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Steli Entertainment

Rank: B+: Extremely Awesome
Probably EEA Inc.'s best game, lots of characters, missions and arenas. It sounds bad, but this Mario sports game has great features and is another great Mario game for the wii! The Challenge mode is very detailed along with the rest of the article. Although, the sequels may not be the best, Super Mario MHL is a overall good game so I will give Super Mario MHL a B+, Extremely Awesome! It is Extremely Awesome!

Icey Inc.

Rank: A+: Extremely Superb!
Super Mario MHL is extremely cool with its great character list. EEA Inc. had great ideas, images, screens, etc.. This is really good. This is probably the best EEA Inc. game next to NSMBDIY. So it gets this:


It was really cool and good. So this is Extremely Superb.

Flame Sports

Rank: B: Awesome
EEA Inc. have made a great game. It's got a very detailed challenge mode and it's got plenty to keep you on the game for ages. A common Mario spin-off game has not much of a challenge compared to the main series, but this game is up their with the harder Mario spin-offs. Multiplayer doesn't have much information, but this is only a small draw back. I feel the lack of online play is a major draw-back, for a game like this. It gets a B from us, overall.

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