Fable 4
Fable 4 Logo
The Game's Logo
Developer(s) Dark Flame Studios 5
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) PC, Wii U, PS4, Xbox One, NX, Visus Sphere
Single-Player, Two-Player
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Action, Adventure, RPG, Third-Person
Series Fable
Predecessor Fable 3
Fable 4 is an upcoming sequel to. The core Fable series. it is the first game in the core series where Peter Molyneux was not participating in its development or publishment. The game takes place 285 years after Fable 3.


Like previous Fable games the player makes use of different attacking capabilities like magic and weapons. The player and opponents use these abilities to fight.

Like other Fable games Melee, Guns & Magic return as abilities for the player to use. In addition a new ability called Tech has been added. Many features from the first game such as the growth points return.

Melee includes the factors; Strength, Health, Sturdiness & Endurance. Strength increases Melee damage greatly and Guns, Magic & Tech damage slightly. Health increases Hit Points for the player. Sturdiness increases the resistance to physical damage and Endurance decreases the amount of stamina used by power attacks.

Guns includes the factors; Speed, Guile, Accuracy & Hunting. Speed increases the attack speed, reloading speed and running speed of the player. Guile increases the stealthiness of the player and how much easier for them to move undetected. Accuracy decreases the chance of missing as well as decreasing the movement of scope aiming. Hunting increases the spoils from gathering plants & animals and also decreases the amount of stamina depleted due to sprinting.

Magic returns with the same abilities that it had in the first game. The player is a natural spell caster and is able to use magic without gauntlets like the Hero of Brightwall. Attack, Physical & Surround spells all return and dual casting also returns. Magic Power increases the maximum Magicka for the MP bar.

Tech is the new ability introduced, it involves weapons like explosives and acids. The player is able to create custom explosives with a system similar to AC:Revelations' bomb system. Tech has the following factors; Intelligence, Ingenuity, Creativity & Charisma. Intelligence increases the area of effect of the tech weapons and surround magic spells. Ingenuity increases the damage of damage inflicting bombs & time of status affecting weapons. Creativity allows the player to mix more chemicals and substances for the tech weapons. Charisma allows the player to get discounts at shops.


Character Name Who
The Player The Hero/Heroine of Light
Jasper The spirit of the Chamber of Fate
Marcus The Rival
Theresa Seer of the Spire
Scythe Ancient Her of the Old Guild
Blaze Headmaster of the Hero's Acadmey
Plasma The Head Tech Teacher of the Hero's Academy
Frost The Head Will Teacher of the Hero's Academy
Serpentine The Head Skill Teacher of the Hero's Academy
Bladehawk The Head Might Teacher of the Hero's Academy
The Darkness Leader of the Shadows
The Tormentor Shadow of Will
The Haunter Shadow of Might
The Stalker Shadow of Skill
Queen of Blades Insane High Guard of the Darkness
Jack of Blades Vile High Guard of the Darkness
Knight of Blades Loyal High Guard of the Darkness
Ventura The Judge of Will
Vesust The Judge of Purity
Veltoth The Judge of Skill
Vewnvy The Judge of Heroism
Veptton The Judge of Might
Versed The Judge of Corruption
Vemride The Judge of Evil
Vengeance The Prophet of Light
Reaver Immortal Traveller & Collector
The Eleven Elected Leaders for;

  • Bowerstone
  • Driftwood
  • Silverpines
  • Knothole
  • Oakbane
  • Mourningwood
  • Dwellex
  • Brightwall
  • Hook Coast
  • Dractic
  • Aurora

Magic Spells

Magic Spells are used by the player and enemies as a close combat and ranged form of battling.

