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First review, so if I am overly-critical or just not finding enough points for criticism then just comment.

Alright, from first glance, the grammar mistakes in the article are everywhere and this has already ruined the article's chances of getting a high score.

The story is pretty bland and has already been done to death by other developers. A female character who is basically kidnapped/improsoned/something similar by the Villain and thus, one or two heroes go out to save their girl, with no arguing about who actually gets her at the end included.

The gameplay is somewhat vague. If the player doesn't know the controls of Knuckles Chaotix then they wouldn't be able to understand the gameplay of this game. If the article's writer had given deeper explanation about the gameplay, then I would give it a somewhat higher score. Right now, the gameplay is already confusing amongst all the grammar mistakes and it's even worse considering the fact that some people don't know what Knuckles Chaotix even is, let alone have they played it.

The lack of bosses is also a flaw, since the quality and entertainment level within the game would actually be higher if Bosses were included, provided they were fair enough for the player to complete without destroying their console.

Despite the flaws above, the game has some redeeming factors. The Images in the article are above par and the fact that the game has Wi-Fi multiplayer is also a good sign, and it's fairly cheap at 300 Points.

Overall, I don't like the game, but it has it's moments.


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