FR-33 DOM is a Sci-fi 2D Platformer developed and published by Scarce Gaming and released on July 27, 1997 for the AtHome Disc. It serves as a sequel to FR-33, released a year earlier. It focuses on FR-33, who is still trying to be free from the mine operation on Saturn.


Power Score

Every main character in the game has a power score. The power score decides how much damage can be done (Lower Score = More Damage, Higher Score = Less Damage). Each level of Power decreases one damage dealt.

Day/Night Levels

Each episode's levels have both day and night versions. They both preform like the original game, but in Day levels, the enemies are stronger, and more enemies appear, but it's easier to see. in Night levels, it's harder to see, and there's a chance of lightning and rain, which slowly kill FR-33, but less enemies appear, and the enemies are weaker. Only Episodes 8 and 7, as well as boss levels and the Nightmare Zone, don't have Night versions.


Unlike the first game, FR-33 DOM has transformations, which are used to make levels easier. Only three are required to beat the game on Absolute Insanity difficulty, but they can be used to find shortcuts, pass normally mortally threatening terrain, and fly about.

Transformation Name Description
FR-33 DOM FR-33 grows in size and strength, capable of crushing enemies and walls.
Hoverbike FR-33 turns his legs into a hoverbike. One of three transformations required.
FR-33 M FR-33 turns into a monkey, able to climb walls and run at a faster pace.
FR-33 J FR-33 turns into a shark, able to swim through water, molten metal, and oil. One of three transformations required.
FR-33 B FR-33 turns into a bat, able to fly through air and space. One of three transformations required.


Main Characters

Name Alignment Abilities Power Score Description
FR-33 The Sentience Jumping, Attacking, Arm Cannon. 0 He's still on a quest for sentience, and with the same abilities, except for an arm cannon.
RU-13 Saturn Mine Operation (SMO) Jumping, Attacking, Arm Cannon, Super Strength, Charging. 3 He's back, and with an even bigger army to stop any sentience.
KI-11 None Jumping, Attacking, Arm Cannon, Super Strength. 2 FR-33's rival, now against him on a personal vendetta.
DOS The Sentience Super Intelligence Unknown The brains of The Sentience, it's a supercomputer that helps FR-33 on his quest.


Each boss takes 6 hits to defeat.

Name Abilities Power Score Description
Saturn Five Ink Spraying, Grabbing With Tentacles. 0 It's back, and really big this time. It's a giant squid.
KI-11 Attacking, Arm Cannon. 0 He's trashed, and weaker than before, but he's got an arm cannon.
BL-457 Jumping, Attacking, Arm Cannon. 1 A newer robot, sent by SMO Officials to replace FR-33. It fires bombs from it's arm cannon.
TW-157 Jumping, Attacking, Arm Cannon, Using His Body as a Rope. 1 A newer robot, sent by SMO Officials to replace FR-33. It attacks by swinging on poles in the room, twisting around FR-33, and moving about.
ME-741 Attacking, Arm Cannon, Charging. 2 A newer robot, sent by SMO Officials to replace FR-33. It's the strongest boss other than KI-11, RU-13, and the secret boss.
HE-497 Cannon, Electrocution 1 A newer robot, sent by SMO Officials to replace the SMO's Nucleus. It's shaped in Saturn's image, and the rings are the battlefield.
BL-423 Jumping, Attacking, Arm Cannon. 1 A newer robot, sent by SMO Officials to replace FR-33. It's arm cannon shoots fire.
KI-11 Jumping, Attacking, Arm Cannon, Super Strength. 2 He got himself rebuilt by Scrapper and the Pirate Leader, just to destroy FR-33.
RU-13 Jumping, Attacking, Arm Cannon, Super Strength, Charging. 3 He's back, and now his brain is connected to the SMO's computers, cameras, and Nucleus, making him even more insane and damaging. He can only be fought on the Absolute Insanity difficulty.
RU-13 R Unknown 10 A giant robot, a sequel to RU-13, and made by him to destroy the ground and rock of Saturn, leaving nothing but the minerals behind. FR-33 destroys it prematurely by overloading the computers trying to build it. It can only be fought on the Absolute Insanity difficulty, along with RU-13.


