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Hybrid Co.

Some titles I avoid reviewing because they aren't fit for review or I want to stop being negative. But this is too good to review. How to sum it up quickly? It is already a featured article and doesn't need any constructive criticism. A solid shooter with a interesting story with The Surge a reminder of how greedy humans are. I may be a bit biased with Raven Industries for obvious reasons. But I could see why someone would really want to shoot them. The characters of Malcolm and Augusto are interesting to drive the story forward, and the Portal-eque robots are creative and are beautiful. Screenshots are as clean as the tables, nice-looking and informative. The games own humour is enjoyable with the achievements. Hoping to see future segments though and some after missions maybe for more replayability. Without a doubt one the best FPS on Fantendo and one of the best games to offer too. Well done Waddel!

Five out of five!

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