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Power Productions

Well, I got off to a rocky start reviewing, didn't I? I'm gonna try to redeem myself here.


Just the same plot as the old Rampage games. The story section literally says that the game maintains the plot of the old Rampage games. Not that that's nescessarily a bad thing, this is meant to be a reboot.


Well, he goes into a decent amount of detail for each mode, could have more, but, y'know, it's fine, I s'pose.


Ooh...well he just uses King Kong for George, Godzilla '98 for Lizzie, and some wolf I'm not familar with for Ralph. For the screenshots, some are okay, but most are amature MS Paint stuff. Cutting around the outline and pasting on a different background. I suppose it could have been worse.


This would be a good little game, except it's EVERY FREAKING GAME OR MOVIE CLOVER PRODUCTIONS HAS ALREADY MADE! I mean, really, dude, would it kill you to make something colorful? I suppose I'll give you a 2.5, it's not the worst.

Two and a half out of five.