Attack Spells Types Spells
  • Ember Storm
  • Fireball
  • Heat Wave
  • Flaming Fury
  • Blazing Inferno
  • Snow Wave
  • Ice Ball
  • Blizzard
  • Ice Spike Pelt
  • Zero Freeze
  • Lightning
  • Electro Shock
  • Storm Wave
  • Hyper Voltage
  • Plasma Storm
  • Dirt Wave
  • Boulder Bash
  • Mud Wave
  • Thousand Rocks
  • Earthquake
  • Root Swipe
  • Venom Seeds
  • Uproot
  • Leeching Vines
  • Branch Frenzy
  • Water Whip
  • Swamp Bomb
  • Water Tornado
  • Hydro Crush
  • Ocean's Call
  • Light Blast
  • Flash Bolt
  • Shining Wave
  • Chain Blinder
  • Spectre Hand
  • Double Blade
  • Double Gun
  • Double Spell
  • Double Defence
Divine Fury
  • Divine Fury
  • Aether Pulse
Mana Void
  • Mana Void
  • Mana Abyss
Infernal Wrath
  • Infernal Wrath
  • Wretched Cannon
Physical Spells Surround Spells
Time Slow Force Push
Beserk Summon
Skill Overload Turncoat
Magicka Temper Drain Life
Sprint Dash Copycat
Multi Strike Ally Revive
Magi Shield Turn Enemy
Heal Magnetism

Weapon Classes

In Melee, Guns & Tech weapons are given classes to let the player have a general idea of the weapons capabilities. Weapon morphing returns although all weapon classes for one weapon have the same prerequisites for each morph. Several weapon classes also have similar effects although one may deal more damage while others increase attack speed.

Melee Classes

Bronze Iron Steel
Black Steel White Steel
Bone Obsidian Azure
Titanium Magenta Gold Carbon Steel

Gun Classes

Pine Yew Junglewood
Oak Ebony Redwood
Steel Titanium Platinum

Tech Classes

Basic Timer Shell
Shrapnel Shell Magnet Shell Dual Valve
Blast Shell Master


Club Hobbes Axe Hobbes Mace Hobbes Battle Axe Hobbes Pistol Hobbes
Rifle Hobbes Shotgun Hobbes Shock Hobbes Pyrokinesis Hobbes Force Field Hobbes
Kamikaze Hobbes Hobbes Summoner Sword Hollowman Axe Hollowman Club Hollowman
Dual Sword Hollowman Rifleman Hollowman Gunslinger Hollowman Cadaver Hollowman General Hollowman
Beetle Horned Beetle Fiery Beetle Shock Beetle Giant Beetle
Warrior Beetle Aerial Beetle Jungle Beetle Acidic Beetle Wasp
Ice Wasp Armoured Wasp Shadow Wasp Giant Wasp Stinger Wasp
Dual Stinger Wasp Royal Guard Wasp Shortsword Bandit Longsword Bandit Axe Bandit
Mace Bandit Club Bandit Small Arms Bandit Rifle Bandit Shotgun Bandit
Explosives Bandit Dual Sword Commander Bandit Battle Axe Commander Bandit Mega Hammer Commander Bandit Double Barrel Commander Bandit
Hand Cannon Commander Bandit Fire Lieutenant Bandit Thunder Lieutenant Bandit Chief Bandit Highwayman Bandit
Green Belted Assassin Ice Assassin Fire Assassin Plated Assassin White Belted Assassin
Balverine Blood Balverine Venomous Balverine White Balverine Blue Balverine
Mud Troll Swamp Troll Tree Troll Stone Troll Iron Troll
Diamond Troll Ice Troll Brick Troll Ash Troll Lava Troll
Volcanic Troll Water Nymph Blood Nymph Plague Nymph Death Nymph
Banshee Howler Banshee Screecher Banshee Mother Banshee Jackal Minion
Owl Minion Ibis Minion Cobra Minion Hippo Minion Blue Summoner
Red Summoner Purple Summoner Gold Summoner Black Wolf White Wolf
Blood Wolf Shadow Wolf Spider Electrical Spider Ice Spider
Mechanical Spider Katana Sand Fury Dual Bladed Sand Fury Cleaver Sand Fury Regular Bay
Toxic Bat Ent Evergreen Ent Pine Ant Parasitical Ent
Forest Ent Jungle Ent Desert Ent Imp Shadow Adolescent Shadow
Swordsman Shadow ARcher Shadow Mage Shadow Knight Shadow Mortar Shadow
Dark Mage Shadow Centepoid Burrowing Centepoid Jungle Centepoid Desert Centepoid
Boomraven Thunder Boomraven Shadow Boomraven Harpie Mountainous Harpie
Forest Harpie Gargoyle Stone Gargoyle Ice Gargoyle Giant Gargoyle
Trident Gargoyle Axe Gargoyle Bow Gargoyle Fire Elemental Ice Elemental
Earth Elemental Water Elemental Thunder Elemental Wind Elemental Light Elemental
Darkness Elemental


