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Developer(s) GhoulGamesSmall
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Genre(s) Adventure
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of Japan December 18, 2012
25px-Flag of USA December 19, 2012
25px-Flag of Europe January 3, 2013
25px-Flag of Australia January 5, 2013
Single Player
Wi-Fi Co-Op
Age Rating(s)
Media Included Nintendo 3DS cartridge

Faitingu: Strengths is a video game for the Nintendo 3DS and the sequel to the game Faitingu: Origins. The game is rated E10+ for it's more confusing plot that younger children will have a hard time confusing.


The game, like it's predessesor, is a free-roam game with missions needed to unlock new areas. The areas all have various "PokéFighters", who are rogue Pokémon who hate the nice ones. They tend to be racist, sexist and sometimes even known to take hostages.

The game, unlike the prequel, also takes place during a spiritual connection, where the main characters (mainly Julie and Lee) can connect with their ancestors during the Ancient Battle, a battle that formed how the PokÉarth (the Earth of the Pokémon) lives and is shaped today.

Plot (Present-Day)

One day, the evil villain Akuma Kodai and his henchman Krad Segno were terrorizing Pokémon in the region of Soko ni ue (also called "Over there") while his minion (who was cursed by him) Enorma Zeghn and his partner Orokana Honoo (who was also cursed) were terrorizing the region of Migi koko de (also called "Right here"). So the gang split up, with Lee and Julie going after Akuma and Krad, while Mokuzai, Guru and Sammy went after Enorma and Orokana.


When they got to Soko ni ue, Julie and Lee saw only mass destruction. Not anyone else. They moved slowly and confused while looking for there enemies. That is when they hit a force field. Trying to back up, they again hit a force field. Trying to leave through the sides, they again hit a force field. Trapped in the force field, which is slowly shrinking, they try calling for help, all the while watching helplessly as the world under them moves farther away.

When Mokuzai, Guru and Sammy got to Migi koko de, they stopped straight in their tracks. There was a picture, a hologram, of Julie and Lee calling for help inside a force field. They stood there motionless. Then, they heard it: a laugh, creepy and eerie and then they turned around, and there stood the four evil tyrants at work. Guru managed to escape the wrath, but Sammy and Mokuzai couldn't. It's up to Guru now to save his friends.

Plot (Past)


Characters (Present)

- Water type - Fire type - Dark type
- Electric type - Ice type - Rock type
- Ghost type - Normal type - Ground type
- Grass type - Poison type - Psychic type


Type (s) Character Ancestor
Lee Koroshi-Ya Hitto Koroshi
Julie Kasai May Kasai
Dark Mokuzai Roguin Burrly Bronson-Roguin
Electric Sammy Shokku Samus Shokku
Guru Aisu Ace Aisu



Characters (Past)


Type (s) Character Descendant
Hitto Koroshi Lee Koroshi-Ya
May Kasai Julie Kasai
Dark Burrly Bronson-Roguin Mokuzai Roguin
Electric Samus Shokku Sammy Shokku
Ace Aisu Guru Aisu






When at the part of the game where the heroes of the present are looking at the statue built in memorial of the Ancient Heroes, it says the following names:, Hitto Koroshi, May Kasai, Burrly Bronson Roguin, Samus Shokku, Ace Aisu and Jones Mizu.

This confirms that James Mizu had an ancestor and that he appeared in the Ancient Battle. However, his name could've been placed on the statue because he could've been a really good friend (and helper) of the Ancient Heroes.

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