Name Notable Members Description
The Sentience FR-33, DOS. A band of sentient robots, looking to destroy SMO.
Saturn Mine Operation (SMO) RU-13, BL-457, TW-157, ME-741, HE-497, BL-423. An operation to gather the minerals of Saturn to rebuild the moon into the ultimate war machine. RU-13 goes rogue about halfway through Episode 4, if RU-13 R is any indication.
Scrappers Scrapper. A band of metal miners, lead by Scrapper from the original FR-33. The help the Space Pirates to rebuild KI-11 and destroy FR-33.
Space Pirates Pirate Leader. A group of space pirates, lead by the Pirate Leader from the original FR-33. They help, with the Scrappers, to rebuild KI-11 to completely destroy FR-33.


Episode 1 Levels
Level Name Description
Return to Saturn FR-33 returns to Saturn and SMO by, what else? riding the Hoverbike he used in the original FR-33.
Alleyway Way FR-33 goes into the alleyway of a Saturnian town to find extra parts for his arm cannon.
Cannon Canyon FR-33 builds an arm cannon for himself, and uses the grappling hook enhancement to get across the falls.
VS. Saturn 5 FR-33 fights a gigantic, monstrous Saturn Five in the canyon.
Episode 2 Levels
Level Name Description
What's Mine is Mine FR-33 explores the ruins of the original Saturn Mine Operation, from FR-33.
Jumping Through Hoops FR-33 goes through the faulty electric current fields in the tube that descended to Saturn.
Processing Plants FR-33 goes to the former slave robot work area, where a jungle has grown.
VS. KI-11 FR-33 fights the remains of KI-11, animated by an electromagnetic orb.
Episode 3 Levels
Level Name Description
Ups & Downs FR-33 goes up the elevator shaft leading to the Atmo Sphere, the Atmospheric City from FR-33.
Concrete Jungle FR-33 explores the buildings of the Atmo Sphere.
Absolute Zero FR-33 explores the ground of the Atmo Sphere, after it gets frozen over by RU-13.
VS. BL-457 FR-33 fights against a robot sent to destroy and replace him.
Episode 4 Levels
Level Name Description
Down & Out FR-33 destroys the glass keeping oxygen in the Atmo Sphere, and skydives downwards.
Left Overs FR-33 comes upon parts for RU-13 R being made by the Scrappers, who want revenge.
Bike Boys FR-33 speeds away on an advanced hoverbike (with lasers!) as Scrappers pursue him.
VS. TW-157 FR-33 fights against a robot sent to destroy and replace him.
Episode 5 Levels
Level Name Description
Coast Clear FR-33 flees the Scrappers by going along the coast into a boat.
Sea It? FR-33 avoids Space Pirates by hiding in a boat.
Not My Fort FR-33 goes around the Space Pirate fortress, and destroys every single one.
VS. ME-741 FR-33 fights against a robot sent to destroy and replace him.
Episode 6 Levels
Level Name Description
Opposites Attract FR-33 leaves the fortress by using magnets.
Friendly Fire FR-33 enters a burning forest.
Dead River Falls FR-33 finds a burning river.
VS. HE-497 FR-33 fights against a robot sent to replace SMO's nucleus.
Episode 7 Levels
Level Name Description
Stayin' Alive FR-33 fights against a barrage of enemies while in the noxious clouds near the SMO workstation.
Bad FR-33 destroys parts of SMO's workstation while on his hoverbike.
Jaws FR-33 transforms into his robotic shark form and goes through the pipes that deliver oil to RU-13.
VS. BL-423 FR-33 fights against a robot sent to destroy and replace him.
Episode 8 Levels
Level Name Description
Taking Leave FR-33 watches out the window as SMO takes off out of the atmosphere, leaving Saturn.
Tech Tower FR-33 proceeds up the tower leading to the top of SMO, and the throne room.
To Space! FR-33 makes his way around the solar panels on the outside of the ship, where there's no gravity.
VS. KI-11 FR-33 fights a new-and-improved KI-11 in the Core Room.
Nightmare Zone Levels
Level Name Description
VS. RU-13 FR-33 fights his arch-nemesis in an anti-matter-filled void.
VS. RU-13 R FR-33 fights RU-13's robot for destroying Saturn, and falls to the gas giant, losing his Arm Cannon.

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