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doo doo doo dooo deee dooo

Controls are pretty simple I guess. Would have like to see it in more detail...


So the story is that Bowser is a raging bisexual now, and has kidnapped Peach, Luigi, Wario (ew!!!), and Rosalina!!! OH MY GOOOOD!!!

Luckily, Mario is there to save the day!

So yeah, four people can choose from 9 characters. 23 power ups. I do like how the Ice and Fire flowers aren't timed, that's probably one of the best improvements over the originals.

Woah wait a second Rosalina is playable

best game ever except for Ella Metals 3

Sadly there's only one world. But I get it's incomplete.

I would like a table for the characters and power-ups, but otherwise...


Cory is running for president.

Rated by Overclocked President, Sorastitch. WHAT IS LOVE???

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