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VictoryStar (tbc)

Sonic Heroes: Heavy Metal is a sequel to Sonic Heroes. On the spectrum of the wiki's Sonic Heroes sequels, this one falls into the lower end. The page, while having good length, is sloppily written. Iceboys12's use of the words "okay" and "so" really lower the page's quality.

The game's plot reads as follows: Like before, the story involves Dr. Eggman is angry at his defeat in multiple Sonic Games, thus he decides that he’ll take over the world by messing it with unusual Images that not even Sonic can figure out what going on, but He got captured and brainwashed by Some guy named Textured, so he’ll take over the plot. He started by capturing humans and make them his puppets, then stole the chaos emeralds, and use them to create his secret weapon while Dr. Eggman was forced to wait for anyone who managed to reach to the ship so-called "The Egg Craze" with the secret weapon of his own. It's now up to the "Sonic Heroes" and the other 5 Teams to kick Dr.EggMan's Butt once again, and kick Textured's butt along with him. nuff said. I have so many questions, but I have no idea how to ask them...

This game introduces a couple of new teams. We have Team Rush, featuring Blaze the Cat, Silver the Hedgehog, and... Omega? What's he doing there? We also have Team Boom, featuring characters I've never heard of, other than Mighty. Back to Omega, why is he in Team Rush? Wait, Team Dark return's but Omega is replaced by T1000 Omega, who I think is a fan character.

And all of the teams have the same story. Bah.

EXCEPT IN THE FINAL ENDING! T1000 dies, so can Team Dark have Omega back now?

Also, there may be a sequel, which I'm okay with. If Iceboys12 makes a sequel, hopefully it's much better than the first.

Two and a half out of five.

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