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Fake Bowser did not originate from fanon, and more information can be found on their respective wiki(s). You may read more about it on the following wiki(s):

SM3DL False Bowser

A Fake Bowser is a Mario enemy disguised as Bowser (but sometimes with a spiked Tanooki tail, as shown in the thumbnail, and with a spiked weasel tail), or a clone of him. They appear in Super Mario Bros., Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars (under the name "Bowser Clones"), and Super Mario 3D Land.

New Super Mario Bros. 3

Mario has to fight seven Fake Bowsers (one in each castle) before he can reach the Faker's Castle and fight the real one. Hitting a False Bowser with fireballs or pressing the ! Switch reveals that they are really just common enemies disguised as their king with a spell (presumably put on them by Bowser and the Princess Faker). The enemies and their attributes are:


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