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When you think of a unique kind of game that not many people seem to work on here, dancing could possibly be one of your thoughts. Dancing isn't a genre that I don't see very often, so STEP! certainly is somewhat unique in that regard. But just how well can the game actually be?

In terms of gameplay, it's...honestly just like Dance Dance Revolution. No gimmicks or anything. Kind of a shame, really. STEP! has 3 modes; Arcade, Single Play, and Concert. Single Play and Concert are also literally the same thing, just that in Single Play you only play one song, while in Concert you can play up to ten. Essentially, that means that you can play 1 song in Concert, thus making Single Play absolutely useless.

Thumbsup Great job with that.

And then there's Arcade Mode, which I'm assuming is the story mode. Basically there's this guy who love to dance, but he can't because the lights go out due to some evil guy who takes all the electricity. Real evil, I tell you. Anyways, because he can't dance without lights, he goes all the way to a Power Plant to stop the bad dude. Our hero then gets launched into space for no reason in particular, then find the bad guy's secret lair. In the end, they fight in a dance off, and he wins.

And what's his reward for winning?

He gets killed by atomic bombs and her house gets blown up by the bad guy's base selfdescructing.


oh also GLaDoS appears in one of the dances or something yeah cool


  • Somewhat unique idea...


  • Redundant modes, and very few modes.
  • Copypasta'd gameplay.
  • Rather gruesome ending and the story in general is pretty bland.

One and a half out of five..

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