Falco SSB3M

Falco Lombardi is ready to jump into the battle. And there is a reason if I said "jump" Falco is the best jumper in the game! He can also shoot using his blaster and protect with the Reflector. He is a Jumper character and his main element is Fire.

Special Moves

Standard Special: Blaster. Falco's blaster is slower than Fox one but Falco one is stronger. In fact, it inflicts 5% of damage.

Side Special: Falco Phantasm. Just like Fox Illusion

Up Special: Fire Falco. Just like Fire Fox

Down Special: Reflector. Just like Fox one.

Final Smash: Landmaster. Falco calls his Landmaster and then appears a reticle which sows where Falco will shot a strong single beam. Falco can shoot 12 beams in 25 seconds.

Unlock Criteria

Meet him in Story Mode or do the Classic Mode with Fox at Medium difficult with three lives without die.

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