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This episode contains minor coarse language, it is also a short episode, you have been warned...

Metal Locked v2: Hmmm, I have been told I have to participate in a Fandemonium sequel...AS A CONTESTANT?!

Steel: Same here...hmmmmmmm.


Fandemonium Producers: Mwahaha!


YoshiEgg Nook: Yup!

Bloop: What, we've been invited to a relaxing vacation spot! Signing!

YE Nook: Yup!

Bloop: Oh don't be silly, Fandemonium ended last year, we got rid of the producers, 'member?

YE Nook: Hmmmm, Yup!


Purple Koopa Bro.: An invite hunh? Tatan? Ginourm? Moyan?

Moyan: I say, yes.

Tatan: Same.

Ginourm: Well, yes!

PKB: Okay, then. Sent.


After all the people invited sent their notes, this happened...

???: Welcome, to Fandemonium 2! Or, Fantendo Survival City!

Pesh: Hunh, noooooooo, not Fande-

Hiro: -monium!

Flame: Oh, bloody 'ell!

Who is this ??? character?

Will the contestants survive?

Find out next time on FSC!

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