Hello! I'm going to be posting the whole story of FNAF Persona on this page.

!WARNING!: Again, if you give me flak about my book being "cringey" and all that crap, then let my stuff be all cringey and you can just exit on stage left, okay? Obviously, if you stay on this page to read the stuff, then obviously, you like the book. So, now that I got that out of the way, I will now let you read the book. If you have Wattpad, then I advise you to click these blue words. Now, you may read... !ANOTHER WARNING!: People who question the logic of my headcanon, here's my note to you. THIS IS AN ALTERNATE UNIVERSE BASED OFF OF POSSIBILTY. THIS POSSIBILTY DUE TO THE THOUGHT OF SOME INDIVIDUAL (Me), THINKING OF WHAT COULD HAPPEN IF THIS REALLY HAPPENED. THUS, CREATING THIS AU BEING CREATED. NOW, YOU SHOULDN'T QUESTION THE LOGIC OF THIS STORY.

FNAF Persona 1

(Y/N): Your Name

{Unfamiliar Area}

You wake up in a strange room where everything is a blue velvet color, as you find yourself sitting on a chair. Your surroundings are those of a dining room. You also see 2 men across from you.

Masked Man: Welcome to the Safe Room! This is a place between mind and matter. Dream and reality. My name is Mr. Marionette.

You: Huh?! Where am I? Why am I not on the train?

Mr. Marionette: Don't worry. You are fast asleep in the real world. We summoned you here by dream. The ones who are summoned here are bound by a contract. Say, what is your name?

You: My name is (Y/N).

Mr. Marionette: Nice to meet you. I also must introduce you to my assistant.

He points to the man next to him. He has a top hat, a blue velvet vest, and a blue leather bound book.

Velvet-wearing Man: Hello, my name is Shadow Freddy. I will assist you through this journey ahead of you.

Mr. Marionette: Yes, what he says is true. Now, do you believe in fortune telling?

A bright light appears on the table and 6 cards appear on the table. 5 of them circling around 1.

You: Woah! That's amazing!

Mr. Marionette flips one card and it shows a picture of the reflection of the moon in a pond with a lobster in it.

Mr. Marionette: Ah, yes. The Moon Arcana. This means that there will be much mystery in your journey. Remember, truth is key.

Mr. Marionette flips another card and it revealed a tower being struck by a lightning bolt and people are falling out.

Mr. Marionette: Hm, interesting. The Tower Arcana. This means that there will be much death in your journey. But, of course, you won't die. Now, I shouldn't do this. Yet, I will flip a 3rd card.

Mr. Marionette flips the middle card.

Mr. Marionette: The Fool Arcana! I knew it! You have a great potential! Now, before we finish, can you please sign a contract? It only says that you are responsible for your actions.

Shadow Freddy walks up to you with a folder. He puts the folder down and opens the folder to reveal a contract, a feather pen, and a key. You sign the contract unaware of what you are doing.

Mr. Marionette: Thank you for your services. Until we meet again, farewell.........

Before you say anything, your vision was cut of by black.

You: Wait........... Wait! Huh?! What the-?!

You noticed that you were back on the train you took to go to your destination.

You: It must have been a dream....... Yeah, just a dream............

Sunday, August 24th, 2005, 8:30 AM, Location: Train, Weather: Clear

You shift awkwardly in the chair as you keep thinking about the dream you just had. But then, you hear the announcement.

Speaker: Everyone, we are now arriving at Yaso-Itakame Station. Y ou get up, get your bag, and get ready to depart.

Location: Yaso-Itakame Train Station

You get off the train and look around the empty train station.

Policeman: Hey, (Y/N)! It's me, your uncle, Ikutski Yamo! I'm sorry if I'm late, but there is a current case in this town. Anyways, I want you to meet my mechanical daughter, Sugar.

You see a small blue female cat animatronic behind Yamo's leg.