Boss Number Boss Name
1 Golden Beetle King
2 Hector, the Bandit King
3 Nocturn Banshee
4 The Brute
5 Hobbe King
6 Multi Elemental
7 The Ranger
8 Black Sentinel
9 Statue of Shadows
10 The Mage
11 Bayno, the Cyclops
12 Monolith Centepoid
13 Cybernetic Beetle King
14 Great White Balverine
15 Undead Ent
16 Obsidian Troll
17 Bladewing Boomraven
18 Sand Fury Queen
19 Mondo, the Giant One-Eyed Squid
20 White Sentinel & Crystal Sentinel
21 Daranok, the Faithful Guardian
22 Knight of Blades
23 Jack of Blades
24 Queen of Blades
25 The Stalker
26 The Haunter
27 The Tormentor
28 The Darkness


In Fable 4 many locations from the First and Third game make a reappearance as well as the addition of a few new locations, some sub-locations such as the Chamber of Fate from Fable II also return however no major regions like Bloodstone or Westcliff make an appearance, Aurora, Knothole & Snowspire appear along with Albion.



  • Marketplace
  • Old Town
  • Bowerstone Cullis Gate
  • Industrial
  • Palace
  • Sewers
  • Port

Bower Lake

  • Millfields
  • Fort Reaver
  • Hidden Tunnel
  • Chamber of Fate
  • Bower Lake Station
  • Driftwood Bridge

Driftwood Island

  • Driftwood Gate Entrance
  • Sparrow Island
  • Spire Island
  • Hobbe Island
  • Flitswitch Ruins
  • Secret Cabin


  • Silver Bridge
  • Fernton
  • Silverpines Cullis Gate
  • Balverine Memorial
  • Knothole Cavern - Silverpines Entrance
  • Hollow Hill
  • Ancient Graveyard

Knothole Island

  • Knothole Cavern - Knothole Entrance
  • Knothole Cullis Gate
  • Will Stones
  • Buried Arena
  • Knothole Gate
  • Shooting Range

Knothole City

  • Residential Quarter
  • Logging Quarter
  • Glade Quarter
  • Port

Grandwood Forest

  • Bandit Outpost
  • Grandwood Cullis Gate
  • Orchid Farms
  • Old Fishing Hut
  • Blackwood Den
  • Stone Shrine Gate - Grandwood Entrance

Stone Shrine

  • Grandwood Gate
  • Monument of the Ancient Hero
  • Monument of the Old Hero
  • Monument of the Spire Hero
  • Monument of the Auroran Hero
  • Deadwood Gate

Deadwood Forest

  • The Underpass
  • Shadow's Requiem
  • Ancient Cullis Gate
  • Old Bordello
  • Howling Swamp
  • Lich Graveyard
  • Forgotten Pass - Deadwood Entrance
  • Trader's Outpost
  • Shadow Pit
  • Barrow Fields Gate

Barrow Fields

  • Oakveil Path
  • Fisherman's Lake
  • Crossed Blades Statue
  • Oakbane City Gate

Oakbane City

  • Oakbane Cullis Gate
  • Market Quarter
  • Port
  • Hero Hill
  • Hero's Academy
  • Garth's Library
  • The Ancient Library
  • Barren Path
  • Scarlet Graveyard

Bandit Camp

  • Ravaged outpost
  • Leather Gate
  • Bandit Camp Entrance
  • Bandit Tavern
  • Lower Camp
  • Commander's Camp
  • Lieutenant's Camp
  • Chief's Circle


  • Lilyton
  • War Torn Graveyard
  • Poet's Hill
  • Blackstone Cave
  • The Chapel of the Dead
  • Avo's Temple
  • Jammy's Fort
  • The Hole - Mourningwood Entrance

The Hole

  • Mourningwood Exit
  • Hobbe Arena
  • Trader's Route
  • Hobbe Fort
  • Mill Field Station Ruins
  • Mistpeak Ruins
  • Mistpeak Terminal

Mistpeak Mountains

  • The Hole - Mistpeak Entrance
  • Mercvin Village
  • Mercvin Cullis Gate
  • Mercenary Museum
  • Wolfhead Pass
  • Sacred Valley
  • Dwellex Border Gate
  • Brightwall City Gate

