Full Name Falc
Current Age 14
Date of Birth July 11 2000
Gender Boy
Species Peregrine Falcon
Location Near Sydney, Australia
Current Status Flying at the speed of light around <insert your name here>'s house
Class Warrior
Main Weapon(s) His extremely fast speed
Ability/ies Can fly at the speed of light
Vulnerable To Wind blowing in his way
Voice Actor(s)
First Appearance Falc-The Fastest Peregrine Falcon On Earth

Flac the Falcon, preferred to be called just Falc, is the main character and Protagonist of Falc-The Fastest Peregrine Falcon On Earth.


In 2000, 3 years before his creator, User:FennekinZ64 was born, in a laboratory in Sydney Australia, a young small Peregrine Falcon was locked up in a test chamber, about to be blasted with a SuperPower Ray. It malfunctioned and hit him twice, transporting him out of earth. It exploded, making they could never make him normal. In space, the young falcon mutated into a strange thing with 2 sets of wings and a super fast speed. He flew back to earth near his home and lived near Sydney since. Scientists have found him and trained him to fight evil with his speed. His best friend is Kiba, who has gone on adventures with him