Sugar: -llo................... Yamo: Now Sugar, why are you being so shy?

Sugar hits Yamo on the back of his leg.

Yamo: Ow! What was that for?! Anyways, let's get you over to my daughter's favorite restaurant.

Yamo guided you to his car, gave you a tour of the town, and drove you to a pizzeria. It's name was Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria. You also noticed it started to rain. So, you get out the car, and run towards the door.

9: 10 AM

Yamo: Make sure you get PG's call. See ya' later!

You walk towards a set of stairs that go up into the ceiling.

You: I guess my room is upstairs. *yawn* I guess I am a bit tired.

You remembered that you signed up for the AHLP (Animatronic-Human Life Project) in which you had to live with animatronics for a whole year. Once you get upstairs, you get into your bed clothes, let down your ponytail (guy or girl) and go to sleep.

You woke up and found yourself enveloped in a weird fog and you saw a child with a brown jacket and a brown scarf. You also heard weird noises and words.

Help Them.......Save Them......Give Gifts........Give Life......... Per-

Bang! You heard a sudden noise that sounded like pots and pans hitting each other.

You: What was that noise? It sounded like it came from the kitchen.........

Then, you got out the bed. You decided to go check down stairs. You get the security outfit and flashlight your uncle provided for you. You go downstairs. You turn on your flashlight and begin searching. But you found something unusual on the floor.

You: What the-? A yellow feather? That's strange.......

You heard a "swoosh". You quickly turn around.

You: Hey! Who's there?!

Then, you get a phone call. You pick up your cellphone and you notice that it's from a guy named Fritz Smith. You answer the phone.

Fritz: Uh, hello? Hello, hello? Uh, hey! You must be (Y/N), Yamo's nephew, right? Yeah, I came to inform you about the animatronics. They like to "wander" around the restaurant trying to "look for the audience". But, your an adult. They will most likely see you as an endoskeleton without a suit. Now, that is against the rules here. So, they will stuff you in a suit. That doesn't sound so bad, if the suits weren't filled with wires, crossbeams, and other devices. That could lead to lots of discomfort, and..........death. But, I believe that you can get through this night. So, see ya'!

As you hang up, you cry due to fear. You thought that this was going to be a piece of cake. But, you just applied for your grave. But, your tears quickly stop as you heard the kitchen door fly open.

You: Hey! I heard that! Whoever's doing this is in lots of trouble!

You enter the kitchen uncertain if this is a prank or a death job. Someone taps on your shoulder, and as you turn around, you start crying fearfully. You saw a 6' 2" Chicken animatronic right in front of you. You fall on the floor, as it got closer to you. But, then you vision filled with static.

You: Ah! I can't see! Stay away! I don't want to die!

You ball you hands into fists and you start to swing uncontrollably. Then, you hit something that felt like metal.

Pirate Accented Man: Ow, lad/lass, you be having a strong fist, aye?

All this insanity and chaos cause you to pass out that last thing you hear was.......

Pirate Accented Man: Aye, do you think we overdid it with the surprise? Teenage Girl: Of course, you dimwits! I told you we should have just thrown the party when he/she came in the first time!

Teenage Guy: Don't worry, he/she only fainted because we overwhelmed him with our surprise. I don't know if you can hear this but, don't worry, we're your friends......................

You completely lost consciousness after the conversation.

Monday, August 25th, 12:45 AM

You wake up around 12:45 AM and your head really hurts. As your vision regulates, you notice that there were 3 figures in front of you. One of them were trying to communicate with you.

Female Chicken?: Uh, hello? Can you hear me? Are you alright? Do you have any injuries of any sort? You: Um, no. But, I can't believe I'm talking to a robot chicken. Male Bear?: Don't mind her, she is very over protective. Female Chicken: What did you say you waste of a lead singer?!

