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Fritez Franchise

Hopefully making this review might revive FGN. I kinda doubt it but it's worth a try.

At first I was like oh great, another mario game but this one is well done but unfortunately still lacks some creativity. But like many say, just beacuse it's another Mario game doesn't mean it's not feature worthy. Anyways like I always do I'll review this based on each heading.


Unfortuneately it's another collect a set of supreme objects kind of story with the beginning pretty much a mix of SMG 1 and 2's beginning. I guess this one isn't as bad as others but there still is nothing that special to it. Luckily the game itshelf makes up for the clice story.


The same old Mario gameplay. Not much creativity making it kinda disapointing but it'll have to do.


Ignoring the playable and supporting most of the Boss fights sound pretty cool. Nothing much else to say here.


This is the part you always ace it! There are tons of  fun induced, creative missions in there. Alot of time and effort certainly was put in to make this section shine! While some are meh most are really good and some are even extreme! So an internet high five to you kind sir.


Omigosh! It's a Mario game without the rather scroll tempting list of Power-Ups! And there a nice selection of Power-Ups too! The paint flower's effect is really cool too!

Yoshi's Power-ups are kinda overused but it doesn't change the game's reputation at all. Especilly when there is no table to hold it.

Mario's Machines

Yay, they return :D. The new additions are really cool too. Not much to say about this anymore but it does earn at least a bit of positivity if not a fair sized chunk of it. And I prefer the chunk.

The Verdict

It may be just another Mario game but it's well done and effort filled. 4 power stars for our beloved user Renardy!

Four out of five.

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