FI:Clash of Stars is a fighting game and is the first in the series of the same name. 

FI Clash of Stars Logo
Transparent capap 1
Developer(s) Keyhole Gaming
Publisher(s) Keyhole Gaming
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Wii U
Media Included Wii U disc




FI:CLash of Stars It has a very similar gameplay to Marvel vs Capcom,There is the possibility to summon assist characters and a Tag Hyper Combo.Also you gonna hate the 739214-mvc ko

The game have 3 sets of Combos:"Cool!" (3-5 hits),"Amazing!" (10-19 hits) and "A.W.E.S.O.M.E.!" (25-40). 

Arcade Mode

The Arcade Mode is different,You are on a train,instead of a singular path, the paths branch out, giving the player a choice as to who to fight next.You'll defeating several opponents to reach the end of the train (Final Boss).Also on the VS screen There is a roulette to win an item. 

Boss Mode

 This Mode is unlocked after beating the Arcade Mode with all characters,in this mode you play with the final boss (Abyss) and must defeat all characters.    


This mode  is very reminiscent of the musical stages of Rayman Legends,Here you must hit in bags of sand and so the music will playing there 3 worlds with 16 songs.


Starter Characters

Character Name
Ryu 2 Ryu
Mario the plumber Mario
Joe Musashi Joe Musashi
DanteMvC3 Dante
Samusssb5 Samus
KlonoaLeak Klonoa
RyuHayabusa Ryu
Hanzo Scorpion
Sonic the hedgehog WII U Sonic
Crash twinsanity render crash png 2 by jerimiahisaiah-d73khi9 Crash Bandicoot
HW Link - Knight of Skyloft Tunic Link
Hornet-f The Hornet
Ttt2cgiKazuya Kazuya Mishima
SolidSnake Snake

Hidden Characters

Character Name
Guy SF×TK artwork Guy
Tt2 jin gene Devil Jin




Ryu stage

Ryu Stage

1-1 Stage SSBA

Mushroom Kingdom

Arena ttt2


Hayabusa no sato

Hayabusa Village




Mother Base

Hyrule field3

Hyrule Field

Pit tn2

The Pit


Junky Arena


Green Hill Zone

Kuatan Jungle

Kuatan Jungle (DLC)


Assist Characters

Character Name Attack
Bowser MP10 Bowser Fire Balls
304px-Akuma Akuma Gohadoken
MegaManSSB4 Mega Man Charge Shot
Knuckles 27 Knuckles Hammer Punch
Standard trooper Standard Federation Trooper Rapid-fire
Kungv2 Kung Lao Hat Toss
Heihachit5 Heihachi Mishima Rising Uppercut
LittleMacSSB4 Little Mac Star Punch


  1. Crimson el Roserade-Logo.
  2. Lumoshi-Transparent version of the Boxart.

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