These are the beta elements for Faitingu: Origins.

Original Name

Originally, the name for the video game was called Thy Rogue: Origins, and the main character was named Ty Faitingu instead of Lee Koroshi-Ya.

Original Concept

The original story of the game was to feature around an evil Celebi who was going to enslave the Pokémon world. The game was going to feature a Tyrogue named Ty Faitingu, a Mienfoo named Pamela Slummp and a Jirachi named James Rachi. The game was also going to be played as a normal Pokémon game, with the player playing as a Pokémon instead.


In the planning stage, Akuma and Krad were originally switched, Krad was a Grass, Water, Fire, Ground-type Dusknoir and Akuma was a Dugtrio that was all the elemental types. This was switched, as it is believed that a Dugtrio would be easier to beat then a Dusknoir.

Kid Kiba Super Mario Powers: Δ Faitingu: Origins

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