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Vortex Gaming Industries

This game is a it iffy in my opinion, as it is:

  1. Not a game based on a Nintendo series
  2. Has information for XBox 360 and PS3 release

But, at the same time, it's not bad, it's well-written, good grammar, and I was actually slightly impressed with the Optimus vs. Shockwave image. However, the game loses points for being basically a clone of every other Clover Entertainment game: a sandboxed destruction game. In the opinion of this reviewer, Clover needs to reinvent the Clover Engine and do something other than the aforementioned sandbox-style.

On another positive note, the character list is nice, and some of the secret characters are awesome. I especially like the inclusion of the original 1980s characters. However, I question the inclusion of Jazz, as that character was killed off.

And then I come to the enviroments...

We once again see the issue of the game being a clone of other Clover games, as it's loaded down with enviroments that are almost completely destructible, and that issue is the one that really killed the game for me.

Final summary: If Clover Entertainment wishes for more positive reviews from this reviewer, he needs a fresh start. All of their games are centered around two things: Open-world play, and exploding objects. If they could make a game without these elements, I feel that I personally would be more satisfied with their games.

Rating: 3star

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