Dwellex Territory

  • Dwellex Cullis Gate
  • Sabine Monument
  • Cold Snow Market
  • Resident Mountain
  • Dweller Forest Entrance

Dweller Forest

  • Dwellex Gate
  • Verdant Cave
  • Titan's Fist
  • Nymph Cavern


  • Brightwall Bridge
  • Brightwall Market
  • Chicken Tournament
  • Brian's Grove
  • Brigthwall Academy
  • Reliquary Ruins
  • Music Box Monument

Bargate Prison

  • Headtaker's Hill
  • Inacarcerated Path
  • Chained Dock
  • Bargate Prison
  • Bargate Courtyard
  • Forgotten Pass - Bargate Entrance

Hook Coast

  • Hook Coast Cullis Gate
  • Eon Lighthouse
  • Maze's Monument
  • Residential Sector
  • Market Sector
  • Lost Soul Port


  • Burnt Path
  • Glaciated Path
  • Snowspire Cullis Gate
  • Necropolis Ruins
  • Skorm's Chapel
  • Heartfire Pass
  • Dark Blizzard Cavern
  • Dractic Town Gate
  • Bronze Gate

Dractic Town

  • Dractic Cullis Gate
  • Chilling Quarter
  • Cold Storage
  • Oracle of Snowspire

Aurora City

  • Sandstorm Port
  • Sandstone Quarter
  • Aurora Cullis Gate
  • Desert Flower Quarter
  • Heatwave Temple
  • Shifting Sands Exit

Shifting Sands

  • Aurora City Entrance
  • The Sinkhole
  • Guard Outpost
  • Lost Mines
  • Ancient Cullis Gate
  • Shadelight Palace
  • Sandfall Palace
  • Veiled Path
  • Hidden Oasis

Shadelight Palace

  • Darkmist Shrine
  • Corruption Shrine
  • Archon's Fall
  • Crawling Tomb
  • Unknown Shore
  • Shadelight Cullis Gate


Outfits return to their characteristics from the original two games.

Outfit Set Head Top Gloves Legs Feet Accesories
Peasant No Yes No Yes Yes No
Bandit Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Young Guard No Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Senior Guard Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Lieutenant Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Logger Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Farmer Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
Hooded Highwayman Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Highwayman No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bandit Captain Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Slave Clothes No Yes No Yes No No
Iron Armour Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Warrior Armour No Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Gunslinger Suit Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Apprentice Mage No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Steel Armour Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Warrior of Light No Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Warrior of Darkness No Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Paladin Armour Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Light Trigger-Hand No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dark Barrel Blaster Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Wizard Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Light Paladin Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dark Paladin Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
General's Armour Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Platinum Armour Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sniper Camo Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Light Quick'Draw Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Dark Heavy'Blaster No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Harlequin Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Circus Leader Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Gem Plate Armour No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Light Warlock Mage Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Warlock Mage Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dark Warlock Mage Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Light Spell Master Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Spell Master Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dark Spell Master Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Archon's Holy Armour Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Avo Knight Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Skorm Knight Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
King's/Queen's Outfit Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Guild Master's Robes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Chicken Suit Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


