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It threw me off when I first laid eyes on it. There's a random kitten on the boxart, a yellow mouse, the world's raining cheese, he's standing on the only building that's left standing.

I was in for a large disappointment. World domination! Oh my! It's just really uninteresting to me.

The controls are what you expect. Two buttons I don't understand are move character and character move. What's the big difference?

So yeah, apparently this is karting game by the character art... what. By the way, Tiptup is the worst character in the game, don't play as him.

So there's worlds too. As hinted in the story. Yeah, the layout's more confusing than the Great Maze. I really don't need to know what moves are available in the world, do I?

Oh, and there's not any more. That's it. The end.

The empty void calls again. Screw off.

I really would have liked the game I guess if it stayed true to the cover, but I guess covers always lie. Disappointing, and incomplete. I don't approve.

Cory's settling in!

Rated by Overclocked President, Sorastitch. Yeah.

Hybrid Co.

Average, meh but detailed story but is hard to tell what actually happens in the game at times. I echo what sora has said and I cannot stress how much more content needs to be added. Unoriginality with Rareware is common and ripping off the Banjo-Kazooie series really makes it not really that imaginetive for Fantendo. Do the characters play different? How do they even move at all? Fake reception and spelling errors bring this down to a;

Two out of five.

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