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Navi Artwork
Rarity Dependant on placement in timeline
Alignment Good
Ability/ies Healing
First Appearance The Legend of Zelda (1986)
My Fairy
Notable Members
Great Fairy

Fairies (also known as Faeries in the original releases of A Link to the Past) are a recurring species in the The Legend of Zelda series. While their appearances vary depending on the game, most commonly they appear as a winged ball of light of varying colours (normally a light blue). Fairies are one of the few elements in the Zelda series to appear in every game in the series, and they have even made appearance in non-canon works such as the animated series, the CD-i titles, and more.

In many of the fairies' appearances, Link is capable of capturing them in bottles for later use.

Physical Appearances

WW Fairy

A fairy in The Wind Waker.

As previously stated, the fairies' designs differ depending on the game it is in. In most titles, the fairies appear as glowing balls of light with two larger wings and two smaller wings protruding from it. These types of fairies have since been come to be known as Fairy's Spirits. Most speculate that fairies took this appearance in Ocarina of Time due to the Nintendo 64 being unable to render details in smaller objects like the fairies. Since then, it's possible the appearance of the "Fairy's Spirits" has become the norm.

In several other titles, fairies take the appearance of primarily small female Hylians with wings. In the original The Legend of Zelda and Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, the fairies had two appearances. In artwork, they were primarily shown to be blonde and wore pink dresses, but in-game both of these were portrayed as red instead. In A Link to the Past, fairies were again portrayed with red hair, but now wore blue dresses (though this again differed in artworks, where they were instead pink). In The Wind Waker and Minish Cap, fairies were portrayed with short blonde hair ties into two buns atop their heads, and wore white dresses.


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