Storyline Quests

Quest No. Quest Name
1 Finite Youth
2 New Beginnings
3 The Blood of Archon
4 The Bane of the Forest
5 The Heros Blade
6 Forgotten Trail
7 Diminished Hiding
8 The Fallen Hero
9 Bleeding Tears
10 The Angel of the Damned
11 The Stone of Thunder
12 The Howls of the Lost
13 An Old Friend
14 The Broken Trader
15 Risen Ashes
16 The Pit
17 Fallen to the Children
18 Serenade Curse
19 No-Man's Land
20 A Forgotten Hammer
21 Unturned Soils
22 Skorm's Torment
23 A Promise to the Shadows
24 The Lost Souls
25 Ancient Promise
26 Awakened
27 Fabled Monsters
28 The White Coat
29 A Bowman in the Deep
30 Old Bones
31 The Sea of Decisions
32 A Land of Promise and Lies
33 Aurora's Bounty
34 Hope in a Thief
35 Shadelight's First Trial
36 A Broken Ghost
37 The King's Loyal Friend
38 The Faces of Fear
39 Shadelight's Second Trial
40 A Blocked Path
41 Attack on Bowerstone
42 The Trial of the Dead
43 Missing Corpses
44 The Hollow Hero
45 The Secret Mastermind
46 The Unveiled Path
47 The Mosnter of the Desert
48 The Mighty Treasure
49 Unlocking the Blood of the Knight
50 The Skilled Treasure
51 Unlocking the Blood of the Ranger
52 The Willful Treasure
53 Unlocking the Blood of the Wizard
54 Bower Lake's Secret
55 The Guardian of the Guild
56 The Return of Heroes
57 The Blackest Moon
58 The Forest's Curse
59 The Lost People
60 Knothole's Ruins
61 The Whitest Moon
62 Reaver's Promise
63 The Shadow Court's Challenge
64 Barred Away
65 Unknown Truths
66 Escape from Bargate Prison
67 The Secret of the Lich Graveyard
68 Sacred Lands
69 A Panicked People
70 The Monster of Mistpeak
71 The Lie
72 Lost in the Pit
73 The Black Beast
74 Back to Bowerstone
75 A City Under Siege
76 The Return
77 Albion Lost
78 Aurora's Protection
79 A Promise to Sandfall
80 The Bewildering Monolith
81 The Wild Ocean
82 The Frozen Wasteland
83 A Forgotten City
84 The Oracle of Snowspire
85 The Bronze Hero
86 Shadelight Reopened
87 Shadelight's Third Trial
88 Deeper into the Abyss
89 Tormented Fury
90 A Secret in the Dark
91 Shadelight's Final Trial
92 A Gift from the Passages of Old
93 The Fight for Aurora
94 Taking back Knothole
95 The Fight for Oakbane
96 The Knight of Grandwood
97 Mourningwood under Siege
98 Reclamantion of Mistpeak
99 The Mast of the Arena
100 Chasing Jack
101 Cornered in the Home of the Guilty
102 The War of Bowerstone
103 Divine Rigths
104 The Queen of Blades
105 A Hero Reborn
106 Brightwall's Secrets
107 The Divine Blood
108 A Spire of Light
109 The Seer's Knowledge
110 A Spire of Darkness
111 The Stalker's Menace
112 Harrowing Lies
113 The Faithful Guide
114 A Quest to find the Hero Stone
115 The Box Opens
116 A Rhythmic Dream
117 Haunted Nightmares
118 Awakened II
119 Bonded in Blood
120 Albion in Peril
121 Light in a Tomb
122 An Untold Story
123 Bringing back the Oracle's Vision
124 Theresa's Connection
125 Tormented by Myself
126 Giving up Hope
127 Teh Death forever Unseen
128 Resurrection of the Hero
129 The Ultimate Price
130 Bowerstone's Darkest Hour
131 A Light in the Dark
132 The Hero Forever

Side Quests



  • This is (as previously mentioned) the first Fable Game of the Core Series to not have Peter Molyneux involved due to his depature from Lionhead Studios
  • Many locations, quests and other named instances in the game make reference to the previous games due to a common trend in the games referencing old characters
  • This is the first game to introduce a character from the original Fable who was absent, phyiscally in Fable II and III, in this case it was Scythe
  • The game is argued to be the first step at returning the series to its roots as Aging makes a comeback and morality has a much more distinct effect on the player than it did in Fable III
  • This is the first game in the series in which the player has more than one sibling and is also the first where there is no possibility (canon or non-canon) of that sibling dying
  • This game was initially speculated to be the end to the Fable Series as the Darkness, the true antagonist who was an underlying plot in Fable II, Fable III & Fable: The Journey was the final boss, however it is shown after the credits that the Darkness lives on as hinted by dialogue made by the Light
  • There are four quests with Bowerstone in their name each quest involves defending or reclaiming Bowerstone from the enemy at the time
  • While Tech is regarded as the first new Ability in the game, its weapons are always secondary weapons and therefore can be used in unison with Melee, Ranged or Magic Weapons.
  • This is the first time several enemies appear in the Fable Series
    • Assassins become an inidividual enemy instead of being under the Bandit Category
    • Spiders, Ents, Centepoids, Boomravens, Harpies & Elementals appear for the first time in the series
    • Gargoyles appear as enemies for the first time in the series
  • This game marks the death of Theresa, who was initially believed to be immortal however had her immortality stripped away from her near the end of the game killing her very quickly
  • This game contains the most outfits and outfit parts and also marks the return of stats for clothing/outfits/armour and now affects the player's Might, Skill, Will & Tech abilities as well as Armour, Morality, Attractiveness & Scariness

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