Facility 08 is a 2.5D platformer released by Laughball Interactive for the Wii U in 2015. It was created as a breather project, with a simpler scope that allows for easier development.


Facility 08 is a 2.5D platformer that also draws features from puzzle games and the 'Metroidvania' genre. Players control Pawn, a robot capable of controlling larger suits called Frames which provide several unique skills, and explore an abandoned space station in an attempt to escape.

With a massive station to explore, the GamePad is utilized as a versatile map system. Waypoints are placed automatically at certain points, but can also be set by players and given names and descriptions. Connecting to Miiverse allows for waypoints to transfer between players. It is also used for puzzles which allow for new routes to open when beaten.

Facility 08 features a unique life system - Pawn has a set battery life, which can be recharged at set locations. Hitting 0% means death, and dying on your last life is permadeath. However, points can be traded in for additional lives - players start with 4 and can earn up to 16.


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Name Info


Designed from the same basic blueprints as Wrecker Grandus, Frame 074A Construct Sturdy is a heavy-lifting frame used in building a myriad of projects, from housing to starships. It's incredibly bulky and slow, but can lift any object and throw them as projectiles.


Sister unit to Construct Sturdy, Frame 074B is best known as Wrecker Grandus due to its massive stature and power. Its colossal wrecking ball can demolish foes, and Wrecker Grandus can also 'lock down', allowing for precise control of its weaponry at the cost of movement.


Named for its resemblance to cardinals, Frame 027 Cardinal Mach is a fragile unit capable of reaching incredible speeds. Though easily beaten, it can reach some of the smallest spaces on Facility 08 and can connect to the station's magnetic rail system to fast-travel to waypoints.


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