The two animatronics start to bicker between each other. Then, the red fox looks at you as he steps towards you with his arms crossed. You saw that he has one golden earring. But, instead of looking at you fiercely and angrily, he looked at you with the most serene and gentle look ever. (No, this is not a Foxy x Reader fanfic)

Red Fox: Hey, this must be very strange to you, huh lad/lass? Well, my name is Foxy, the Pirate Fox. That lass is Chica the Chicken, and he's Freddy Fazbear. We're the Fazbear Band! But, we only perform on Friday Afternoons, Saturdays, Sundays, and special occasions. I came to welcome you into the family. I hope we can have a great time!

You: Yeah, I hope so too....................

You feel sleep recapturing you in it's soothing rest. You close your eyes as you go to sleep. As you sleep, you feel as if you're being carried. _________________________________________________________________________________________________(C/N): Chica's Nickname _________________________________________________________________________________________________

August 25th, 2005, 7:00 AM, Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, Weather: Clear

You wake up in your bed with your bed clothes on. You wonder how you got your bed clothes on. You discard the thought and you smell something heavenly. You go down stairs into the private dining room and kitchen and found out who was making that smell. You found Chica making breakfast. She looks at you and gives you a grin.

Chica: Hello there, (C/N)! Nice to see ya'!

You: (C/N)?

Chica: I guess I could give you a nickname prior to the time I was going to give you a nickname so I wouldn't have to make the name later.

Freddy then, walks in with a smile on his face.

Freddy: Hello, (Y/N) and Chica! Hey Chica, what'cha cookin'?

Chica: I'm making your favorite, Freddy-bear. Pancakes, bacon and scrambled eggs.

Freddy: Yum!

In the corner of your eyes, you see Foxy coming in with a robe on.

Foxy: Good morning everyone! I see that (Y/N) is up.

Chica finishes cooking the food, and serves it to everyone. Chica then, sits down and starts to chow down on her food. You all converse about the start of your school year and many other things. You all depart to change into your school uniforms you got from Irukai Highschool. Soon, you all decide to walk to school since you're the new guy.

Classroom, 7:45 AM

You all go have the same class and same teacher, Mr. Assikiba. You see a man with a black and white button down shirt, a bowl cut, two irregularly big buck teeth, black pants, brown shoes, and big bushy eyebrows. He looks at you with a certain glare that is a mix between annoyance and anger.

Mr. Assikiba: Alright. Students, we have a new student. Now, what your name sir/miss?

You: My name is (Y/)-

Mr. Assikiba: Hey! Your trying to make fun of me aren't you ya' lil' shit?!

You: N-no! I wasn't making fun of you, I swea-

Mr. Assikiba: Gah! I'm tired of lookin' at your ugly mug. Go take a seat.

You do as he says and you take a seat at the back of the classroom with Foxy, Chica, and Freddy. Chica leans over towards you.

Chica: Hey, are you ok, dude?

You: Yeah.

Chica: Don't worry about him. He's a total ass. That's why we call him Lord Ass.

You: Oh, I get it.........

You both giggle and go back to paying attention to 6 hours of class.

After School, 2:45 PM

You decide to talk to Chica and Foxy for a bit. Until, Freddy walks up hastily. He hands Chica a supposed DVD case.

Freddy: Hey Chica! Nice to see ya'! I just wanted to say that this was a great movie and see ya' later!

Chica trips Freddy onto his face.

Chica: Now I know, you did not just crack my DVD of "The Great Art of Kung-fu".

Freddy: I'm sorry, Okay?! I'll get you something from Acxel's, ok?!

Chica: You better!

You all decide to head to Acxel's, the local department store, to buy somethings, especially stuff for you.

Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, 11:55 PM

Chica calls everyone to the dinning room. She tells everyone what she is going to do this night.

Chica: Alright, everyone. I'm going to tell you about the Midnight Camera.

Freddy: Oh no, not this rumor! (Y/N), don't listen to this.

You: Wait, I want to hear about this.............

To Be Added....

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