Face the Wrath
Musician/Band Hemusic
Genre(s) Multiple different Genre
Release Date(s)
June 11th 2010
Down and Dirty, Shroobario's Theme, Travelling, Nanobots(Original), Nanobots (Remix)
Previous Album Travelling, Acid Fallout, and Nanobots (Rock Mix)
Next Album Incumbent

Face the Wrath is the debut album by Hemusic (Talk), released on June 11th 2010, 2 days after competitor Cobweb (tbc) released his debut album Digicide & Technocide.


The Genre of each song varies, as some songs are rock, some are techno, and each song also has a synth, bass, guitar, and drums. Hemu's voice is never heard the whole time. The Album contains 7 full tracks plus a WIP experimental track titled "Travelling" which features Hemu playing Harmonica, Bongo, and Guitar. The Whistle in the beginning of Travelling Is also Hemu.

Track Listing

  1. Down and Dirty
  2. Shroobario's Theme
  3. Travelling
  4. Nanobots(Original)
  5. Nanobots(Remix)
  6. Area 51
  7. High Speed Chase
  8. Juvenile Delinquent

Listen and Download

Listen or Download the songs here Face the Wrath/Listen


  • More than half the album was released as a single.
  • 3 of the Songs were made a year before the rest of the album.
  • More than half the album was made in one day.