is spammed.

Final Smash

Name Damage Description
Final Smash 1 Landmaster Varies Falco summons his Landmaster. It has more air speed than Fox's, but does not last as long.
Final Smash 2 Arwing 14% (laser firing), 20% (Smart bomb) Much like Fox's Arwing Final Smash but, instead, it is centered in the cockpit much like Zero Suit Samus' Final Smash, Gunship. Falco can fire lasers at opponents or launch a smart bomb. It lasts for 12 seconds.


Italics means they have to be unlocked.

  • Kicks his reflector around and says "Piece of cake." before catching it. (Up)
  • Spins on one foot, then poses with one of his arms/wings before him, stating "Hands off my prey!" whilst doing so. (Right)
  • Holds out his blaster at an upward position and cocks it saying "You're toast, pal!" (Left)
  • Holds out his hand and slowly raises it, saying "Get some!" (Down)

Character Selection Screen

  • Falco slashes forward with his arm and says "Ready to launch!"
  • Falco unholsters his blaster and points it forward while saying "Bang, bang!"
  • Falco folds his arms and looks away while saying "Hah...*

On Screen Appearance

  • Falco ejects from his cockpit as the Arwing flies upside down.
  • Falco appears via teleportation.
  • Does a leap, tuck, and roll from the left while holding his blaster. He points it to the right and to the left and then holsters it.

Victory Animations

  • Dashes from the sky and poses on the ground.
  • Does rapid kicks and poses, saying "Had enough already?".
  • Crosses arms and looks away, saying "You aren't worth the trouble."
  • Tosses his blaster into the air and then catches it in his holster.
  • Falco smooths his head fathers back and says "Didn't even ruffle my feathers."
  • Falco takes his Reflector, throws it in the air, and catches it while saying "So long, pal."

Losing Animation

  • Falco looks forward while clapping his hands.
  • Falco holds his hand over his eyes while his head is pointed down.
  • Falco is breathing heavily while bent forward.

Victory Fanfare

A flourished remix of "Falco's Theme" from Star Fox Command.

Idle Poses

  • Slightly turns to the side
  • Moves hand in front of his face
  • Dusts off his pants.
  • Pats the blaster in its holster with his hand.


Falco's trophies can be earned by completing Classic Mode, Adventure Mode, All-Star Mode, and Boss Battle mode. In addition, further trophies can be found during matches and at the Trophy Shop.


Unlock: Classic Mode

Falco (Alt)

Unlock: Adventure Mode


Falco (Alt)

Unlock: Adventure Mode


Melee Fox

Unlock: Boss Battle


Adventures Falco

Unlock: Boss Battle


Falco (Reflector)

Unlock: Complete a Character Challenge


Falco (Rocket Launcher)

Unlock: Complete a character challenge


Falco (White)

Unlock: Complete a character challenge

Falco (Black)

Unlock: Complete a character challenge

Falco (Down)


Unlock: Match or Trophy Shop

Assault Falco

Unlock: Complete a Falco Character Challenge


Unlock: All Star Mode


Unlock: Unlock all Falco's trophies

Alternate Costumes


Color Title Color Notes Status
Default Blue Falco's default appearance. Starter
Orange Orange His orange pants resembles his appearance in Star Fox 64. Starter
Blue Blue --- Starter
Purple Red Resembles his Star Fox: Assault outfit. Starter
Green Greem --- Starter
Black Black His dark Star Fox costume. Starter
Cyan Cyan --- Starter
Pink Pink --- Starter
Red Red Resembles a Cardinal. Starter
White White Resembles a chick or dove. Starter
Melee Falco Blue Falco's Melee outfit. Locked
Adventures Falco Gray Outfit based off his appearance from Star Fox Adventures. Locked
Assault Falco Red Outfit based off his Star Fox: Assault model. Locked