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19. June 2011

Interviewer: Do you got any Ideas in your mind?

FTFX: Yes. Maybe I will do a FantendoFan's Mansion or something else. And I will maybe do a Super Mario Galaxy.

Interviwer: What is about Pikmin Party?

FTFX: We have some problems. We will finish it as soon as possible.

Interviewer: Did you cancelled Star Fox 0? There are no new Infrmations!

FTFX: I will maybe cancell it. Maybe yes, maybe not.

Interviewer: Will you make 3DS games for Nintendo?

FTFX: No. FTF Inc. will make it's one 3D Console. Oh. I talked too much!

Interviewer: What will be the name of the 3D Console?


Interviewer: WIll The FantendoFans Mansion and the Super Mario Galaxy for the FTF 3D?

FTFX: Yes. I will maybe make Pikmin Party 2 for the 3DS.

Interviewer: Will you make something like a e-Shop?

FTFX: Yes. I have Ideas for Software to.

Interviewer: Do you want to say it?

FTFX: I will make a Africa 3D. It will have entire Africa in 3D and some games AND some Africa Music.

Interviewer: Do you plan anything else?

FTFX: Sure. But now I have to go. Bye.

20. June 2011

Interviewer: Do you have any new ideas?

FTFX: 3.

Interviewer: What are these

FTFX: 2 for the FTF 3D Shop and one for the PikCube. I haven't got any time! Bye!

25. June 2011

Interviewer: Do you have something new?

FTFX: Yes. I will only a few more PikCube games. But 15 Nintendo Games will be as PikCube Controll: ...' released.

Interviewer: And...

FTFX: I will make a PikminFan's Summer Mansion

Interviewer: What about other Pikmin Games?

FTFX: Well, a Pikmin Console for Pikmin Games are another Idea... But I will focus on the PikCube and FTF 3D.

29. June 2011

Interviewer: You said you were making a few PikCube Games?

FTFX: I cancelled the PikCube cause we have the FTF 3D. All Games for the PkCube will be now for the FTF 3D.

Interviewer: What about PikminFan's Summer Mansion?

FTFX: It will come soon.

Interviewer: At the 19. June 2011 you said you will make an Africa 3D?

FTFX: It is in progress. It was a school Project which I started at the 27. June.

Interviewer: What will come else soon?

FTFX: Mario's World Journey and an completly new Series: The Great Z. It will have 6 Games.

Interviewer: Do you have any other Ideas in your mind?

FTFX: Today I made 2 Games! I have many Ideas!

Interviewer: You said something about a Pikmin Console?

FTFX: I won't do it. But all that I planned for that will be all in 2 FTF 3D Games.

Interviewer: What about the Super Mario Galaxy?

FTFX: Oh! I almost forgott! I have forget that I must work on it!

Interviewer: What will be it's name?

FTFX: Super Mario Galaxy: The last Grand Star.

Interviewer: How many characters do you want for that game?

FTFX: Many.

Interviewer: Star Fox 0?

FTFX: I will make it as a FTF 3D game. But I need more time.

Interviewer: Okay.

FTFX: And the Highlight: ...Super Mario 64 DS FTF 3D!!!

Interviewer: Another Remake or a new game?

FTFX: A 3D remake of Super Mario 64 DS.

Interviewer: You are working on very many things.

FTFX: I have a list of what I will do first.

Interviewer: Can you show it us?


Interviewer: Oh. Well, do you plan something else?

FTFX: Maybe.

Interviewer:That's all I wanted to know! Thanks!

30. June 2011

Interviewer: Something new?

FTFX: Yes. 6.

Interviewer: Games? And if yes, what are these?

FTFX: Yes. And the first one is Luigi's Mansion: The Mansion of the 4 Ghosts. AND Super Luigi Sunshine.

Interviewer: That are 2/6.

FTFX: The other ones are FTF 3D Motion, Luigi's Mansion;: Peach's Castle takeover!, PikminFan's old N64 and PikminFan searchs the Superstar.

Interviewer: Good. Bye!

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