Failed Connection
Producer(s) Icy Cold Gaming Industries
Genre(s) Action, Comedy
First Air Date(s)
November 21st, 2015
Last Air Date(s)
Country of Origin North America, South America, Japan, Europe, Australia
Season(s) 1,2,TBA
Runtime 28 mins=regular episode

45 mins="special" feature 1 hour/20 mins=movie

Status Still airing
"Failed Connection" is an original American cartoon thats to be aired on Disney XD. It will be made both by Fantendo and Icy Cold Gaming Industries, before spreading to other places to be aired there. The show is supposed to be about an idea being brought to Fantendo, but due to a failed connection with the transporting system, he's transported to a land of scrapped ideas. The show will star Brendon Urie, Deedee Magno-Hall, and more.


A young boy, around 13, is making a fan character on a website called Fantendo. Finally, the character, named Thunder, is finished, and is ready to be transported to the website. However, while the page is loading, a power outage happens, shutting off the boy's computer. This power outage causes Thunder to land in a realm of forgotten and scrapped Fantendo characters, known as The Scrap. There are many colorful faces in The Scrap, like Chairman and Clarice Angel. But characters have a way of getting out of The Scrap...

If the character's creator remembers to create the page without anything happening to the device they are using. If it all goes to plan, the character can be freed and sent to Fantendo. However, without Thunder's creator, Thunder and the others can't escape. Now, it's up to Thunder and his new friends to escape The Scrap, while avoiding the villains who want to seperate the realm from Fantendo.

Episodes/ Season 1

Name Episode Number Description
Scrapped 1 Thunder lands in The Scrap, meeting up with new friends and new enemies. Meanwhile, the group starts to share things they would like to do when the escape.
Ghost Character 1 2 Thunder stumbles across a character that appears to be a ghost. A poltergiest, actually. Meanwhile, Chairman tries to muster up his feelings for Clarice.
Meeting Hex 3 Clarice meets a shape-themed character named Hex who...seems to get on their nerves. We also get introduced to Brand Freedom, a rather suspicious company...

Main Character

The main characters of the show. (NO DUH.)

Name/Image Voice Actor Description



Bredon Urie Thunder is the latest resident in The Scrap. Having to make new friends and new enemies, He'll try to take down Brand Freedom, along with saving The Scrap. He poses the ability to use lightning and thunder, hence his name.


Clarice Angel

Deedee Magno-Hall Clarice Angel is, as her name implies, an angel. She was once sent to Fantendo, but due to an accident, she was banished to The Scrap. She can use halo's as traps, as well as her wings.



TBA Chairman is the head of a technology company known as Red-Yoshi Inc. He's a wooden chair with a body, but a pretty nice living chair at that. Despite his position, he's only the age of 17.

Adoption Guy


Charlie Day Hex is an odd character. He's made out of shapes, for one, and he can change his voices, too. He's one of Thunder's best friends, and a natural jokester. He can use his hand as projectiles, much like Rayman.


The Freed

S. Scott Bullock The Freed is the mastermind behind Brand Freedom, and a general psycho. He plans to disconnect Fantendo from The Scrap, along with gain enough power to destroy Fantendo itself.

Reddy Spiky Monster


Jeff Bennett Moizurte was once the tounge of a monster, before being cut off. It somehow gained intelligence, and got an Exo-Suit to be stronger. It now works for Brand Freedom. He's a dapper kind of dude, but has a sinister edge.

Side Characters

Characters who are important, but aren't as important as the main ones.

Name/Image Voice Actor Description



John Guerrasio "Yeah, I'm a ghost in a saxophone. What's it to youse guys? I look funny? Funny how? Well, the name's Sosaxxy, and I lead the FireRocka-Kaboom! about we stop the tea-party chatter and get moving?"

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