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Developer(s) GhoulGamesSmall
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Genre(s) Adventure
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of Japan March 24, 2012
25px-Flag of USA March 30, 2012
25px-Flag of Europe April 2, 2012
25px-Flag of Australia April 9, 2012
Single Player
Wi-Fi Co-Op
Age Rating(s)
Media Included Nintendo 3DS cartridge
Uniqueness is Power!!
game's slogan

Faitingu: Origins is an Action-Adventure RPG game for the Nintendo 3DS. The game has been slated for a March (or April, depending on country) 2012 release, though it is unknown if that is when it will be released. The game is said to put a whole different view on the Pokémon Dungeon and main-stream Pokémon series.


One day at the Lillipup Library, Lee Koroshi-Ya had to do an essay on your family. So he went to the family archives where his friends Mokuzai, Sammy, Guru and Julie said to meet. When he got there, the faces on Lee's friends said something....something mysterious. Guru took out a boom from the shelf labelled Koroshi Family Archives and he flipped to the last page, where a note was written.

Dear Lee,
I am Hitto. As you probably would've learned in school, is that there are seven mysterious heroes who saved the land from great evil. Well, I, Hitto, am one of those heroes and your ancestor. As you are reading, this may seem as a shock, but there are still evil spirits from the Ancient Battle lurking around the land, and I want you, M. Roguin, S. Shokku, G. Aisu and J. Kasai and the other ancient heroes' decendants to battle them with you un-natural powers over the elements.
Your ancestor,
Hitto Koroshi

The others held their family's books up too, having the same note written by other people, however. And, when the shocking powers inside them was revealed to them, they noticed something they didn't before, the lights were out, the sky was gray and it was raining. Footsteps pounding like Godzilla could be heard... and everything went black.


Lee wakes up in the middle of a quiet forest, and yells out HELLO! ANYONE THERE? and he waited, and waited and finally heard the sound of his friend Mokuzai LEE, THAT YOU? and this went on for a while. But anyway, the game starts here where you have to search for your friends and defeat the evil menaces.


There are many characters that appear in this game, but these are the main ones. There are five playable characters, nine allies and sixteen bosses. This game also has many PokéFighters, Pokémon that feel the need to fight anyone in their path, and the PokéFighters are seperated into three groups (see below).


As stated above, there are five playable characters: Lee, Mokuzai, Sammy, Guru and Julie, each of them being a descendant of one of the seven Ancient Heroes (the other two descendants are unknown). Each character has un-natural types and can be played as anyone at anytime (once they have been unlocked).

Lee Koroshi-Ya Lee Koroshi-Ya Tyrogue (Water/Psychic type)
Lee, like the other four heroes, is one of the descendants of the ancient heroes. His ancestor is Hitto Koroshi.
Mokuzai Roguin Mokuzai Roguin Timburr (Dark type)
Mokuzai is the descendant of Burrly Bronson-Roguin, one of the Ancient Heroes.
Sammy Shokku Sammy Shokku Zangoose (Electric type)
Sammy is actually the son of the Ancient Hero Samus Shokku, who died when Sammy was 2½ years old.
Guru Aisu Guru Aisu Ampharos (Ice/Ghost type)
Guru is one of the Ancient Heroes' descendants. His ancestor is Ace Aisu, who, unlike Guru, was a flying and ghost-type Flaaffy.
Julie Kasai Julie Kasai Mawile (Fire/Psychic type)
Julie Kasai is one of the Ancient Heroes ancestors, being the descendant of May Kasai. Julie, along with Lee, shares a spiritual connection with her ancestor.


James Mizu James Mizu Bulbasaur (Water type)
James is one of Lee's childhood friends. He joins the team of four on their adventure as an information and status guy. James, unfortunately, has no known ancestors.
Cory Youddo Cory Youddo Skarmory (Flying/Ice type)
Cory is one of Lee's classmates who is a great friend of Sammy. Cory's ancestor was named Cody Voo-Youddo, who had an unknown job in the ancient battle.
Cindy Urjo Cindy Urjo Clefairy (Rock type)
Cindy Urjo is a resident of Lillipup Town and a friend of Julie. Cindy's ancestor was named Sue Urjo, and was a nurse who healed the ancient battle heroes.


