Democracy of Faerania
Flag of Faerania.
Capital City Lorca
Language(s) Spanish, English, Japanese, Portugese
Leader(s) High Council
National Anthem
Government Capitalist Democratic
Population 49,957,210
Currency Dollar
Demonym Faerin
Drives on the Left
Abbreviation FA
Included Environment(s)
Beach-like, plains, fields, forests.

Faerinia, or Faeriña, Fãríña, and 妖精リーナ, in other languages is a Democracy in the Osirisian continent of Sytiria. It is a small southwest country with a population of about 49 million as of the addition of overseas territory.



As both parts of Faerania are near the equator, the country has a rather warm climate. During July and August, the mainland is cooler, though still moderately warm. Along the coastline there is a large strand of beach area which is popular for resorts.



A mainland province.


A mainland province.


A mainland province.


A mainland province.


A mainland province.


An overseas territory province.


An overseas territory province.


An overseas territory province.


It's culture has many similarities with asian cultures cultures on planet earth, but other parts of culture as well.

Festivals and Holidays


Celebrated July 27th, this holiday is celebrated by a day long festival of games, feasts, and performances. It celebrates the winter solstice and is a time of gift giving.

New Years

A time of rest, celebrated December 25th to January 1st. Traditional meals are eaten throughout the country on this day until New Years.


As a democracy, there are several groups that make decisions for the country by vote. There are representatives in each group for each of the 8 provinces, 3 in the overseas territories (Etruria, Nightray, and Koppai) who use computers to communicate with the main territory. If the majority of all 3 groups agree, it goes to the citizens to be voted upon, which requires 60% of the population's agreement to pass, though some require to be unanimous in the groups and need 85% of the population to agree

High Council

The highest ranking group in the country, there is 1 for each province. Votes here require the agreement of 6 of 8 representatives.

Fae Nanami

The representative of the Rainsworth province is Fae Nanami.

House of the Senate

The middle group, there are 3 senators from each province. 15 of 24 votes are required.

House of Representatives

The lowest group, it has 6 representatives from each province. 30 out of 48 votes required.

Education System

In the education system, it is rather consistent. School days run for a minimum of 5 hours 45 minutes, from Monday through Saturday. For most months, it runs for 3 weeks and on the fourth week there is a vacation. There is no school during July or December, and each school year resets in January. A student's school career runs for a minimum of 15 years (commonly divided into small schools for every 5 grades, with Elementary, Middle, and High schools), and then, if desired, a 5 year college career.

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