Evil Fire Flower

Fake Fire Flower

The Fake Fire Flower is a Piranha Plant that looks like a Fire Flower. They have pointier leaves than Fire Flowers. In Super Mario Bros. Ultra they also got a little darker.


Super Mario Bros. Ultra (Beta)

In the beta? of Super Mario Bros. Ultra , the Fake Fire Flowers had their first appearance. They would be found accros the rainforest world on the ground to fool stupid players. Players would take damage when they'd hit one.

New Super Mario Bros. N

Fake Fire Flowers make their official debut in the New Super Mario Bros. Game,? New Super Mario Bros. N. In it, they came out of ? Blocks in Twinkledee Forest and later worlds. Touching them would hurt the player, and they would shoot fireballs after not being picked up in five seconds.

Mario Kart: Triple Trash!

The Fake Fire Flower burns a player and it can go 12 times and it is faster than a? Mushroom.

Super Mario Bros. Ultra

In Super Mario Bros. Ultra Fake Fire Flowers can be (rarely) found in ?-blocks and will shoot 3 small fireballs at a time at the player if released. Also the Fake Fire Flowers can be found in some of the rainforest world's maps spread over the ground, to fool players stupid enough to approach them.


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