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Fritez Co.

I thought this whould be a good game due to the boxart but it's kinda "below" good. Here's my review.


I don't expect too deep of a story for a racing game and you kept It simple enough. No bad or good review out of this.


It's Mario Kart with Toads. I think it needs some change in gameplay.


No offence but the characters are all recolors of Toads. It kinda suprises me that you need the e-reader just to get Toad. He should be starting.


Meh, I can't find any good items in this game.


Just all the small karts from MKW. Nothing else.

Page Layout

Not too shabby. Though the tables could be better at least you made pretty good tables.


I really think this is better off as a VGB project instead of a Fantendo project. It's not a good idea for a real game so your rating is....

Four and a half out of five.

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