Enorma Zeghn Enorma Zeghn Ursaring (Psychic/Dark type)
Enorma is a giant evil Ursaring who is cursed by the evil spirit Krad Segno. He cannot see through his regular eyes and uses his eye on his chest to see.
Krad Segno Krad Segno Dugtrio (1 Fire, 1 Water, 1 Grass, All Ground type)
Krad Segno is an evil Dugtrio who is ⅓ Water, ⅓ Fire, ⅓ Grass and All Ground type. They are immortal beings who cursed Enorma to be the monster he is today. He was one of the Ancient Heroes' main nemisis.
Akuma Kodai Akuma Kodai Dusknoir (All types)
Akuma Kodai is a demon and the Ancient Heroes' archenemy. Akuma Kodai has many powers, and is immune to many things. He is immortal and was dug up in a treasure chest in the year 1762, before that it is unknown where he was.
Michi Unbekannt Michi Unbekannt Unown (Dark/Psychic type)
Michi is a unliving demon who was created by Akuma Kodai during the Ancient Battle. Michi is also the main reason why many Pokémon that cannot fly don't leave Lillipup Town, as if you get lost in the caves, he will absorb your power. Legends say he was once a Pawnsharp that got lost in the caves and died, but his spirit was recreated by Akuma.


𝚨 Squad

Mankey Mankey are quick and agile, watch out for their power kick.
Wooper Woopers are slow but powerful, try not to get hit by their mud bombs.
Gastly Gastlies are the most powerful Alpha-Grunt, being quick and powerful. Watch out for Night Shade!
Primeape (Boss) Primeape is the leader of the Alpha Squad grunts, and will hide and come out when you're near. Primeape also appears as a boss.

Σ Squad

Nuzleaf Nuzleaf are ninjas of the trees, swinging on vines and using Close Combat, Bullet Seed and Tackle.
Mightyena Mightyena are quick and unique, as they will growl and bite you when near, or use Shadow Ball when far away.
Furret Furret are quick and easy to see, but hard to attack, because of their constant moving. They will use Quick Attack, Fury Swipes, Slam and Sucker Punch.
Krokorok (Boss) Krokorok is a slow but powerful PokéFighter who will use many damage-dealing moves, including Shadow Claw, Rock Smash, Cut, Dig, Sand Tomb and Earthquake as a last resort.

Λ Squad

Machop Machop are strong and agile little enemies who like to surprise you.
Karrablast Karrablast are quick and sneaky little bugs who will stop at nothing to defeat you. They travel in packs of three or four.
Doduo Doduo are slow, powerful and obvious birds who will keep their heads in the ground and act as bushes. Once you pass, you're in for a peckin'.
Axew Axew are quick PokéFighters who will use many ranged attacks, including Dragon Breath, Hyper Beam and sometimes even Giga Impact.
Serperior (Boss) Serperior is a slow, sly and powerful PokéFighter who is superior to the PokéFighters in his squad. He uses long ranged moves.

ϵ Squad

Gloom Gloom will always be asleep, and, if one lurks near, they will be covered by Sleep Powder.
Carnivine Carnivine are fast and weak, but hard to hit, as they always keep moving. They use Power Whip if one comes near.
Swalot Swalot are the slowest enemies in the game, being so slow, many stay in place. However, if one sees you, they unleash a powerful Gunk Shot.
Hypno Hypno are slow, but a powerful person. If one is seen by a Hypno, it unleashes Hypnotise, hypnotising anyone caught in the blast (even innocent NPCs), and making them attack you.
Gallade Gallade are quick, agile and strong making them a worthy opponent. They will use Close Combat while running toward you. Rarely, they can use Stored Power.
Regigigas (Boss) Regigigas are slow, but the strongest non-boss enemy in the game. He uses many moves, including Crush Grip, Heavy Slam, Zen Headbutt and Rock Smash

Lillipup Square Market, the main marketplace of Lillipup Town


Faitingu: Origins is a free-roam adventure game that has many areas. Even though the game is free-roam, there are certain missions required to be finished to move on to the next part of the story. Along with the main missions, there are also side-missions, which can give you items, more abilities, treasures, ect. The whole game takes place on a planet called Pocketimmanis.

Lillipup Town

Information Required Mission(s) Mission Information Boss(es)
Lillipup Town is a small village and the hometown to all of the main heroes. The Ancient Battle happened at the spot where Lillipup Town is today. Krad Koniption A short boss-battle against Krad as he is terrorizing the village. This is a tutorial level. Krad Segno
Towering Topple On top of the school is a special key that all the PokéFighters seem to be after. Maybe it's important NONE
Claydol Cave When trying to leave the village, many PokéFighters have sealed the enterance to Claydol Cave, the only way of leaving the village. You have to find the 6 keys hidden throughout the village to re-open it. Ask the villagers. NONE

Claydol Cave

Information Required Mission(s) Mission Information Boss(es)
Claydol Cave is a spooky cave that is the only enterance and exit to/from Lillipup Town. Claydol Cave leads to Miltank Meadows. Primeape Struggle The PokéFighters that have been raiding Lillipup Town have been seen coming in and out of this cave alot. Check out why, but don't get caught! Primeape (PF Leader)

Beta Elements

Faitingu: Origins/Beta Elements


See the gallery for artworks.


  • This is the first Pokémon games that includes Pokémon with un-natural types.
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