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Woofbot and Meowbot: Robots to the Rescue, a quote-on-quote "series" by Rowan Productions. To make things short, this is quite personally a dog of a game, and I have several reasons to say such.


The plot is mediocre at best. From the offset, it throws you into the conflict before introducing the characters themselves, which is a terrible move from the writers considering we literally know nothing about the backstory. Who is "Willy", Jen and Master Coloura, who probably is your stereotype big-bad considering he's resorting to making "Dark" versions of characters and is resorting to Hollywood hypnotism, and why are they there in the first place? Why didn't Meowbot even notice that her masters were gone in the first place? And why did Willy and Jen have to get hypnotized in the first place? It just raises so many questions, and to be honest, it just falls face flat.


There is literally no indication on what the gameplay is unless you actually play the game, and it is generic from the offset. If there had been at least some unique details or any details at all, I would not be ranting about the gameplay like this.

Character-Design and Artwork

I know that the creator had used low-quality artwork-creation software, I accept that, so right now, I'm looking at the designs for the characters and boxart themselves, not the aesthetics. First, let's take a look at the boxart. The boxart looks alright at best, but is quite generic. Next, let's look at the character designs. Woofbot and Meowbot are basically robotic domestic pets, and the fact that the creator decided to do a femenization of the Cat-Robot makes the game lose points. The fact that they don't have any personality also takes away from it since there is nothing to actually set it apart. (Even though they are robots, at least make some characterisation present?) In short, to quote the Nostalgia Critic, "It's like they're trying to create a sexualized Looney Toon, but with no personality." Personally, Woofbot is an alright design compared to Meowbot, but still lacks in some areas. Dark Meow/Woofbot are basically just your classic evil-twin characters with no sort of other defining factors, and Master Coloura's design is just, wierd. The final thing that bothers me about these designs is Willy and Jen's designs. Instead of having them look exactly the same, except giving the female character pink overalls and ponytails, why not give them more unique designs from each other? Even then, the designs themselves are generic, with the coloured overalls having been done to death in other series.


Overall, the game is rather bad, the plot is a sloppy mess, the gameplay is literally non-existent and the character designs are plain generic. Even if I do infact seem over-critical, this is my opinion, and I have some reasoning behind my opinion. Overall, at the most, I give this game:

Two out of five.

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