Steel: What's going on?

Daaze: I doubt for that baddie!

Heart: Are you gonna do a thing?

Lemmykoopa24: What?

Moyan: (flashes)

YoshiEgg: Hey, what the heck are you doing?

PKB: Uh, what?!

3.14: WTF!

McBoo: What?

Ella Metals: Uh?

Toadtool: WHAT?!

Steel: I know, but what??

Mick cool: Hmph.

PKB: Oh!

Hiro: (has a barbecue pack in his hand.)

Esarbee: Woops!


Daaze: Hmph. You are just a little Kirby! I WILL KILL YOU!

Luz: (cries)

Heart comes.

Heart: Are you okay Luz?

PKB sees Heart.

Heart: Koopy?

PKB: Heart?

ML: Uh, What?

Banana Jr.: I just wanted to...

To be continued...

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